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    Breast Augmentation -December 30th 2014-
    345cc right, 365cc left extra high profile textured round nagor implants with subfascial placement.
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    Tim Brown 30th Dec 2014
  • Measurements
    167cm, 55kg. 10b/12a to 10dd/12d

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  1. I had Tim nearly 3 years ago and he absolutely nailed the size. He reccomended 345 and 365 for me and they are perfect for my body.
  2. I went with Tim Brown who operates out of Berwick and Mornington and my experience was fantastic. I'm now nearly 2 years post op and absolutely loving my results. Feel free to send an FR if you'd like to see pics.
  3. Hi Maddi! I was a 10b/12a pre op and went with 345 & 365. I'm now a 10dd/12d.
  4. I'm 167cm and around 55kg so not exactly your stats but have 345 in the right and 365 in the left. I feel like the size is just right for my body. Feel free to send an FR if you'd like to see pics.
  5. I had a BA only with Tim. Would highly reccomend. Feel free to FR if you would like to see pics ?
  6. Hi Lisba! I got mine done in Melbourne by a gynaecologist in Frankston at Peninsula private in case you're interested. i haven't had kids either and it was a very intense pain but it only lasted around 5 seconds then it was just like moderate period pain until it settled down.
  7. You poor thing! Sounds horrible. I had the Mirena put in due to terrible menstrual migraines. The only issue I experienced with it was horrific acne. I'd never in my life had acne like that. It was on my face, back and chest (was getting progressively worse and worse!) and I just couldn't take it any more so I ended up having it taken out. I was disappointed because in the 8 months I had it in I didn't have any bleeding and the migraines and headaches had dissapeared. I had it put in while I was awake and it did hurt quite a lot having it inserted but only for a few seconds.
  8. I have 365 & 345 XHP and love them. Feel free to check out my pics. ?
  9. Haha. It must be a Dane thing @Mummaof7 but I think they know when you're not well and when to be gentle.
  10. I was worried about this as I have Great Danes. They were completely fine. I was careful around them for a while though. I wasn't allowed to walk them for 6 weeks which sucked but i guess it's s small price to pay. It's not worth the risk of having them pull or lunge and doing damage.
  11. I believe abby dowse worked for Dr Tavakoli so I'm assuming that's who her surgeon was. As for Hannah Polites I have no idea but I'd love to know cos her boobs are amazing!
  12. I'm 167cm & 55kg and I have 345R & 365L rounds. They measure a 10DD. I wanted something on the conservative side that would balance out my hips. I'm extremely happy with the size. I have pics if you want to see.
  13. I find that when I flex my pecs my implants move with them. Not a massive deal - they don't look distorted or anything but particularly when i do a push up I'll look down and they've moved towards the sides.
  14. I ditched sleeping propped up after about a week! I wasn't getting any sleep and my PS gave me the ok to lay on my back. He said as long as my sleeping position wasn't hurting it'd be fine.
  15. I have subfascial placement and am very happy with them. I found the recovery harder than i anticipated. It really made me feel for all of the ladies who've gone under the muscle. From what I could gather from my research is a bit of a debatable topic. Some surgeons think it's a gimmick and the fascia is not strong enough to support the implant very much. Whereas other surgeons (including my own) say it has many of the benefits of unders without having to go under. Feel free to have a look at my gallery for pics.
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