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  1. Cat90 In regards to wiping after the toilet, I was doing all that as soon as I got back to my hotel room, flushing toilet, etc. I was applying a full fCe of make up by day 3. Saying that, everyone is different.. Set your alarm and take your meds every 6 hours. Even if you don't feel pain, it's better to stay on top of it rather than have to chase it away x
  2. Hi Cat90!! I think you will be fine! I flew two flights Syd-perth perth-karratha on day 3. I was so lucky I didn't experience and real pain, just tightness and discomfort. As long as you keep on top of your medication you will be fine. I am 3 weeks and 3 days PO now and pretty much back to normal, cooking/house hold activities are fine, just staying cautious and within my limits. How exciting!!
  3. Hi Beesboobs I am so sorry for your disappointment, I can only imagine how gut wrenching this time must be. I am concerned one of my breasts (smaller) may be mildly tuberous. But not sure if it is just a small boob. I am flying interstate from North WA Tuesday. Do you happen to have any pictures of your breasts to see what TCI regard as too tuberous? Emma
  4. Hi I am due for BA with Dr Tang,TCI Parramatta, in March.. I have a size 6/8 top with an A cup and prominent bones on my chest. Wondering if any girls have had a BA with a boney chest and could share some feedback/photos.. Thanks!! :-)
  5. hi!! I am booked the exact same as you!! consult 11/3 surgery 12/3. flying from perth on the red eye on the 10th and hone on the sunday. how exciting!!
  6. Me too Bridgetbubbles !! good ol mums ;-) I searched shuttles and they're about $140 return each. where are you guys staying. I haven't booked that yet, thinking meriton because its so close?
  7. I would be keen to follow up how all you interstate girls go. it is very exciting!!
  8. oh Bridgetbubbles how exciting! I am on the red eye on 10th.. are you in Parramatta or Bondi. I will be in Parra and working out best ways to get there.. thinking train then a taxi when I leave... but I have heard taxi will be over $100.
  9. this is terrible, I feel so sad for you. I hope someone here in Australia can help with some sort of reconstruction surgery. I am not keen on Thailand, and this has put me right off. Wishing you all the best with your recovery x
  10. Hi, I am booked in to see Dr Tang in Parramatta mid March '15. I am an interstate patient and will be flying home to the north west 48 hours post op. I was wondering if any other interstate ladies have had surgery and travelled fine after 48 hours.. and if anyone has any images of work done by Tang I could see? I am thin framed woman with a boney chest.. 173cm 54kg.. if anyone has a similar build I would LOVE to hear from you. thanks :-)
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