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    315cc - furry Brazilian - teardrop - under the muscle - crease incision
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    Dr Harwood - 6.2.15

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  1. Keep in mind hun that breast implants don't last forever, the chances of you needing another surgery, or two in your lifetime is likely, even if you don't develop any complications.
  2. I had these exact symptoms, however this pain was in my left breast just above the nipple. It occurred only when I coughed or took in a deep breath. I was right on 2 weeks and I emailed my surgeon (as I got it done interstate). He said it could be nerve reintegration, however considered this unlikely as the pain was heightened through movements like I mentioned. He said it was more likely muscle spasms and recommended I take magnesium supplements as they help reduce muscle cramps and spasms and along with some gentle stretching of the chest muscle to ease discomfort I'm feeling so much better!
  3. How many consults have you been too? Has this recommendation been corroborated from other surgeons? I also liked the look of under the muscle placement and was confused when my first consult recommended over the muscle (for various reasons). I then went to another three consults and they all recommended under the muscle. I was told by those three surgeons that I had thin skin and despite my existing B cup over the muscle would not give me the most natural look this surgery could achieve. With these consistent recommendations I made my decision. I also got tear drop furries and went under the muscle. I went 315cc and as I mentioned I was a B cup. I can assume that with you being a C looking at 350-400cc you will likely be larger then a D-DD. My tip would be to get further recommendations (even if you have chosen the surgeon you want) and see what their rational is behind their recommendation.
  4. I am also a Harwood girl myself, couldn't recommend enough
  5. Hi kritta, I went 315cc unders and have put up a photo from the day of surgery vs 2 weeks to show that they actually got bigger once my muscle relaxed, feel free to friend request
  6. I also had the dilemma of whether or not I should choose a Plastic vs Cosmetic surgeon. I guess it is a personal preference. I went with Dr Harwood who is a cosmetic surgeon, however over the last 20 years he has focused purely on breast augmentation and is very skilled in his field. Remember some plastic surgeons do all types of procedures and I felt comfortable knowing that my surgeon essentially 'lived and breathed' the breast augmentation procedure that he performs day in and day out. With that being said don't let money be the thing that impacts on your decision. While I have seen great results come from TCI, and while they are obviously be very skilled surgeons, I don't think anything beats years and years or experience in my opinion
  7. Hi KrystalMx3! I started this thread and decided to go with Dr Harwood. I had my surgery on the 6.2.15 and have never looked back! There are so many girls on this site who have gone with Dr Harwood and are very happy! I haven't heard anything negative about him. I came from Melbourne for my consultation, as I am originally from Queelsland and my sister still lives there and we were having the procedure together. As such he accommodated me and my sister by allowing us to have our consolation together, and our mum also joined. The consultation was great, he asked us about what he wanted among other things and then we tried on sizers. I had been to previous consultations and with other surgeons and he recommended exactly the same as them, which suggested to me that he was holding true to the outcome that I wanted and I trusted him 100% and ended up going with his recommendations. I paid $9750 for the surgery with a $500 non-refundable deposit to be paid when booking your surgery date and the balance to be paid prior to surgery, I just used a bank cheque. When I booked the surgery date they were booked out, but accommodated me as I was coming from interstate by allowing me to come in earlier then normal to have my surgery which I thought was wonderful! The day of the surgery I wasn't nervous in a way about the surgery, I was more nervous about post op recovery. I also have a needle phobia (can't see the needle prior to them putting it into me otherwise I freak out!) and they were very nice about this, the whole experience was very calm despite actually walking yourself into the operating room. The next thing I remember was being fully dressed in the clothes I arrived in and sitting in a chair with some water, biscuits and jelly beans for me eat. I don't really remember leaving or getting into the car to go home either but thats normal after surgery. He does provide you with a post op bra and you can chose from black or white and you can keep it. I found it not very comfortable and opted to use some sports bras a bought from Target instead which he said was fine as long as I was comfortable, but my sister loved the bra so much I gave her mine, so I guess its a personal choice. After care was exceptional, he gives you his personal mobile number so you can contact him at any time, which was very reassuring. I am also a worrier so every bit of pain or discomfort I felt (which is by the way totally normal) I would begin to worry, you are also required to sleep on an 45-90 degree angle for the first few nights at least, I also love my sleep and I found this part difficult and wasn't sleeping well, I think I pulled some muscles in my back and was over all exhausted. However this is in no way related to Dr Harwood, it was just how my body coped with my recovery. I also had some bad side effects from my pain medication but after about 5 days I no longer needed them anyway. Dr Harwood was always seeing how I was going which was nice All the medications you need post op he will provide to you prior to your surgery and are included in the price. He will sit down with you and explain what they are. They are placed in a snap lock bag and there is a label affixed telling you when to take them and some directions such as don't drive while taking this medication or have with food. He gives you more medication then needed so I have plenty left. Medications are your antibiotic, pain killers (stronger and then less stronger to reduce yourself), valium (if you are having unders as this assists with relaxing your chest muscles to reduce tightness and discomfort), nausea medication and some sleeping tablets, which didn't knock you out, but more aided in getting to sleep. All in all, I love my results and so does my sister. I have put up photos on my profile so feel free to friend request me to see his results!
