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    Dr. Miroshnik 5/5/16
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  1. Hi Belle! I've been looking into health cover & have been finding the ppl I talk with aren't so helpful, Can I ask which one you are referring to wishing that you had? I'm looking into Dr M for a whole reconstruction.. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks for this! I looked up their services online & they have two options for wrinkle reduction, one is $13/unit & the other is only $4/unit-do you know what these are? seems quite a difference in price.. Have you had this treatment from this clinic?
  3. Hi Ladies! I'm super keen to get some wrinkles seen to, I'm traveling to Syd soon & want to look into botox or something similar. Groupon is offering 3 different places with 'Discount injectables', Has anyone used a groupon voucher to have botox & is it ok?? I'm a little concerned that paying less might attract a lesser customer service or 'cheap' service.. Any insight would be helpful! The voucher says you can have a full refund i you decide not to go ahead with it after the consult which is good I suppose.. Has anyone been to any of the following.. Would love to hear about it!! oz derm clinic (North Balgowlah 2093) http://www.medicalcosmeticclinic.com.au VL laser cosmetic (2 Market Street SYDNEY) http://www.vllasercosmetic.com.au Skin First Laser treatment experts (17 Hollywood Avenue, Bondi Junction NSW 2022) http://skinfirst.com.au Thanks!
  4. Hi Ladies, Thank you all for your kind words.. I am glad that they didn't just go ahead & give me terrible results.. I will pick myself up & begin to look into other options.. Dr. M & D.r T sound like the go to surgeons in this area.. I will PM you Win to find out about your private health insurance.. I currently have cover but not sure if its for reconstruction.. & Emma 22 you can snoop at my pics, the before pics are there.. You ladies have been such an encouragement.. no one else really gets it. My poor husband has been buying me stuff & being super lovely- he usually fixes everything for me but is feeling lost not being able to fix this, lol.. am enjoying the pampering..
  5. Hi ladies.. You can take me off the list. Dr Lee said I had a deformity & would need an entire breast reconstruction.
  6. Hi Ladies. I have waited 10 years to get my boobs done. I finally saved & booked my surgery with Dr Lee at TCI. I sent through pics and was told I was a suitable candidate. After my 5 hr drive in my Consult yesterday I was told I have a deformity and will need an entire breast reconstruction & am not suitable after all to proceed with TCI. I have been counting down from 200 days since I booked/paid for surgery. Gutted. I wish I could stop thinking about it. I've organised baby sitters, time off work, cooked dinners etc. I wish they would have told me when I sent in my photos almost a year ago. I may be able to get the reconstruction covered by medicare &/or private health insurance.. if I go through with it at all.. has anyone else had tubular breasts covered by medicare or insurance? I feel like its a long shot as I didn't even realise I was deformed. I just thought they were small.
  7. I'm so excited!! Has anyone started to gather goods for post op? I've been feeling like I've heaps of time but it's now only 4 weeks away- Might start a little boobie bag! Have started moisturising with cream, makes me remember breastfeeding and how much I had to massage & pump to get the milk happening lol.. Boobs are amazing☺️
  8. Hi Ladies! I'm booked with TCI for BA in March, wanting to see s GP in Canberra for after care as its only 2 hrs from me instead of the 4.5 hrs to Syd.. Any recommendations? I'm not telling people about my BA & won't see the local small town GP as to keep privacy.. Thanks!!
  9. Hi Chopperchiko! I'm so excited to hear its so soon for you! Go the bigger! Doubt you'd regret it.. xx. Best of luck!
  10. Its all so exciting!! Thanks ABI for the run down of the consult.. I've been feeling nervous about it.. I'm wondering what to say when I get there.. I think I'd feel silly explaining what want.. I'm a more reserved person & this is a big deal for me.. I've been thinking about having it done for just over 10 years now.. actually going through with it is so exciting & a little overwhelming too. 58days & counting!! Anyone else feeling shy about the consult?
  11. You must be so excited!! Hope you don't mind if I follow your post, I'm booked in March & have been wondering the same thing..
  12. SO excited for you! How did you go??
  13. Your set look great Quinn! and they're 600? They look so in proportion & full which is what I want too. I'm suprised at the look of different cc's in each person. Some look huge but are only 300's and some look small & are double that! I think meplusyou is right though- the Surgeon will be able to measure & guide in the right direction.. its hard to wait till the consult though. I've put it off for years now but ever since I booked in my date I'm going crazy waiting- and its only a few months away. I feel like trying to figure it out myself helps- its probably just fueling my impatience!
  14. I decided to have a play with rice sizers today. I have heard of people making them & saying they look bigger than what they turn out like. I've hardly any tissue to start with so was guessing I would be happy with about 400cc's. I have been wearing big padded bras & using chicken fillets daily for the last 10 years.. hoping for the boob fairy to come.. (turns out Dr Lee will be my boob fairy!) In this pic I have 600cc (2.5 cups) of rice in each 'boob'. I think I still look average, not big & voluptuous like im hoping for.. Is it just because I'm so used to wearing big padded boobs or do you think they dont look like 600's? My BWD is about 14cm (determined by home measurement so I may be off).. Maybe its cause I've a wide chest? Have any of you tried rice sizers & feel they were small?
  15. Hi Ladies.. I've been trying to figure out my own BWD to dream about how many cc's I can get, I found it hard to know how to measure properly & came across this chart. This helped me- I thought it might help someone else too. xx.
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