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    BA & AR going to 400cc Under HP textured cohesive round
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    Dr.Pouria Moradi 5th Dec
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    172cm 65kgs A cup
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    Pharmacy assistant
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    Beach,reading,music,gym & family time :)

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  1. I'm 35 and have 4kids.....had my BA last Dec
  2. Hey Ladies Hope your all doing well & loving life with your new boobies
  3. Good woman for researching...I would still highly recommend Dr.Moradi@the breast clinic.He was only a couple of grand more than the CI and is a cosmetic,plastic n reconstructive surgeon.Good luck with your decision!! Keep in mind TCI only use twilight sedation not general anaesthetic.
  4. Hi Daisy69 I had a BA and AR done by Dr.Moradi in Dec last year.He is absolutely amazing!! Very informative & thorough with everything
  5. Hey ladies Im 6weeks post op this FRI.Gone so fast!! Feeling good with my new boobs
  6. Hey sunnyhunny, I had a BA & AR in Dec 2014.I was an A cup post op & now a D-DD.My nipples were huge so I thought Im not getting boobs to have massive nipples sticking out haha.Got the reduction & they look so good :-) Im extremely happy with them.Send me a FR and check out my pics
  7. Chiwee send me a FR & check out my latest pics if you like to see what I'm talking about(The gap) Lolos Thx for the heads up! Look forward to seeing pics to see the difference.I mean I had absolutely nothing to begin with so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.Push up bras were made for a reason hey haha
  8. Hi Ladies, HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO ALL MY BOOBIE SISTERS I,m 4weeks PO tomorrow & I,m wondering if anyone can give me some ideas about the shape of my boobs. Will they eventually get closer? Don't know....Is it just a matter of being patient?
  9. Hey there, I used The Breast Clinic. Dr.Moradi was amazing!! They are located in Sydney & do there procedures at the Bondi Junction Private Hospital.I was an interstate patient too.They were great in every way!! Dr.Moradi specialises in cosmetic,plastic & reconstructive surgery.I chose him as I have a shunt in my brain & the catheter runs from my brain through the chest cavitiy to my abdomen.I was declined surgery from the TCI as they don't use general anaesthetic nor do they have the facilities for my case.Was in touch with The breast Clinic & they had no hesitations at all about fulfilling my dream Best thing that ever happened......Now 4wks PO Good luck with your choice & Best wishes for 2015 x
  10. Go for it I say....7 weeks should be a sufficient amount of time to go to the pool.As long as your incisions have healed which I,m sure they have I don't see any problems at all.ENJOY!!!!
  11. Len82 I'm the same also.Have been with my partner for 13years & after all this time just accepted the fact the Im boobless & those massive padded bras(extreme cleavage)bras n things were my necessity haha!! Earlier this year I thought nope I'm getting boobs.Ive had a few health issues and I'm finally on track so thought "It's my time now". Haven't regretted this decision on bit although I'm only 3wks post op I'm extremely HAPPY
  12. Alidh87 hahahaha you sound just like me babe!! I'm 34 & have 4children but even before my babies came along I had nothing anyway.Had wanted a boob job for years!! Then earlier this year I thought bugger it....it's time for those boobies ( . ) ( . ) Had a BA on the 5th of Dec & haven't felt so good in a long time
  13. I've also heard Dr.Daniel Fleming is terrific
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