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    BA and possible periariola lift one side
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    Dr Michael Miroshnik, 18th November
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    165cms, 70 (ish) kgs, 12A(L) 12B (R)

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  1. My PS cleared me to take Claratyne for hay fever up to and including surgery day so if you ask I am sure it will be ok. It works really well for me, and I get terrible hayfever year round. The idea of having a sneezing fit (about 15 sneezes) post surgery was terrifying so pretty hally to avoid that. Goodluck, hope it clears up quickly for you
  2. Tough run, ladies. Mine is due at the same time as my surgery so after reading this I am thinking I will skip it. Hadn't thought about that,so thanks for reminding me
  3. Best thing to do is email the list to the PS (I did this today) lots of stuff is ok, some stuff is ok if they know about it and other (sometimes surprising) things need to be avoided. Its not a silly question, but one def worth asking your doc. Goodluck!!
  4. I live in sydney but can say lazer is amazing! ! I went every 6 weeks for 8 sessions, and now go every 6 months. Easy peasy. It hurts like anything the first few sessions but as the hair thins it gets better, it takes the same amount of time as waxing so its manageable. . Honestly regret not doing it earlier. You have to avoid direct sunlight to the treated area, but its easy enough! Go book an appt!!!!
  5. November 18 Dr Miroshnik! !! Woop woop!!
  6. I would love that, I think it will make it essier
  7. Thanks, that is really helpful!! 14 more days for you, so exciting!! Almost surgery buddies!! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes, fingers crossed for you
  8. Pretty excited to be here, such lovely and helpful ladies. Looking foreard to sharing and helping where I can Thanks for the warm welcome
  9. Hi ladies, I am terrified of the pain to come, and had a nightmare last night that I ran out pain meds post surgery. What is your experience here post Dr M BA? Thanks
  10. Thanks, I have only heard good things so I am sure we will all be (even more) fabulous! ! Dont know about expert, but totally open to any questions, happy to answer if I can have had so much help from ladies going through this experience it will feel nice to be answering not asking the questions for once! Lol
  11. Consult nov 12, surgery on the 18th 3 weeks today!!! Omg I know the BA will be 12 -12500 but I possibly need a peri ariola lift on one side and I am unsure where the cost start on that! Yay for upcoming surgery, good luck at your consult!!!
  12. Hi all, I have an upcoming surgery with Dr M (prebooked based on his work) and I was wondering what the cost might be if I need a lift on one side. I have not yet had an appt with him and have been sending so many emails to his staff I cant bring myself to send another.. lol! Hope you all can help with an estimate
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