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  1. Hey Ladies! How are we all going with our new boobies? I am so happy with mine. I can now sleep on my side/tummy! They are getting softer & dropping!!
  2. I think we get so caught up with getting them done we forget what we actually tell our surgeons. I remember saying i didn't want massive boobs just for them to be fuller & fill out a bra. Thats exactly what i got. For the first 4 weeks i was so disappointment & wished i could have gone bigger. I soon changed my mind when i went bra shopping and went from a B to a E. I started to see slight changes in the next few weeks & realised i got what i asked for. I am happy with them & love them. I am only 3 months Post Op & have a lot of changes to see. Mine are Brazilians for atlas 12 months before they have finished fluffing & dropping. Its so normal for us women to second guess our decisions & then regret them but i think you will get to a point with them & realise what was i thinking. I think now that i have bigger boobs i could go even bigger but its not necessary! Just a bit of boob greed really
  3. I had my surgery with Dr Hardwood in February. He did an awesome job with mine & they were disgusting to start with! I think you will find him great, he is very thorough & makes you feel very comfortable. Goodluck with your up coming consults
  4. I am almost 10 weeks PO. I don't wear a bra to bed. It feels good to let them be free. They are in a bra all day long. A lot of people worry about sag but to be honest it doesn't really bother me, i don't think they are going anywhere!
  5. I am a Dr Hardwood girl. 9 weeks Post Op going on 10 weeks. I had 360cc HP Brazilian Tear Drop placed Dual Plane. My recovery has been awesome, can't really complain at all. They are still very hard & in the place where he put them but it takes time to drop & fluff! They are changing though & i am happy with them. I was sized a 12DD or 14D but that was 4 weeks ago so not sure if its still the same.
  6. I did my first hair cut 2 weeks afterwards. Then was foiling, colouring etc 2/12 weeks later. I had no issues. I made sure from day 1 i was moving my arms around otherwise your muscles will get sore & you will need extra time off!
  7. Yeah I'm guessing that cos of the amount of breast tissue & placement that's what happens. May change once they drop but I'm not sure it will to be honest.
  8. When I bend my implants don't move but the old boobs does (if you know what I mean).
  9. I don't have a check up at 6 weeks. 3 months is my next check up!!
  10. I was told I had to use a surgical wash which is completely different to an antibacterial wash. I was given 2 to choose from.
  11. Funny we all live so close to each other!! I had to fast 6 hrs previous to surgery but I had twilight so it might be different to general!!
  12. depending the time I should be home. We are heading out but I don't know what time
  13. I live in Deception Bay. Just near the boundary rd/ north lakes turn off!
  14. I only had to use it the morning of surgery
  15. It cost me $16 for the 500ml. Yes I got it from a chemist Mermaid are you after some?
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