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    305cc teardrop unders high profile
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    Dr Fleming 1/04/2015
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  1. Hi all March/April boobies, Just wondering how everyone is going and if they are happy with their assets? I love mine and recovery has been so easy! Been walking a lot and just started back do light gym routines with 2.5kg weights (4 weeks post op tomorrow) - only done one session so far but think I will just stick to 2 per week for a little while and walking 4 days a week. Not going to lie, would be happy if they increased in size as they drop & fluff.. Have gotten some new Victoria secret bras and just squeezing into D cups. Would love to be DD!
  2. Don't worry, completely normally. I had it too and thought i had gotten a belly from being lazy for a few days! It went after about a week or a little bit longer. I also had my surgery just before Easter and had a few eggs so that didnt help.
  3. Yes I suffered this too. I leant up against a wall and rolled a tennis ball up and down spine and around my shoulder blades. Eased it quite a bit..
  4. My surgeon has said whether you wear a bra at all is up to you. I have not been wearing one at all, i am 8 days post op. Some days when i feel like i need support i wear a zip up cotton one crop top. And other days I wear a top that has a shelf or a kookai triangle top. The information i was given was that it does not affect the outcome. But in saying that I would do whatever your surgeon as advised..
  5. I didn't even get any bruising! I honestly can't believe how easy the recovery has been. Think it is definitely a reflection of Dr Fleming and his experience. Only 8 days post surgery so still have dull pain occasionally but that is to be expected! Just the wait for the drop and fluff now!
  6. Yes the sunburn feeling! I am 8 days on and have sun burn sensation on the top of boobs near the arm pit crease. Though something was wrong so glad to hear it is normal. Plus my boobs are rock hard at times. Am looking forward to drop and fluff stage!
  7. Lisa, I am 154cm and 44kg - very petite and small frame. I got the largest size my surgeon would allow - 305cc UHP Teardrop. Had them done 4 days ago and so far i think it is perfect for my size. Heard they 'drop & fluff' and get a bit larger in the weeks following the op so will be more than happy with my D/possibly DD cup. Going UHP was the only way I could get the largest cc's without risk of double fold - Your surgeon will be able to give you a better idea of the best size for body. Don't get hung up on cc's or cup size - just wait until you try on the sizers at your consult
  8. And by 'needing' I meant 'bleeding'. Autocorrect fail
  9. Yes strange how different the recovery is. Lovely, hope your needing stops! Today has probably been the hardest but still have stayed away from the pain meds until just before because I hate the dopey feeling. Pretty swollen on my sides now, looks like I have a lot of side boob! I'm sure it will go down. It actually feels like I am wearing a pair of floaties under my arm pits..I put up a pre and post op photo.
  10. How are all the early April boobies? I have been in no pain at all but think I moved around a bit too much yesterday and am a bit stiff today. Have only taken panadein before bed otherwise just the paracetemol. Overall feeling good just getting fed up with being not fully functional but know I have to be patient! I was worried about getting ultra high profile to begin with but think with my small frame was definitely the right decision. Am happy with size and shape for now
  11. Am in the waiting room. Definitely hoping for minimal pain like you mermaid89!
  12. I am only a week away! Getting excited but still hoping mine are big enough. I am only 154cm, 44kg & petite all over. Currently have 10B and getting 305cc UHP teardrop. I really love the heavy/full look and am getting the biggest size Dr Fleming will let me!
  13. I am 1st April with Dr Fleming - midday surgery. Am booked for 305cc UHP teardrop as I am petite, 154cm & currently a B cup so hoping for a D!
  14. You have to keep posted with how you go with your resize. Maybe bring in a picture of your desired look. I did (the girl in my profile pic) and he said that I would be at risk of double fold if I went that big and also said it is very 'zoo weekly'. Anyway I chose to trust his judgment and have agreed with 305cc. I am sure I could have gone somewhere else and gotten bigger but I also don't want to risk any complications! A few of my friends have gone with Dr Fleming and they are all happy customers! And doesn't like to talk in cup sizes but I have told him I want to be a full D so hope that is what I will be!
  15. I have in my head I want to be full D..
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