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  1. Hi @MellieMoo I know you said your family is far away, but hopefully your husband can get some time off to help (at least one week?) My husband only had 3 days leave, however my kids are 8 & 12 so were an amazing help for me. Just simple things like filling up the kettle, opening car doors, chopping veggies can be tricky in the first few days. Also are your going over the muscle or under? as that will determine your rate of recovery too. As previous posters have said just wear loose pants and button/zip up tops. I also booked myself in for a wash and blow dry one week post op which was just heaven!
  2. Hi @Nic#460cc So glad to hear your 2nd surgery went well and you are on the road to recovery 😊
  3. You look really good and very natural! Definitely fine to wear to beach/pool Im currently 3mths post op and feel mine still have a fake look in the upper pole which I’m hoping will subside over the next few months.
  4. So glad the surgery went well and you are getting great medical care from everyone. So interesting that the pain levels you were experiencing from the first op were obviously a sign something was not quite right. Hopefully everything will be back on track for you now. Your scars look suprisingly good for just having a 2nd op three weeks after your first. Take care and all the best with your recovery 😊
  5. Oh @Nic#460cc, I am so sorry to hear. How devastating for you to be going in for another surgery......Wishing you all the best for a successful outcome 🤞🤞🤞
  6. Hi @Nic#460cc, you have had some pretty major surgery, so I would say your post op pain is quite normal. I only had implants and was still taking regular panadol for quite a few weeks after. I stopped the prescription meds after 7 days. Maybe your surgeon can prescribe some different/more pain relief to help make your recovery abit more comfortable. 😊
  7. @RKN - Recovery as expected and very painful initially. I had dual plane placement and very, very tight chest muscles with little breast tissue so first night in hospital was absolutely horrendous. I could barely move my arms and my husband had to feed me dinner and also take me to the bathroom. Throughout the night I had continuous vomiting and had to be put on a drip. However by the next morning I was feeling a lot better and had re-gained enough strength to take myself to the bathroom thankgod! I am nearly 8 weeks post op and feeling really good. I can do most things but every now and then I feel an odd twinge or pulling sensation. I’m not sure if Iike my results as I ended up with a wider cleavage than expected which was due to my anatomy. I’ll reserve my juddgement until the drop and fluff has finished. Though every day they are looking better and edges of implant are softening up for a smoother transition. Even though may results are not what I was hoping for they are still 100% better than before!
  8. Hi @RKN I had my surgery with Dr. Kollias and also consulted with Dr.Cooter. I had anatomical implants which are generally more pricey than rounds. Dr.K - $10,500 with overnight stay at St. Andrews Dr. C - $11,500 day surgery at Waverley House
  9. @Nic#460cc - Loved the full frontal comment 😂
  10. Hi @simply_me, how are your aches and pains today? Hope you are starting to feel better. It must be hard trying to take it easy with little ones to take care of. The burning feeling sounds like the sunburn feeling on your skin which a lot of girls get post op (I did too in the early weeks) I have found throughout my recovery that my post op pains were constantly changing eg. Pressure, zingers, burning, incision pain, general aches and it swapped from boob to boob too. Currently my right side feels great, but I have discomfort with my left pec muscle at the moment. Still have abit of stretching and fluffing to go I think. As previous posters have mentioned do try to take it easy as my personal trainer was telling me about a girl at the gym who went back training to early against her doctors wishes and bottomed out multiple times as she didn’t give a chance for her muscles to heal 😱
  11. Hi @Nic#460cc, I don’t feel comfortable sharing pics online as my husband was very against the surgery in the first place and would be absolutely horrified if I posted photos of myself online 😩 Hi @Glissm, your boobs look amazing and hopefully it won’t be long until your high side drops. It will get there, but might just take a while. I know it is very frustrating in the mean time. 😔 I am 7 weeks post op now and would say I am about 90% even. I still have a wide cleavage unfortunately but hoping it will be less noticeable as the edges soften up abit.
  12. Kit

    Surgery Day

    Shape looks amazing!
  13. Kit

    Surgery Day

    So glad to hear to hear all went well @Nic#460cc and results are looking good! Hope you are not too sore with the combined lift and BA. Funnily enough I carry the Factor 5 Leiden gene too (but only the single gene) So generally I don’t have issues with it. Hope recovery is going well and rest up 😊
  14. Hi @Glissm, I’m sorry to hear you are going through the same thing but it does get better! I am 7 weeks post op now and both sides are almost the same. The left one just looks abit fuller/faker in the upper pole which I am still conscious of but it is a huge improvement. None of my friends noticed until I pointed it out so I think we are our own worst enemies some times. I have also stopped massaging the stubborn side too now as per surgeons instructions as he wants the pocket to stay snug and not stretch out anymore than required. So hopefully the last little bit will settle in it’s own time. Good luck with yours and hope the compression strap isn’t too annoying for you 😊
  15. Kit

    Surgery Day

    Good luck and hope everything went well!
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