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    22/12/14 Dr Tavakoli
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  1. Don't stress in another week they will look so different give it 4 weeks they won't even look like the same boobs they change so much over the first few months they drop and settle and can take 2 months for all swelling to go away. I did the pulsing with the cleavage everyday and still catch myself doing it haha.. Honestly don't stress they will look completely different on a few weeks keep massaging and pushing them together
  2. Completely normal, mine started around the 7 day post op mark. I felt so depressed I just wanted to cry, I was over it all and just wanted to curl up and forget everything. I think it's a mixture of all the pain meds, and the actual pain, tightness and restriction after surgery gets so exhausting it just drains you. It will pass
  3. Good luck with everything Your in great hands you won't be disappointed. Completely normal the way you have been feeling I couldn't understand if someone didn't have any nerves before hand. It's a big thing, but he's amazing and will look after you . If your unsure about size let him decide on the day he had 2 sizes for me on the day and he said often he tries them in during surgery and decides which looks better. I was so comfortable with leaving it in his hands I mean he's the expert and I knew he would make the best decision for me. He ended up going the bigger size and I couldn't be happier they are perfect and exactly what I was hoping for
  4. Hi there Our stats a similar, but I have 375cc tear drops you are welcome to send through a friend request and check out my photos
  5. I was advised to sleep upright for 2 weeks, no less then a 45 degree angle. I also had a pillow fort, pillows behind me, under my legs and under each arm. Apparently the sleeping elevated helps reduce swelling and also helps the implants drop nicely. My back started to hurt after day 5 or so, so I used heat packs on my back.
  6. You won't be disappointed!! I'm 8 weeks post op and it's the best decision I had ever made. I was also so scared to start off with I can understand it's probably an even bigger decision because your traveling interstate. But I had done SOO much research and I was willing to pay whatever it took to get the best results. I had my first consultation with Dr Tavakoli and after that I knew I wasn't going to even consider going anywhere else. So many of my friends have been to see him and their results are amazing 5,6,7 years down the track Good luck
  7. Hi there!! Congrats on booking your surgery!! I work in a really busy office also like yourself I think you will be fine by 2 weeks. I was driving (manual car) by day 8 I went to the shops and back and could do things on my own that were simple like making breakfast and lunch. I definitely wasn't up for standing in the kitchen making a feast though. After the 7 day mark things got so much easier, each day got better and better and I was up going for short walks each day walking my puppy. I would recommend taking inner health plus or some kind of probiotic to help with the constipation from the meds, it really helped for me. Good luck with everything
  8. I'm a bit taller but you can check out my photos, I have 375 anatomicals.
  9. Hi lala25 I'm 6 weeks post op with Dr Tavakoli best decision I had ever made seeing him and I would highly recommend, the entire experience was amazing and professional from day 1 I paid $11,500 in total and have tear drop implants feel free to send through a friend request and you can see my photos. I havnt heard of the other surgeon but he must be good if he is in that kind of price range.
  10. I have 375cc mentor anatomicals moderate profile
  11. For myself, for the first couple of days when I woke up in the morning and sat up when they dropped down where the incisions are it was like they were pushing down on them and the sting and pain was horrible but went away after about 60 seconds - 2 minutes roughly.
  12. Day 1 surgeon removed my drains. Week 1 post op review with surgeon week 2 with nurse to check and clean incision areas and if I needed to massage etc then 3 months which is in march and will be with my surgeon again.
  13. I was so nervous the day before I couldn't sleep I was going to the toilet every hour and felt sick. I drank camomile tea to help with the nerves and kept myself occupied by watching nice movies to cheer me up like comedies etc. it's all so worth it and just keep thinking of your amazing outcome
  14. Everyone is different and it's so hard to judge how your going to feel based on other peoples stories. It also depends on how much breast tissue you have before surgery, how many cc's you go, the more streching the skin and muscle has to do I think you would have to expect a little more pain. I would describe my experience as not painful but deffinetely uncomfortable. Day 1 when I got home from hospital my mum and partner both helped feed and and drink water, not because I was in pain but SO out of it from the general anaesthic and all the medications, I couldn't pull my own undies down the first day because I felt very restricted with a tight feeling. I did manage to get back in the car and go back to his clinic to get my drains removed and also showered ok on my own. I tried to get out of bed every 2 hours and walk around to keep stretching my back. The worst part for me was when I would wake up in the morning someone would have to help get me up and when the implants drop that was painful, also known as morning boob, but once up I was fine.
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