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  1. Same here! Doing my research about rhino.. going to Thailand is much cheaper but I wanted to know how good they are.. hospital, surgeon and agency..
  2. I read somewhere Princessa mentioned that Thailand is only good with boobies. I was planning to have a rhino, but I have to do a lot of research about this before deciding, like surgeon, hospital and agency..
  3. Have you hear about rhino in Thailand? Can I pay the surgery once Im there? I heard about Somnio, but I am also checking other agency that will not ask me to pay the surgery cost while I'm here.. that's risky, i guess..
  4. OMG.. now I am anxious.. I am trying to read on forums about rhino in Thailand before deciding if I will go there or just choose AUS.. Princessa, Do you know any1 who had awful experience in Thailand about rhino?
  5. Thanks princessa, No to group tours for me! I just wanted to have an organized, no hassle trip. So i thought having an agency might be a good choice.. But thanks anyway, I wouldn't mind paying extra bucks to any agency I will choose. I'll just check who's worth it.. Being a first timer sucks
  6. uh oh.. it will be my first time in Thailand. I think i need an agency to help me with all the process.. I just can't decide what to pick.. any help, please..
  7. Hello everyone, I have been searching for an answer about my nose surgery. Is Dr. Narupon really great?
  8. Hello Kat, Where are you going to have yours? I am also planning to go overseas
  9. hello, I am also planning to have my nose surgery. Was it worth it?
  10. Hey Ladies, Can you help me,please... I am undecided to have a nose surgery, although I want too.. Anyone who can give me suggestions would be superb Is thailand a great place? Thanks!
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