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    Breast Augmentation with Dr Lee at The Cosmetic Institute in Sydney on March 6th 2015.

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  1. I had my breast surgery on the 6th of March 2015, early on at about 10-13 weeks PO I was noticing my left not changing at all so when I emailed my concerns and request for the strap multiple times I was denied. It wasn't until 6 months my left still looked like it did from day 1 did they send me a strap. I am now 10 months PO and nothing has changed at all. My breasts are literally an inch different in height due to the implant not dropping. I guess what annoys me the most is this is something that could of been avoided if the surgeon had just made the pocket big enough for the implant in the first place. And now I'm stuck between deciding to fork out another $2,000 just to fly there again for revision or accept the fact that my books look retarded. This has been such a horrible emotional journey and I wish I could go back in time and just pay the extra money and go somewhere with a plastic surgeon who A. knew what they were doing and B. actually offered proper post op care. My surgeon was Dr Lee, and I was an A pre op and went with 365cc high profile implants.
  2. I'm booked in at TCI 6th of March with Dr Lee. All his results have a really nice round perky look to them that I love, I like the balance between natural and perfect where people are not 100% if your boobs are just naturally perfect or fake
  3. At least they don't delete comments on their facebook page when someone else disagrees with their views. Hence the 300000 comments
  4. All I know is I went onto Park clinic plastic surgeons facebook and commented and it was removed. The fact that they post once sided articles using scare tactics and not allow anyone to disagree is unprofessional. Makes me believe that If i were to walk into their clinic they wouldn't listen to my views, and that's extremely important when doing cosmetic surgery. More to the point of the thread, every single surgery has risks. There are very little amount of incidents compared to the amount of surgeries TCI do so in my opinion that is a good sign. Personally I've been under GA twice and didn't have a reaction so I'm hoping I'll be all good with Twilight anaesthetic
  5. I've applied for annual leave for 2 full weeks after surgery, so 18 days in total. I'm also going to request a certificate from TCI so I can have 4 weeks after in light duties. Doing it this way, I'll use any sick days I need if I'm feeling any pain after my leave runs out .
  6. I'm also booked in, surgery 6th of March 2015 and I'm flying home on the 9th at 9:30am so a little over 48 hours I'm going to add everyone who is going to TCI, if you don't want me to just decline the request
  7. Wow great pictures Vivian!! I would love results like this.
  8. This is good information, I didn't even know to do this! Can I use any antibacterial soap from local supermarket?
  9. That looks a bit off, maybe you're having a reaction to something?
  10. Have you heard about the cosmetic institute in Sydney? The price is very similar and in Australia. I know all experiences are different but my sister did get hers done in bangkok and she had an internal infection which caused her to have 2 more surgeries afterwards. Obviously infection can happen anywhere but having the opportunity to contact your surgeon if it does happen is really helpful.
  11. Would you be comfortable sharing pictures with your clothes on of corse haha, I'm really happy for you
  12. woohoo!! Congrats! I'm also booked in March (5th for consult, 6th for Surgery) with Dr Lee Yay for us!!
  13. I couldn't get early Jan, had to book in March 6th
  14. I don't know how big a gap because I'm pretty flat, but i hope mine is pretty close
  15. Awesome! Good to hear I ended up booking in with Dr Lee at Bondi, on the 5th and 6th of March 2015
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