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  1. Hi just wondering who has teardrop implants? I currently have round and my surgeon wants to put in teardrop for my revision surgery. I'm just worried about losing the fullness at the top. I would love to hear anyones opinions on their teardrop implants...
  2. thanks are yours still quite firm or have softened a lot? I think that i will definitely go under the muscle this time apparently meant to reduce CC.
  3. Hi so i had my BA done in 2012 i got 495cc high profile round on top of the muscle furry Brazilian implants. I recently was told that i have capsular contracture which surprised me as i thought that maybe my breasts stayed firm due to having the Brazilian implants as i was aware that they were much firmer than traditional implants. I'm planning to have a revision surgery soon just wondering how many others on here have had capsular contracture with the furry Brazilian implants? I'm not sure if i should get a different type of implant for my revision... Anyone have any experien
  4. I also have the Brazilian implants and have capsular contracture. I think that i developed this quite quickly after surgery as mine are only 4 years old. Would be interested to hear how you go with the smooth implants. I also hate how the Brazilians are so firm even before the capsular contracture.
  5. Thank you no it's not cc, they just haven't softened yet my surgeon did tell me that they were a firmer implant and take longer to soften I just didn't think it would still hard
  6. So I had my surgery in April 2012 and they are still so hard!!! I was told that they are much firmer than most implants but not sure if this is normal?!? Who has these implants and how long did it take for yours to soften?? :(
  7. this prob doesn't help you but I just had rhino 2 weeks ago i still have a lot of swelling in my tip my surgeon said he is going to inject me with steroids next week as i have very thick skin which can take longer to heal and for the swelling to go.
  8. What helps get swelling down? My face is so huge can hardly open my eyes!!!!
  9. Im 22 days away so keep me updated on how you go!!! sent you a friend request who is doing your surgery?
  10. what site did you see the reviews on???
  11. So im having surgery in 26 days rhinoplasty and a chin implant starting to get a bit nervous! Just wondering who on here has had a chin implant and how painful it was and is it going to be hard to eat afterwards?
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