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  1. Hi Lanabanana Your trip sounds amazing, so exciting. I also had surgery in Phuket but I booked with Lotus Medical International. I was able to ask them all the questions I had and they would contact my surgeon. Have you asked your agent about the questions you have about your surgery? I don't personally have any experience in your type of surgery but I thought I would just share my experience with you. I was referred to Dr.Sanguan with Lotus Medical International and I can't fault the surgeon or company. You case sounds more complex and I know that Dr.Sanguan is particularly good at more complicated cases. Perhaps try contacting your surgeon to get some more info or if you're not getting the answers you need then you can always ask for a second opinion. Good luck with it all! x
  2. Dr.Montien is a fantastic surgeon for Rhinoplasty, I booked with him through Lotus Medical International, it was super easy. Everything was organised for me, all transfers, I had my own personal medical host and they gave me a mobile phone to use so that I could call my host at any time. I cant recommend travelling to Thailand for surgery highly enough, the surgeons the hospital and the care was just brilliant.
  3. Hi @YenYen PIAC has noe changed to PPSI, I went there for Breast augmentation when it was PIAC. I booked through Lotus Medical International, look them up, I cant recommend them highly enough. They are based in Phuket, and were able to meet me at the hospital for all of my appointments which was great, they have English staff so it was so easy to comminucate and book my surgery, they answered all of my quesitons (I had a lot) and made everything so simple for me. You can contact Georgina at info@lotusmedicalinternational.com. Good luck!
  4. Hi Denmarker, sorry for the slow reply. Yes the staff at Lotus came to see me the day after my surgery and helped me to check out of hospital. I could call them at any time and they also came to my follow up appointments. Once I got home I never needed to contact them for anything about my recovery because I recovered pretty well but you can always contact the girls if you ever have any quesitons :). I hope this helps!
  5. How frustrating for the surgeon if there is another surgeon with the same name who has many bad reviews I've not heard of either surgeon. I had my BA done in Phuket with Dr.Narupon but now he is working in Bangkok. Look him up, he's fantastic! I booked through Lotus Medical International, they referred me to Dr.Narupon and have been referring to him for years. I highly recommend him and Lotus, be careful choosing your own surgeon! I found that going to Lotus I could be 100% sure that I was seeing a highly qualified and experiences plastic surgeon. They also made everything so easy and it didn't cost me any extra, it was just so nice to be able to email them any time with allllll my questions. Good luck!
  6. I booked with PPSI but I booked through Lotus Medical International, I actually found this a lot easier. The surgery doesnt cost any more when booking through them they just make it much easier to communicate with the surgeon via email and were really easy to deal with. They can help with booking flights and accomodation but I just did this myself. Lotus are based in Phuket so their staff come and meet you at the hospital the day you have surgery, I was on my own so was really glad to have had this. They chose my surgeon for me because I just didnt know who to pick and I'm so happy with the results. I had Dr.Narupon, you can choose your own surgeon though and they can organise this for you. Good luck all, enjoy your new boobs!
  7. I used Lotus Medical International for my surgery trip, they were fantastic, really lovely and helpful. Always got back to me quickly, and were happy to help. They have staff based in Phuket who will come and meet you at the hospital and be on hand for support. I'd highly recommend booking through them as they are so easy to deal with. Good luck!
  8. Hi I have heard of Dr.Parinya as I had surgery at PPSI where he works from, I had my surgery with Dr.Narupon there and was really happy with him and love my results. I booked through Lotus Medical International, they work with and know all of the surgeons at PPSI so they were able to tell me which surgeon is best to go with. It can be a tricky desicion. Maybe email who you booked surgery with for some before and after images or email Lotus Medical International they might be able to offer some advice, they certainly helped me with choosing who to go with and made everything really simple, they dont charge any fees so it's pretty much just free advice. Good luck!
  9. I had surgery with PPSI in Phuket, I booked through Lotus Medical International and they referred me to Dr.Narupon who was amazing! The hospital and staff in Phuket were just lovely and Lotus were great at making sure everything was organised and ran smoothly. I highly recommend, PPSI, Lotus and Dr.Narupon for breats surgery in Thailand!
