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    quixote88 reacted to Hayleyworrall in March 2015 girls   
    Thanks I'm all ready to go now. 450cc over the muscle high profile. Surgery is suppose
    To be about 1230.
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    quixote88 got a reaction from Kritta in Insurance for CC?   
    I looked into this,

    Global Protective Solutions offer insurance if you're heading overseas for surgery, I'd say they would cover Local surgery too. I think the basic one is $300 and next step up is $500 and it covers you for surgical complications for up to 6 months post op. I was all set to get it but then read of a womans experience where she's had, In my opinion quite severe complications from a TT, BL&BA and only received a $1200 payout as they said she could cover up with long shirts and under clothing.

    I also couldn't find any Stories of successful claims or reviews of the company.
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    quixote88 reacted to Alwayshavefaith in Finally heard back from the surgical board!   
    After waiting 5 weeks from the surgical board to review my photos and concerns they have given me my offer.

    Apparently I will need a revision Breast lift, with possible new implants. Also due to the discolouration of my scary Dr narupon will try to remove it it all and stop causing it to happen again. Because of my pain and dissatisfaction it is a complimentary revision but I do have to pay for flights and accomadation.

    It is good because I get to fix my breats before the end of the yearly guarentee but just sucks that I have to go through the scars again.

    Plus I really hate flying on planes, I always think I'm gonna die

    I really want to change my teardrop implants to round but apparently I might not be able to because I have "tubular Breast" so I'm a difficult patient and will have to wait until face to face consult.

    Do you think I should take it?

    I get really nervous going overseas but Im thinking once it's done I'll be happy I did it,
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    quixote88 got a reaction from DreamBodBy30 in My BA journey with Dr Narupon (so far ...)   
    I've sent you a friend request too

    Thanks for the honest review, I've got Narupon for 30th of March
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    quixote88 reacted to Jaddles in Cost of BA and BL please :)   
    Research IS the key - including researching the procedure! For anyone starting out researching your nipples are NOT 'cut off and stuck back on'. There is a particular surgeon in Thsiland who does free nipple graft, but he's the exception to the rule. This type of misinformed crap scaring people makes me so mad. Please ladies, do your homework so that you understand the procedure and know when to ignore silly posts.
    Anonymous123, my surgeon quoted me $12k surgical fee for TT,BL and BA, I'm thrilled with my results. Defs seek a few opinions, prices vary a little. If you are less than straight forward with ptosis, assymetry or whatever, you need to see qualified PS's.
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    quixote88 got a reaction from llwoody in well... my journey has begun...   
    Goodluck, feeling excited on your behalf. Hope it all goes amazingly well
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    quixote88 got a reaction from llwoody in Dr Narupon April Phuket   
    I got the same recommendation from Narupon too.

    I've paid for the BL&BA, And will be quite ok with doing it if need be but I'm ultimately waiting until The in person Consult to make a final decision

    I'll send you both friend requests, hope that's ok. Will be interesting to see everyone's results
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    quixote88 reacted to Quinn in Mentor Warranty?   
    I was told that Mentor had a lifetime replacement warranty. I don't have my paperwork with me to check but I don't think where they are purchased or which hospital or surgeon placed them will make a difference.
    In my mind I don't think it should matter and they should honour the warranty if it needs replacing.
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    quixote88 got a reaction from heyheyhey in March 2015 girls   
    I got some front button ones from Kmart, and stretchy ones too.
    To be honest I wouldn't normally wear front button tops so didn't want to spend a fortune on something I probably wouldn't wear again.

    I really need to Start getting everything I need together in a box or something at least.
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    quixote88 got a reaction from Icequeen69 in Late March / Early April 2015 boobie dates!!!   
    30th March here PIAC with Dr Narupon.
    Can't wait to have boobs that match my age. Lol.
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    quixote88 got a reaction from BeesBoobs in Late March / Early April 2015 boobie dates!!!   
    30th March here PIAC with Dr Narupon.
    Can't wait to have boobs that match my age. Lol.
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    quixote88 reacted to Gabby1 in PIAC Q's   
    They have a small safe in your room. Also a bedside drawer with a key that is large enough to store a laptop, iPad etc. They also locked my door when l went to surgery cos hubby went for a walk. x
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    quixote88 reacted to larissajayne92 in Late March / Early April 2015 boobie dates!!!   
    As much as I am sure we all wished we could book earlier, from now until March, the time goes sooo quickly! Christmas is just around the corner, and then we are into January, with Australia Day, February is a short month, and then its MARCH  
    My birthday is also in March so I have a couple of countdowns on..
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    quixote88 got a reaction from Madeline in March 2015 girls   
    I'm booked in with Dr Narupon for 30th March.
    I wish it was closer, I'm sure the time will fly by but I just want them now lol.
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    quixote88 got a reaction from doll_xx in Breast Lift - unsure   
    Im wondering the same thing, Though I've already had children.
    I've sent you ladies a FR hope you don't mind.
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    quixote88 got a reaction from Gabby1 in All Booked in :)   
    Hi Everyone,

    Last week (which happened to be my birthday) I confirmed my Surgical date With Dr Narupon at PIAC for 30th March.
    I'm booked in For a Lift + Implants though I was considered borderline.

    I'm 26yo And have four Children my youngest being 3yo Twins,Not planning on any more children which is why I'm thinking of getting the lift over and done with now.

    If there anyone That has had Implants and Lift that I could Friend request to see photos?
    Excited is a major understatement
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