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  1. Kit

    Surgery Day

    Shape looks amazing!
  2. Kit

    Surgery Day

    So glad to hear to hear all went well @Nic#460cc and results are looking good! Hope you are not too sore with the combined lift and BA. Funnily enough I carry the Factor 5 Leiden gene too (but only the single gene) So generally I don’t have issues with it. Hope recovery is going well and rest up 😊
  3. Hi @Glissm, I’m sorry to hear you are going through the same thing but it does get better! I am 7 weeks post op now and both sides are almost the same. The left one just looks abit fuller/faker in the upper pole which I am still conscious of but it is a huge improvement. None of my friends noticed until I pointed it out so I think we are our own worst enemies some times. I have also stopped massaging the stubborn side too now as per surgeons instructions as he wants the pocket to stay snug and not stretch out anymore than required. So hopefully the last little bit will settle in it’s own time. Good luck with yours and hope the compression strap isn’t too annoying for you 😊
  4. Kit

    Surgery Day

    Good luck and hope everything went well!
  5. I’m sorry to hear @I HaveBoobs and really hope it turns out to be nothing. Let us know how you go at the doctors 🤞
  6. @MellieMoo, have you had a second opinion just for peace of mind? I consulted with Dr.Kollias and Dr.Cooter who both had very similar recommendations which made me feel better about sizing and profile of implants
  7. That’s fair enough @MellieMoo and what did Dr.K say about your concerns with overs?
  8. Not sure exactly what your supposed to do, however I am using the loosest clips which feels supportive and comfortable. I have tightened the clips on occasion and found it too restrictive and it left lots of marks on my skin.
  9. Hi @MellieMoo, what after effects are you concerned with having overs? I had unders (dual plane) with Dr.K and would of loved to have been offered overs. I saw 2 surgeons and they both said I had no choice but to have unders due to lack of breast tissue. I think overs are great as such a speedier recovery and good if you go to the gym a lot.
  10. Hi @Nic#460cc Welcome back to the forum and it is great to hear that your surgery is only a week away. You must be getting very excited! I am on the tail end of my recovery now at 6 weeks post op, however don’t think I will feel 100% recovered for a while yet. I’m not experiencing anymore pain, but still can’t raise my arms up in a perfect straight line above my head. I had very tight chest muscles that are just starting to loosen up now. I’ve still got quit abit of skin stretching to do as I can see it in my posture (shoulders still rounded) and my skin is itchy all the time. I start back at the gym on Monday after a 6 week break 🤗😩. Scared and excited at the same time! The only tip I have to prepare is to work out how you are going to be sleeping upright and what pillows you require. I used 2 normal pillows, a u-shaped pillow and a neck pillow which I found really comfortable. In hindsight I wished I brought my neck pillow to hospital as it was so uncomfortable sleeping upright with no support. I also hired a cleaner for 6 weeks which was fantastic as hubby travels a lot for work.
  11. Hi @simply_me, I too gained a few kilos immediately after the op. It went away after about a week but still annoying! Hopefully your pains won’t take too to long to go away. I found once my boobs stopped hurting then my incisions decided to cause me grief for awhile! My 6 weeks is up this weekend and then I am officially cleared to get back into the gym! Yay and can’t wait, though abit nervous about upper body training. I have only been allowed to do gentle stretches and street walking so far - no treadmill or bike 😩
  12. Glad you had a good first day back @margaretriver. Those first few weeks I was tired all the time too! I haven’t had those fluttering sensations you are talking about but did have some really intense shooting pains. Now those pains have subsided and my boobs are just sooo itchy! Not sure which is worse 🤔 How is everybody else feeling @Glissm @simply_me @Iza2019 @Nic#460cc ?
  13. Hi @Iza2019 this is an August surgery thread if you would like to join. There are few Adelaide girls on here and another from WA. Anyone else reading this is also welcome to join too if you just had surgery or will be soon 😊 @margaretriver - hope first day back at work went well
  14. Hi @simply_me don’t be discouraged by the sizing of the post surgery “amoena” bra which I assume is the same brand I have. When the bra lady came to fit she told me the sizing is completely different to normal bra size. My post op bra is a 12B and she said in a normal bra it would be equivalent to an 8D or 10C. I definitely don’t have a D cup at 5 weeks post op and fit into a 10C. Very happy with a C cup and now just crossing fingers for some cleavage in the drop and fluff 🤞
  15. Hi @margaretriver I was told I could sleep flat in any position at 3 weeks. However I am 5 weeks post op and stil sleeping on back at an inclined angle. I think I just got used to it and wasn’t quite ready to go back to normal sleeping. Hi @Glissm glad to hear your surgery went well. Every surgeon is different in regards to massage or not and it depends on rounds/anatomicals too. I have anatomicals which don’t usually require massage however have been told to gently massage my left side in downward movement to encourage it to drop further and match up with the right.
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