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    Breast Augumentation Revision. Got 390cc Mentor, textured, anatomical, sub muscular, high profile implants
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    Dr. Miroshnik, 9th December 2014
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    157 cms, 54.5kgs, 12A pre surgery. Officially measured at 3.5 months post Op at 10DD

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  1. Ladies, anyone want to buy an UpBra US Size 34D. It's the Solid Nude Convertible and I've never worn it as think I just prefer the push up bras. Some ladies rave about them though. It's US$85 and with postage I paid about AU$120. Happy to let it go for $40 plus postage. Message me if interested. See (www.upbra.com)
  2. Seriously go as big as you can go. You will regret it after if you don't.
  3. I can't emphasise enough to be extra sure of the size. You can still look totally natural with a slightly bigger implant. I had no breast tissue either and am 157cms and 54kgs. Not one person has noticed I've had implants and when they settle you will so wish you went bigger. Most days I feel really small and think the change is minimal. Take it from experience. You will love them and wish you went a bit bigger so bear it in mind ?
  4. To be honest I would totally take his recomendations. He is a complete expert and will know exactly what will provide you with the look you want. What I would recommend though is to have some pictures of the look you want to achieve and go bigger than you think you want. Natural can sometimes be taken as small I find and you may be disappointed you didn't go a bit bigger. I told him to go the largest he possibly could while still looking natural, suiting my frame size and not being completely obvious and that I could hide or show them if I wanted. He totally achieved all of that for me but I am so glad I told him to go the largest he could fit in. I got 390cc dual plane, anatomicals, high profile. I still wish I could have gone around 500cc but he has reassured me saying that he went as much as he could for my stats. All the best he is amazing and a total professional
  5. My Revision with Dr. M came to about $15,000 all up as I didn't have the correct Health Insurance Cover. If I had had the correct cover it would have been about $12,000 so that would have reduced it significantly. I would check your health cover first but allow for about $15,000 worst case
  6. I would highly recommend Dr. Miroshnik. I think he is a leader in his field not only in Sydney but in Australia. He has a flawless reputation, does some amazing work and is a genuinely nice person to deal with. Highly recommended.
  7. Chinchilla, yes that is exactly right. Exactly what I have too. Did your PS say why it ever fully dropped. My PS said the implant will "win" in the end but I can help it along by not overusing the right hand. Easier said than done. So would the Op have moved it fully into place. What were the possible complications. Sorry lots of questions.
  8. Chinchilla did yours move into position centrally. My right is only very slightly higher than left but not noticeable it's more the moving centrally that's an issue. The left has more cleavage and is more central than the right. It's not really the dropping more the moving into the cleavage area if that makes sense at all.
  9. I think my PS doesn't recommend massage due to the textured implants. I did get a note on it but can't fully remember. Also maybe I should have stated but it's not a massive difference, certainly not enough to require a revision. You can see from my photos that to the outsider it's probably not that noticeable but I can see and tell the difference in the movement and position of the left. The right just feels way tighter, is not as central and doesn't move as easily. I do use a mouse all day and use my right hand a lot so its unavoidable unless I stop living. I haven't done chest exercises either since the Op but do shoulder presses, rows etc. Im just wondering if anyone else had that slight difference that took over a year for the implant to "win" over the muscle and how it looks now. Thanks ladies.
  10. My right side is taking forever to full settle into position and is still not as central as my left. My PS said it can take up to 1 to 1.5 years if you have a very tight muscle that you use a lot. He did say the implant will win in the end though and it will eventually settle fully like left. Has anyone had a similar issue that took a long time to resolve and what was the maximum time it took. I'm now 6 months post Op. My PS doesn't recommend massage.
  11. My friend has a consult with Dr Ellis Choy in June as she lives in Coffs Harbour and he operates there. Anyone had any experience of him. Any before and after pictures and feedback. I've never heard of him. How much does he charge for a BA.
  12. Cathbond I did revision with him. I had old implants over 15 years and all up my total costs with hospital, anaesthethic etc. was about $15,000 as I didn't have the appropriate insurance coverage. He used mentor on me but not sure if he uses other types of implants too. I don't think he does laser but couldn't be 100% sure. he is definitely amazing and very talented and i cannot recommend him highly enough.
  13. Hi Ladies, Not for me but a close friend who is looking for a good Surgeon in the Coff's Harbour area for a BA. Anyone had any experiences with Surgeons in the area.
  14. I also went with Dr M and was about a 10A pre op. I got 390cc high profile anatomicals. At almost 5 months they are really softening but I still feel right hasn't dropped as much as left. I asked him to put in as it as he could too but still look natural. Sometimes I wish I could have had about 450cc to 500cc but everyone I speak to says they totally suit my frame and would look too fake any bigger. I find in a good bra in they look huge. Feel free to check out my pics. I'm a 10dd bordering on 10e. I think I need to get measured again as think the E would fit better now.
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