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  1. I'm seriously considering vaser lipo (or lumescent lipo) on thighs and butt area....will be sure to keep this thread updated IF i go ahead with it. my consult is actually on 2/11/14
  2. Hey babe, which clinic did you go to? I've had eyes done wih Dr Kwon...I'm a bit of an expert with ps in korea PM me and let's compare notes
  3. I would have ditched him as well Have a great night....and in that outfit, I'm sure you'll find a guy that will be happy to treat you right!
  4. Great! At the moment I'm looking into rhino either here or overseas. Dr Imani from Perth looks good. Also thinking of non-evasive body sculpture treatment like Vanquish, Coolscupture etc What have i had done? PRP fat grafting, eyes, fillers and various skin treatments. These were all done overseas.
  5. I really like your tip of alternating between brands!!! thanks!
  6. agree = botox is better I've already had this done in Korea for jaw reduction. It's lasted about 9 months. Some people have a 'permanent'results after 2 or 3 session of botox. Since I only did one session (about 12 months ago), I can't comment....yet I hope to go back to Korea in April 2015 to do another session. Costed AUD$180 for one session feel free to PM if you have more questions
  7. I had PRP fat grafting, which is a combination of fat graft and PRP I think the PRP is good as it boosted my collagen and improved my skin - admittedly my skin wasn't bad in the first place, but it still was improved. PM me if you have more questions
  8. For fat grafting, best to go to Korea. Australia just isn't in the same league. They have more advance skills and technology. As with all things, not all clinics are the same in Korea. Do your research I had full face done (including forehead - I'm about post op 1 yr) and paid AUD$1500, which included a second top up. Most of the fat has survived. feel free to PM me if you have more questions
  9. hi Body Plus do you still visit this site? I'm looking into doing some vaser lipo and may need a garment. I just joined as a member so I can't PM, but do let me know if you're still around thanks!!
  10. Would be great to chat to people about plastic surgery. I've had procedures done (both here and overseas), but since I don't tell any of my family and friends, I'm doing it all alone (& in a cloud of secrecy!) lol
  11. Hi girls!! Any ladies here from Perth? I've already had some procedures done in Korea, Hong Kong and Australia so I'm no noob, but would be great to chat to others (irl). I haven't told anyone I had surgery so I'm doing this all alone without anyone to even talk to. Thinking of doing some more procedures in Thailand or possibly doing it in Perth. Currently interested in: vaser lipo (or liposclpture) and rhino I just joined so I won't be able to PM anyone, but please keep in contact - would be great to chat to someone about this!!! Of course also happy to answer questions if anyone is thinking of going to Korea or HK
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