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  1. I cried when getting injected with hyalase haha
  2. Doing so much better today!! Still a bit swollen but no where near as bad. The bruising will probably be around a while longer but that's easy covered. Honestly thank you so much for your help!
  3. Went in there with the dr and had a crap ton more hyalase put in just to be sure which hurt like hell! She said its all very rare to still be this swollen at this point but its definitely not occlusion. She just said to ice today then tomorrow go back to putting hurudoid on and she gave me this restylane skincare recover cream too
  4. Yeah thats what i told the boyfriend, most gps are useless and will just tell you how stupid you are for doing it. Rang the injector and shes organising a meeting with the doc today hopefully.
  5. Do you think its worth seeing a doctor? Whats the best thing to take to help with the swelling ?
  6. Its not as painful as yesterday but painful between my top lip and nose when i touch it. Yes can see capillary refill thank god
  7. Hopefully this is a better picture this morning. I dont have any more than what i did last night, theyre just more visible now.
  8. Thank you so much for your help don! Will call her first thing in the morning and will update you on here. All very stressful and quite embarassing
  9. Yeah i have her mobile number and saw her this morning too. She hasnt mentioned anything about occlusion. She just keeps saying that it should improve overnight which is what she says every day. Is there any other symptoms i should look out for ? She has already dissolved everything in my top lip i think, there was only 0.2ml put in
  10. Thank god for you don honestly. I did think that occlusion could be a possibility but didnt want to freak myself out. I have quite acne prone skin. I havent iced at all today and did a warm compress over my nose to try and draw out the pimples a bit more and some of the bigger ones burst. Its very hard to get a good picture, had to get a fluro light behind my camera so its taken out a lot of the disscolouration
  11. Not really willing to say where i went as it was an accident. My main blood vessel just runs a lot lower than most so there was no way of knowing.
  12. Someone please help me! I had lip injections done on thursday, she only put it 0.4ml in bottom lip and 0.1ml in my top lip either side and the injector accidentally nicked a blood vessel and my entire lip swelled up straight away and i started to bruise all around my mouth and up the side of my nose. She put me under an LED light afterwards. I went back the next day after it had got even worse and she dissolved the filler from my top lip. My lips have been swelling more and more since despite icing as instructed. The bruising is still everywhere and all over my lips too. Its now saturday night and im starting to get heaps of little pimples all over my top lip and nose which are incredibly painful. My lips are cracking everywhere from the swelling even though ive been keeping them moist. I cant even brush my teeth properly because it burns my lips so badly. Someone please help me with any ideas on how to remedy any of this. I just want my face back to normal before christmas, i cant even finish my christmas shopping at this point. Sorry about my gross nails
  13. Hey guys, I have slightly uneven lips and have been wanting lip injections for the longest time to correct it and add a tiny bit of volume. Absolute Cosmetic Perth have a pretty sweet deal on at the moment for Juvederm which is what i'm wanting but I've read a couple of average reviews on them. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Perth or give any reviews for Absolute Cosmetic? Thanks
  14. Update on how my brows have turned out now they're all healed up, no makeup and with clear brow gel to hold those suckers down!
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