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  1. Hi lou11, i have swelling in exactly the same place, I am 9 weeks now and when I have a big day (especially now it is school holidays) I have a lump above and below the belly button. My surgeon said that they belly button is the secure point and that eventually (3-6 months) all my tummy will be there........he said that the blood vessels need to heal.
  2. Yes the muscle pain is the most extreme pain that you have (trust me after 4 babies...) I am now 8 weeks out and unless I have a sneeze from nowhere I have no pain or discomfort - but still swelling. From what I recall, this is definitely a few weeks in....sorry this might not be much help - but I was the same as you - the muscle pain is much worse than the scar site!
  3. Hi lou11, yes lots of swelling and it is a real indicator of what you are doing! If I have an easy day and do not move much off the couch my stomach looks great, yet yesterday 7 weeks post op I walk to the Sydney Easter Show and around for a number of hours - massive swelling. It doesnt hurt but it is just there IYKWIM. I was really lucky and got 6 weeks off work - but as soon I have started normal life (work and 4 kids) my stomach is only flat in the morning... My PS said that my belly button is fixed so it where my stomach will end up - just tissues and blood vessels needs to arrange themsleves now that they have been cut. I have been told 3-6 months before swelling will subside....
  4. once i got out of hospital i only had 1 garment, so every few days would wash it (first time had to scrub old blood) but it dried within 30 minutes so I just laid down until it was ready.
  5. Hi bzaw - I was only to wear it for 6 weeks. At my 5 week appointment my PS said to start weaning off the garment, however it does provide support so it was up to me. I have just completed my first week back at work......so so so swollen at the end of the day - have decided to wear garment every 2nd day- but not at nights.
  6. Hi everybody Bzaw - I hope everything is going okay with the possible infection and you have the all clear. I feel that I have been very lucky - I feel that I am myself, however at the end of the day- my stomach and pelvic region is so swollen........ I feel guilty that my husband who has worked all day is vacuuming the floor and spray'n'wiping alll of the kitchen benchtops................ When I look at my stomach - it is so different - yet when I touch it - it is different - the numbness feeling I cannot cope with. I was not a small person and so this operation (and long term healing) does not affect my weight as a quick fix solution as my surgeon said " you have no fat on your stomach" I need to concentrate to a total health and body change. As I am typing this - at nearly 3 o'clock in the morning.......I am now coming to realise that I have used my "pregnant belly" as the excuse that I loose weight but it makes my tummy sagggy..... No more excuses - wish me luck :|
  7. i cannot believe that it has been 2 weeks since my op. so in run down - the first few days were really hard - but by about day 3 was up and showering and walking around a little stooped. I ended up in hospital for 7 nights - one of my drains was too high and i had to stay until it was out I was very much looking forward to coming home - and getting out the little carry along friend.... so 2 weeks now - walking straight - no painkillers. i do get very swollen at the end of the day - especially if I am not taking it easy - which I try most of the time! Still feel the stab if I cough, sneeze or laugh to hard - but it is a good feeling knowing that my ab muscles are back together!! No pain at all from the scar - am heading off to the surgeon this afternoon so am hoping to see my belly button (was too scared to look when they changed the dressing before I left hospital!) and hopefully have the strips taken off the scar. The lower back pain was the worst - and if anything still is - it is good laying on my back and raising my knees to give my back a rest!! Good to read everybodies progress - lets enjoy this flatness!!
  8. hi guys, well i am on the other side now. I thought I had a high pain threshold but this really hurts. Plus having to do everything in slow motion so that you dont pull at your abs. the cathater and 1 drain out today so am walking around more. cannot see anything as still have the garment on - hopefully tomorrow I can have a full shower. my PS said that I was 6-7cms in some places so this was neccessary! cant wait to walk straight and just bounce out of bed!
  9. Hi guys I am literally hours away. I dont have to be at the hospital until 3pm - I knew my surgeon operated in the afternoon. Now just final organisation of the household and trying not to think about a huge glass of cold water that I am not allowed to have!!! See you on the other side. mummytummy - glad to hear that you are on the mend - I feel guilty like you so I am hope that I get the same results!!
  10. Hi Mummytummy I am not far behind you- went for my final visit and paid for my procedure! also got measured for my compression garmet. I will get a call on Monday to let me know what time I am up! I am hoping it is all over for you and I look forward to hearing your update! Enjoy the drugs..
  11. Hi Mummytummy I am not far behind you- went for my final visit and paid for my procedure! also got measured for my compression garmet. I will get a call on Monday to let me know what time I am up! I am hoping it is all over for you and I look forward to hearing your update! Enjoy the drugs..
  12. Hi Jaddles, I am 4 weeks out from a TT- and have been inspired by your story - I have sent a FR - I think.....
  13. My TT has a medicare number so my PHI will cover hospital - I will have to pay $7500 up front to surgeon but will get some back from medicare - expecting little!!
  14. Thanks bzaw - although part of me can't wait for the laying around and not doing anything! At least in hospital I cannot see what carnage is going on around me and the "MUM.........."!
  15. Hi there, I have been lurking for awhile. I have TT booked for 10 Feb - getting excited but nervous as well. I have 4 children 10-4 so the thought of 4-5 nights, which my PS has recommended is freaking me out! Looking forward to a flatter tummy- although I am not a 'small' person this - I am hoping - will not only help with my back (6-8 cm ab separation) but make me more comfortable in my body.......
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