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  1. How did you go Pip?? My surgery was postponed last minute all the way to Monday as he said he had over-exerted himself earlier in the day (I hope your surgery was okay?? Nothing crazy??) and that he couldn't give me the proper focus needed. I was crying my eyes out all day. at least he will be properly alert when I go in.. But ugh. Worst feeling ever, having that day ripped away.
  2. I hope you're recovering well!! I've got 10 days to go for my rhino with him.. The butterflies are starting to jump around!
  3. Hi juju I'm getting a hump removal & septoplasty
  4. Flying to BKK on 23rd, surgery on 24th! Rhino with Dr. Montien
  5. I'm going with IR and had to pay a $295 service fee before sending my photos. It felt a bit dodgey but clear communication with Sarah eased my nerves.
  6. Hey juju! I'm booked for rhino wih Dr. M @ samitivej on the 24th of April!! Can't wait!! I've got the "western nose" so unfortunately can't help you there. I'm interested to know if he does many Asian noses as well, I'm sure he will do a great job on yours!
  7. When I travel with a lot of cash I usually stash it in the pages of a book. And then when I get there, I put in the safe or find a good hiding spot in the room.
  8. Loving all the details! How did your veneer crack?? Hopefully not from inserting/removing the breathing tube?
  9. I do lashes as well from home. And I do a Lot of repair work from other salons. I can tell you that certificates don't mean much, especially here in aus. Look for lots of before/after photos
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