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    Hi Scarlett24,
    Welcome to the forum! I just had mine done a few hours ago, and I'm already so happy with my results

    My biggest tip for you would be to not get caught up on the cc's of the implant, i.e. the volume. If you have a good surgeon they will take all your measurements and advise you of what would best suit your frame. I was a bit disappointed when I was first told that the largest I could go were the 220cc, but now that they're in, I'm happy. Any bigger would look a bit silly on me, I'd imagine!
    Another tip would be to research the different implants on offer. I originally thought I'd get teardrop, but I ended up going textured silicone round (under the muscle) in the end. My reasons are for the following:
    If the rounds rotate, you can't tell - if a teardrop rotates, you will DEFINITELY tell Rounds can give a very natural result. Over time, the implants will 'drop and fluff' and take on a teardrop-like shape . I think it all depends on the profile you go for, and wether you go over or under the muscle. Depending on the brand, the profiles you can choose range from low, moderate, moderate-plus, high-profile or extra high-profile. The profile is basically the projection of the implant.  Also - when going in for your consult, bring pictures of your "dream boobs" to show to your surgeon, as everyone's definition of "natural" can vary greatly. I was showing my friend some "dream boobs" of my own, saying I liked how they looked natural, and she disagreed saying she thought they looked augmented - just goes to show lol!
    I hope this helps!
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    Scarlett24 got a reaction from Rosieee89 in I'm new to the forum please help xD   
    Yess I have so many what if thoughts and they are really pulling me back. I think if I'm going to do it I would probably only trust Dr. M. I only heard good things about him so that kinda comfort me somehow. My mom is really supporting of me doing this, she would pay for half of it as for my birthday present xD she actually was the one who suggested that I should get BA as well...xD did you get crease incisions? I easily get visible scars and I'm scared it will be too obvious if they leave scars there. Omg I'm getting really excited now. I think I will go for it...I just wanna feel sexy and confident haha

    And congrats Rosie ! You will be joining Boobies appreciation group real soon ! All the ladies on this forum are so nice and supportive. I'm so happy that I came across this forum
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    I slept with four pillows to prop me up for the first 4 nights. I made sure I took all of the painkillers, valium and anti-nausea tablets I was given for the first 3 days and it did see me through the pain. I slept a lot and didn't really feel like eating. But I made sure I kept hydrated. I felt a lot better by day 4/5. You will be fine with the pain. To me, it felt a lot like when my milk came in for breastfeeding and my boobs were huge, sore and full.
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    Scarlett24 reacted to Nicoleee in I'm new to the forum please help xD   
    Hi Scarlett You have such an exciting journey ahead of you. There is so much research out there, it can be quite overwhelming, but use this forum as much as you can, it is amazing I am only 10 days post op but mine are starting to become softer, I imagine after they have healed and the swelling has completely gone they will be bouncy I have had a small amount of back pain, but only because I'm hunching over due to the pain (plus I have terrible posture). My surgeon told me breast feeding is fine after having a BA.. As for your partner going crazy (haha) how soon post op do you mean?
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    Scarlett24 reacted to pink butterfly in I'm new to the forum please help xD   
    I am 5 weeks post op. I can now move side to side in bed at night without any pain. The morning boob is just about gone where they feel heavy and painful for a bit. They are hard at the beginning like when breastfeeding but at 5 weeks they have softened heaps. Re intimate life, I am only now enjoying my husband touching them. Before then, I was too sore! But he has been very understanding. Keep researching and all the best with your journey!
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    I ordered some nipple tassels off eBay last week...enough said
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