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    Perth, Western Australia
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    I'm currently booked in for a BL/BA But was considered borderline so still unsure on what to do.
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    Dr Narupon, 30th March
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  1. I looked into this, Global Protective Solutions offer insurance if you're heading overseas for surgery, I'd say they would cover Local surgery too. I think the basic one is $300 and next step up is $500 and it covers you for surgical complications for up to 6 months post op. I was all set to get it but then read of a womans experience where she's had, In my opinion quite severe complications from a TT, BL&BA and only received a $1200 payout as they said she could cover up with long shirts and under clothing. I also couldn't find any Stories of successful claims or reviews of the company.
  2. I've sent you a friend request too Thanks for the honest review, I've got Narupon for 30th of March
  3. I THINK when I made my initial booking I was told one would be posted out 3 weeks prior to surgery. Hopefully a recent somnio girl will be able to answer
  4. Hi everyone. I'm hoping some of you may be able to help with this question. IF you get a Surgical Complication, CC, seroma, Displacement etc that is severe enough that It's painful or impacting on your life will your PHI cover surgical/revision costs? Is it void if its overseas surgery? Did you need to let your PHI know prior to getting a BA or after? Any Information or Experience would be appreciated
  5. Ok I'm confused. I thought it was 6ish weeks away? Maybe I'm just too tired lol
  6. I'll just miss you unfortunately. I'm there until 12th April. Hopefully there may be some other women around who will be there at the same time
  7. Hey Manager, any Ideas on what dates? I'll be there by myself too, I've never been overseas soo it will be interesting lol. If your dates are similar to mine more than happy to catch up over there and lend a hand or anything. Even just someone to talk to
  8. I'm booked into the Deevana Plaza. Sea sun sand resort is apparently really nice and was under $70 a night when I was looking, just gotta search for the good deals as it varies so much
  9. Goodluck, feeling excited on your behalf. Hope it all goes amazingly well
  10. I THINK this is their local rate? 25.7ish? http://www.bot.or.th/english/statistics/financialmarkets/exchangerate/_layouts/Application/ExchangeRate/ExchangeRate.aspx
  11. I got the same recommendation from Narupon too. I've paid for the BL&BA, And will be quite ok with doing it if need be but I'm ultimately waiting until The in person Consult to make a final decision I'll send you both friend requests, hope that's ok. Will be interesting to see everyone's results
  12. Thanks Quinn. I finally received a response it looks like the emails were bounced to a few different representatives in different countries. The Standard Mentor warranty is valid. You cannot purchase the Enhanced warranty though which covers fees and Capsular Contracture.
  13. I got some front button ones from Kmart, and stretchy ones too. To be honest I wouldn't normally wear front button tops so didn't want to spend a fortune on something I probably wouldn't wear again. I really need to Start getting everything I need together in a box or something at least.
  14. If you've had Your implants placed at PIAC or even overseas in general was you Mentor Warranty valid? And were you able to purchase the Enhanced Warranty? There seems to be different answers everywhere. I've tried emailing then and one bounced back saying it was delayed? Other said delivery failed PMed them on facebook too and not heard a thing. Thanks Everyone x
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