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    11/2015: 240cc mod profile, Nagor round textured silicone implants placed sub-muscualarly.
    01/2016: Revision of BA due to Left breast bottoming out and right breast CC
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    6th November 2014- Dr. Tom Inge ├śrnes
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    172cm / 59kgs / 10a-b pre op, post op 10c
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    Netball, training

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  1. Yes she chose Bondi even though she lives out west and Parramatta was much closer but in the end she received better treatment at Parramatta. Im sure not everyone has bad experiences but in her case she said the post op follow up and treatment was poor. She called TCI bondi a number of times voicing concerns of infection as she felt her health deteriorating rather then improving and was told everything was normal. Later she discovered she had a staph infection and spent a night in hospital on antibiotics. Her recovery was much longer than she had planned however could have been avoided had they taken her concerns seriously. This could just be one of those instances where something went wrong but from what she told me it seemed the staff there didn't seem to care too much about the patient post op.
  2. I think they look perfectly natural! I'd be delighted with them if they were mine. I also think we ladies have been slightly brainwashed by pushed up boobies, that we have forgotten that this looks perfectly normal... I understand you wouldn't want them dropping much further than this so just measure them like the other ladies have said and speak to your PS if you're concerned they're dropping to low. My PS said he had stitched my tissue to my rib to prevent them dropping any further than he would want but a year later he lifted my left breast one rib higher so go figure?
  3. I had my heart set on 270-300cc to achieve a full C cup however when my surgeon told me he thought 240 was my max I was really devastated and worried i'd be disappointed with my result. My boobs now fit perfectly in proportion with my body even though he only used 240cc and I am so so thankful he didn't go any bigger! Everyone is different like Kannc said, not all girls are after BIG boobs. For me, I just wanted my boobs to be in proportion with the rest of my body so the smaller implant worked. Yes you could probably get the same look with a good padded bra or chicken fillets but thats not to say you shouldn't go through with the surgery. If you want the look without HAVING to wear those things then go for it. If your surgeon says 210-220 will give you the look you've described, if he's a good surgeon i'd take his advice! My surgeon told me 240 was all I needed to achieve the look i'd described and he was spot on!
  4. I was surprisingly calm leading up to my operation and even on the day of. I just focused on all the positives and didn't let any negative thoughts into my mind. I was really just looking forward to the end result and thats all I let myself think about.
  5. I am almost 6 months PO as well and also having boobie blues over my right breast not dropping. I feel like it hasn't moved in weeks and is a long way off the progress of my left boob (which looks fab in comparison). Starting to wonder if it will ever drop!! And starting to wonder if i've made the right decision doing this op
  6. My PS said 3 months but I still only wear them on special occasions really or where it would be noticeable. My incisions are healed but I just don't like the wire rubbing on my scars, I'm worried they'll be made more noticeable lol but probably just my paranoia.
  7. Agree Quinn- about the water balloon feeling lol, it is quite strange!
  8. You sound like me Pink butterfly, I'm about 4 months post op now. I never had boobs to start with, I was barely a B cup, but I got 240cc Nagor sub muscular implants. To me mine feel quite soft, and pretty natural really. But my husband is still quite scared to really grab them lol he's so gentle and won't even touch them if I don't put his hands there lol but in saying that he's an ass man. Miss S for me, I can feel the implant sometimes around the edges but its not something I worry about at all. You don't feel them inside you like a foreign object, they're quite soft so it doesnt feel that weird? I forget I even have them most of the time now, I'm pleasantly reminded of them when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror though lol.
  9. I only got 240cc and didn't notice any weight gain in the first few weeks, but after being so inactive for so long (I didn't go back to the gym for 3 months!) I gained about 3kgs.
  10. I've never been much of a stomach sleeper so haven't really tried... In saying that I just laid on my stomach to try it out now lol, and its not so much uncomfortable but I can definitely feel them there (kind of a pressure feeling) whereas before my BA I was pretty much completely flat so it was really comfortable lol. Thats what I mean when I say I miss my flat chest
  11. Thanks DanniP thats an idea! I'll have to have a look into that!
  12. Hey! I got 240cc... you can look at my pics if you want to send me a FR.. Like you I just wanted to have boobs, not huge ones, just enough that I looked like a woman in clothes instead of a pre-pubescent boy lol. Im 3 months post op now and am wearing a 10C... at first I thought 240's would be too small, but I am pretty pleased with them! In fact last night I was kind of missing my small boobs lol I really miss being able to sleep in any position without boobs getting in the way! Even just side sleeping they are kind of annoying lol. But I do love them, they have really boosted my confidence and I feel so much sexier and womanly!
  13. Things have gotten really quiet in here!! I haven't logged on in ages! Only because not much has changed for me... My right boob is still unchanged my left boob looks perfect, I love them when Im just looking at that one lol but my right really gets me down. It still hasn't dropped or fluffed and I'm starting to get really paranoid that its never going to Its only slightly noticeable in clothing but when I'm looking at them naked, its really depressing. Not sure if theres anything I can do to help it drop? Any of you girls have any suggestions?
  14. I think everyone has their own ideas on what is too revealing but in my opinion I don't think it's over the top at all. I'd be guilty at throwing them a glance if I saw you at the shops too lol but only out of admiration lol. They are eye grabbing in that singlet that's for sure but that's what your going for isn't it, so who cares what other people think. The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.
  15. From pics I've seen of other ladies scars mine are quite noticeable. They're not raised or anything just still quite dark. I'm hoping they will fade but if not, what can you do? They are in the breast crease but because I don't have much sag they are noticeable. Obviously when I'm dressed no one will know but after seeing others scars I'd imagined mine would look just as good Maybe I'm being too impatient.
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