  8. Hi Ness1977! Go for it! I also was very worried about not getting the natural look I was after. However literally as soon as I took my bra off on the day of the surgery I looked so natural, I was very happy and keep staying happy as my recovery progresses. I am about 175cm and 56kg but I as I said I started as a small B cup prior to surgery (sorry I don't have a pre-op photo) so with much less existing breast tissue then myself I would most certainly not go any small then 300cc.
  9. I was also 10 days post op when I flew back to Melbourne I had about a 15kg suitcase and it was fine. I just waited until a few people had cleared so I was able to have more space to take my time and just drag my suitcase of the edge.
  10. I am a Dr Harwood girl too! And two weeks post op today! I went 315 Teardrop unders for a natural look. I was a small B pre-op. At my post op appointment he believed that I would be about a D or DD. I am super happy with my results and couldn't recommend him enough. I have just added new photos of my progress, feel free to friend request if you want to have a look.
  11. Wow you are almost in every way identical to my stats! I am however slightly taller and was a small B cup pre-op. I am now 2 weeks post op with Dr Harwood also and I LOVE my boobs! My sister also went with him the week before me and her results are also amazing, never heard or seen a bad outcome from him. I even had a bad recovery because of a reaction I had with my pain medications and he was always on the phone to me seeing how I was, which was very reassuring! I have added photos to my album, please feel free to friend request and personal message me if you have any questions.
  12. I am similar stats to you, expect I was a B cup. I went 315 teardrop unders. I am now 2 weeks post op so feel free to friend request I just put up an album of my progress!
  13. Congrats! I am two weeks post op today and went back to work on my 13th day. I also have an office job and high stress and I was fine and I had a shocking recovery! I didn't sleep for 3 days and had horrible side effects from my pain medications (Tramadol) and I didn't feel normal until a week after my operation. I was highly stressed as I did not tell work about the surgery and was worried that I wouldn't be able to return, however I ended up being fine! In regards to being able to do things I could physically do pretty much anything after a few days, I was washing my hair by the second day! But was just to exhausted to do anything else. I had my mother looking after me so I didn't need to drive, clean or cook until I went back to my own place at day 11. I first began driving at day 11 also, not because I couldn't but I didn't need to prior to this. I found it fine, was a little difficult to parallel park or take and put on hand break, but other then that its fine. I had my implants placed under the muscle. My sister had her surgery on the same day and over the muscle. Safe to say that her recovery was 100% different to mine and was back at work on day 5 (office job also), she was also sleeping on her side by this time too so the implant placement also had a big impact on your expected recovery. Hope that helps
  14. Stacey418 I am booked for Dr Harwood also on the 6th!! My ops at 7am, think I'm first up! But might see you there!
  15. Hi girls, thanks so much for all your stories! That makes me feel very comfortable and excited I had a consult today with Dr Topchain in Melbourne just to have a chat to a surgeon and get some opinions. He recommended the P-URE implant which Dr Harwood uses and which I agree with. However what did concern me is that he recommended over the muscle placement. Now I do have some breast tissue about a B cup, however I stressed that I was wanting a natural look and fear that the over the muscle placement would give me harsh implant edges and make them look to fake. Another concern of course is future mammograms, I don't have a history of breast cancer in my family however being able to have clear results is very reassuring. The logic behind his reason for recommending over the muscle (I will try to explain to the best of my ability) is: - I plan on having children in the next 4-6 years. He said that due to the type of implant having the polyurethane coating having a velcro like effect the implant would be essentially held where the surgeon puts it. He said that having the implant behind the muscle would allow my natural breast tissue to droop while the implant (behind the muscle) remains in place, creating a disconnection look. - He explained that his reason for recommending in front of the muscle was that while it wouldn't prevent sagging, it could hold off drooping for longer as my breast tissue would grow into the polyurethane coating and as my natural breast tissue drooped naturally the implant would come with it, allowing it to continue to look natural. I think going to the consult has just made me even more confused! I am planning on travelling to Brisbane within the next month to have a consult with Dr Harwood for a second opinion. Im not going to tell him what recommendation I was given and see what he has to say. From the looks of lot of women on here, it appears that his preference is dual plane. Could I ask what the reasons for Dr Harwoods recommendation of placement was for you girls??
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