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    Breast augmentation. Would like to go to a d/dd
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    157cm, 50kg, small b cup

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  1. Great thanku girls will need to read up on GA's now! Iv heard ur a lot groggier waking up from a ga....is this right?
  2. Hi ladies. Booked in to see dr mark lee next month so started the homework early on him! Does anybody know what kind of anaesthetic he uses, general/twilight? Thanku
  3. 15th BA-dr lee at tci
  4. Hi jaymes, what did ur surgeon recommend for u? Cant really say how much breast tissue I have, would be guessing not a lot but would need a professional to tell me ha! Ye pics look great at tci. May call them and ask to speak to dr lee himself?
  5. Hi ladies, I am new to this forum and wanting a little advice, especially from u smaller girls!!! I am looking at booking into the tci with dr lee in may this year but a bit worried that they only do round implants. I am a size 6/8 in clothing and a small b cup. 157cm tall. Looking to go a large c/small d in size. For u ladies who are smaller and have round implants, what do u think about ur new boobs? Is it the fake look or could I maybe achieve as natural as possible? Thanku in advance x
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