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    Western Australia
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    BA 16/01/15 on the goldcoast 325 cc allergen textured full projection from A-D cup
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    Cosmeditour Goldcoast Dr J Perron 16/01/15
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    158cm 55kg
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  1. I had mine done at the breast academy and highly recommend them. Send me a fr if you want to see my pics
  2. You have the same stats as me and I got 325 hp and could of easily gone bigger but im happy with my size.FR if you want to see my pics
  3. My nipples burn and sometimes I feel like bubbles are popping when I bend over.I think it's all normal
  4. I definitely resemble the uncomfortable feeling to your milk coming in.My pain never got over a 3 and just felt like my breast were engorged.I knew your pec muscle where used a lot but didn't realise how much you use them to do the simpliest things like shutting the fridge door and flushing the toilet.If you have had kids I'm sure that pain is worse
  5. Hi Mandy Blue, my surgeon was Dr Perron and he is all about shape he said not to worry about cc but actually what will fit in me.He said he would recommended tear drop for me but I wanted the pushup look so I got rounds 325 cc that's all that would fit.Im 1.58cm and 55 kilos.They look awesome I'm very impressed with him.They used the Keller funnel which was extra but the scar is smaller and it lowers the rate of cc.FR if you want to know anything else
  6. Yes I had mine done on Friday he is such a lovely man.I went through cosmedi tours
  7. Hi ladies I had my surgery yesterday and I went through cosmedi tours.They where great and my surgeon Dr Perron was awesome!! The only thing cosmeditour have to make sure they do is inform people of the warranty and the use of the Keller funnel.You go for your presentation and the day before surgery and that is where the breast academy tell you about it and it's an extra $350 for warranty and $150 for the Keller funnel.A few girls were like why weren't we told about this before.If you want to know more please FR I'm happy to share my experience
  8. You always have an option with cc but like dr Perron said it's all about shape not ccs.It will actually depend on what implant fits with your measurement.I was advised to get teardrop but choose rounds as I want the upper fullness .
  9. Dr Perron is awesome such a lovely man had surgery with him today and can say you are in very good hands
  10. Hi January girls!! I had my surgery today and happy to say I'm in love!! One side is more swollen and sore but managing the discomfort quiet well.Goodluck and a speedy recovery to those that are up next
  11. Hi ladies Been meaning to join the January Boobie group.I was meant to have mine done in December but I had my surgery rescheduled because I was sick.So my new date is the 16th of January on the gold coast through cosmeditours.My surgeon is DR Perron.Count down is on only 5 days!!
  12. Hi Megan mine got rescheduled till the 16th Jan as I was unwell, thanks for asking though
  13. Good luck to the girls tomorrow, my surgery got cancelled because of this stupid flu but I'll be on the January roll call. Can't wait to hear all your stories
  14. Found out today that I'm on dr justin Perrons theatre list so I'm pretty happy
  15. Hi Dolly, I do hear that Dr Justine Perron is now a consultant for Dr Layt and I know he is one of the surgeons for that day but just won't find out until they there theatre list is finalised,which I've been told will be within the next week. I haven't seen many before and afters but there are some on there website now. If you look up breast academy on Facebook there is 2 pics on there. I'm looking at going either 330 or 350 hp rounds. I have played around with sizers but anything looks big when you have nothing to start with.
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