  10. Hi I had my BA surgery in Phuket with PPSI I booked with Lotus Medical International, they are based in Phuket so I was met by one their English staff members which was great, it made me feel at ease having someone to chat to and to ask all my questions! They were great with getting back to my emails before I arrived and made communicating with the hospital easy. I had Dr.Narupon and couldnt be happier with the results. The hospital in Phuket is outstanding, its more like a 5 star hotel. Good luck with all your research and I wouldn't hesitate to contact Lotus, I'd definitely go through them again, they can give you a free online consultation if you're just looking at getting some prices and info. Hope it all goes well for you!
  11. Hi there I had my BA surgery in Phuket at PPSI in Phuket International hospital. I had Dr.Narupon he was fantastic and I love the results! I've heard great things about Dr.Sangaun also. I booked my surgery through Lotus Medical International they made it super easy to communicate with the hospital and my surgeon before my arrival. They also recommended Dr.Narupon to me. I was met by one of the English staff members from Lotus this really made me feel at ease having someone I could chat to and ask questions, I had lots! haha I hope this helps and good luck! You'll be in very safe hands at PPSI
  12. Hi Bmumoffour I've had BA in Phuket in Thailand at PPSI they have some fantastic surgeons there, I had Dr.Narupon and couldnt be happier with the results. I just saw your post and thought I would pass on the advice that I got as I was looking at Dr.Boochai also initially. I've read so many good things about him but I think his clinic is in Bangkok? Bangkok is'nt the best place to recover from surgery really, Phuket is far more relaxed with beautiful beaches and places you can go and explore without the hectic scene of the city. I booked through Lotus Medical International, they were able to get me quotes from Dr.Boochai and from Dr.Narupon so I could compare. I went with Dr.Narupon in Phuket because Lotus can come and meet you at the hospital, they are a UK company working from Phuket. So when I got there I met my English assisstant and she came and saw me the next day after my surgery and for all of my follow up appointments. They also gave me a mobile phone so that I could call them if ever I needed anything, I know that you were thinking you might need some added support. You will be surprised though at how quickly you will recover and be able to do most things just a few days after surgery. I hope this helps and you are able to get booked in soon, it's so exciting!
  13. Hi I had my breast augmentation surgery in Thailand, I saw that you were thinking of having it done there. Mine cost $4100 and there weren't any hospital fees on top of that. I booked through Lotus Medical International who are based in Phuket, I had an English assisstant who met me at the hospital for all of my appointments so that was great. The hospital in Phuket is amazing, it's like a 5 star hotel! Lotus referred me to Dr.Narupon he was fantastic and I couldnt be happier. I dont have any info on the GC I'm afraid, just thought I'd share my experiences with Lotus and Thailand. Good luck with all your research!
  14. Hi It's true some agencies dont offer much extra for the money they charge. I has surgery with Dr.Narupon at PPSI in Phuket. I did book through an angency, Lotus Medical International but its was defintely worth it. The Agency I booked with are based in Phuket but it's not a Thai company. I had my own English assisstant, she came and met me at the hospital for my appointments and the days after surgery, I was travelling alone so I found this comforting to know I had someone who speaks English there to chat to and help me if I needed anything. They gave me a phone too so that I could call them any time. The unit at PPSI is brilliant, I couldnt recommend it highly enough and if you're travelling alone it might be worth looking at Lotus, they also know all of the surgeons really well so can book you in with who they think would suit you best. Hope this helps and good luck with everything!
  15. I've heard lots of good things about Dr.Piyapas some friends of mine have had surgery with him and are over the moon with their results. I have had surgery at PPSI but I had Dr.Narupon, this was a recommendation through an agency called Lotus Medical International a UK company that is based in Phuket. The girls at Lotus were able to give me advice on which surgeon best suited my situation, Dr.Narupon was definitely the best choice of surgeon for me. I highly recommend PPSI in Phuket, all the staff are amazing and the hospital is just beautiful. I also really recommend booking through Lotus it was so much easier having an English person to communicate with and organise the whole trip. Hope this helps
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