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    Kit reacted to Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Sports bras online   
    Thanks for your reply Kit! I actually decided to measure myself with an online calculator (68cm underbust and 89cm bust), which makes me a 10D. I actually found that the bombshell website had a chart for different international bra sizes and what size should fit. According to that, a small should fit in their style. Very helpful!
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    Kit got a reaction from Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Sports bras online   
    Hi @Kaleidoscope_Eyes hope you recovery is going well and you are happy with your outcome.
    It sounds like you have a similar build to me with a very small underbust measurement.  I found sports bra shopping tricky too with getting the right fit and came across this Calvin Klein one which fits nice and snug all over.  Though I did find I had to size up to a Medium for this particular one. 

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    Kit reacted to MellieMoo in Pre and Post Op expectations and advice   
    Hi @BethM,
    im actually booked in for surgery 26/10, only 4 more sleeps ?
    Im also having 450cc dual plane smooth high profile. 
    14th Dec isn't far away now!
    Feel free to message me anytime, I'm not on here too often but will try to get back to you with any questions ?
    Thanks @I HaveBoobs @Cupcake85 @Kit
    hubby has 1 week off so better than nothing lol ? I will be taking full advantage and resting. 
    My lil ones are 1.5yrs and the other just turned 4yrs. She loves to help but don't think she will be lifting him anytime soon.. hahaha ?
    Really appreciate all the amazing advice from all you ladies!
    4 more sleeps ? Will keep you posted!! ?
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    Kit got a reaction from MellieMoo in Pre and Post Op expectations and advice   
    Hi @MellieMoo I know you said your family is far away, but hopefully your husband can get some time off to help (at least one week?)
    My husband only had 3 days leave, however my kids are 8 & 12 so were an amazing help for me.  Just simple things like filling up the kettle, opening car doors, chopping veggies can be tricky in the first few days.
    Also are your going over the muscle or under? as that will determine your rate of recovery too.
    As previous posters have said just wear loose pants and button/zip up tops.
    I also booked myself in for a wash and blow dry one week post op which was just heaven!
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    Kit reacted to Cupcake85 in 2 week post op pic   
    Thank you for your kind words. I feel like in some clothes my boobs stand out as fake or even too big but I’m very happy regardless. It’s just weird how certain clothes can really change your look and how they can get lost in some things. 
    I think mine still have a lot more changing to do but being a revision it “may” happen quicker because the pockets were already there. 
    I was hoping for a crop style bikini top but all the ones I’ve seen have clip up backs so I’d need either an 8 or 10 which won’t cover properly or even worse squash and flatten me. Oh well. Will keep looking on eBay in the meantime so I can order separates. 
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    Kit got a reaction from Cupcake85 in 2 week post op pic   
    You look really good and very natural!
    Definitely fine to wear to beach/pool
    Im currently 3mths post op and feel mine still have a fake look in the upper pole which I’m hoping will subside over the next few months.
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    Kit got a reaction from Nic#460cc in Back in for surgery   
    So glad the surgery went well and you are getting great medical care from everyone.  So interesting that the pain levels you were experiencing from the first op were obviously a sign something was not quite right.  Hopefully everything will be back on track for you now.
    Your scars look suprisingly good for just having a 2nd op three weeks after your first.
    Take care and all the best with your recovery ?
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    Kit got a reaction from Nic#460cc in Back in for surgery   
    Oh @Nic#460cc, I am so sorry to hear.  How devastating for you to be going in for another surgery......Wishing you all the best for a successful outcome ???
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    Kit got a reaction from Nic#460cc in Pain after Breast Lift & Augmentation   
    Hi @Nic#460cc, you have had some pretty major surgery, so I would say your post op pain is quite normal.  I only had implants and was still taking regular panadol for quite a few weeks after.  I stopped the prescription meds after 7 days.
    Maybe your surgeon can prescribe some different/more pain relief to help make your recovery abit more comfortable. ?
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    Kit got a reaction from RKN in Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs   
    Hi @RKN I had my surgery with Dr. Kollias and also consulted with Dr.Cooter.
    I had anatomical implants which are generally more pricey than rounds.
    Dr.K - $10,500 with overnight stay at St. Andrews
    Dr. C - $11,500 day surgery at Waverley House
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    Kit reacted to simply_me in 2 weeks post OP   
    @Kit oh damn wow that's what I'm worried about.. I am feeling better tho right side still not great but not as bad as it was so hopefully no permanent damage happening... sometimes it feels like something hard is poking out the side of my breast and I actually go to feel if there is anything like implant poking out or something lol but there isn't.. I think my incisions ache too so much different pains going on here to pin point it all lol stressful times ? I have been trying to take it more easy trying to avoid lifting kids as much as possible it's just hard but I guess i knew it was going to be should of thought it out more realistically and done it at a time my partner could of been home longer or my eldest was on school holidays.. but my partner kept insisting it would be fine i should of listened to myself haha.. Just annoying because I felt bad enough spending this sort of money on myself when I have 3 kids to provide for and really don't wana end up messing it up and then realising I basically threw the money away on nothing lol want it to at least be worth it.
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    Kit got a reaction from simply_me in 2 weeks post OP   
    Hi @simply_me, how are your aches and pains today?  Hope you are starting to feel better.  It must be hard trying to take it easy with little ones to take care of.
    The burning feeling sounds like the sunburn feeling on your skin which a lot of girls get post op (I did too in the early weeks)
    I have found throughout my recovery that my post op pains were constantly changing eg. Pressure, zingers, burning, incision pain, general aches and it swapped from boob to boob too.   
    Currently my right side feels great,  but I have discomfort with my left pec muscle at the moment.  Still have abit of stretching and fluffing to go I think. 
    As previous posters have mentioned do try to take it easy as my personal trainer was telling me about a girl at the gym who went back training to early against her doctors wishes and bottomed out multiple times as she didn’t give a chance for her muscles to heal ?
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    Kit reacted to I HaveBoobs in A bit concerned   
    Thanks for all your replies girls and yes I'm hoping its just a cyst @sabP & @chrissy007 i have a referral for an ultrasound so need to make an appointment but will keep you all updated on how it all goes. 
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    Kit got a reaction from I HaveBoobs in A bit concerned   
    I’m sorry to hear @I HaveBoobs and really hope it turns out to be nothing.  Let us know how you go at the doctors ?
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    Kit got a reaction from MellieMoo in Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs   
    @MellieMoo, have you had a second opinion just for peace of mind?
    I consulted with Dr.Kollias and Dr.Cooter who both had very similar recommendations which made me feel better about sizing and profile of implants 
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    Kit got a reaction from margaretriver in Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs   
    @MellieMoo, have you had a second opinion just for peace of mind?
    I consulted with Dr.Kollias and Dr.Cooter who both had very similar recommendations which made me feel better about sizing and profile of implants 
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    Kit reacted to MellieMoo in Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs   
    @Kit he mentioned the pros and cons to both but suggested overs due to me liking to excercise and the fact my pinch test was at 3 so said I had enough tissue to do overs. It wasn't till after the consult I started to question what I actually wanted. I probably should of researched a bit more and and spoke with others prior to my appt. I do have another consult appt booked, so il be able to discuss a bit more with him then. Thanks so much for all your input. I love this forum, it's so nice to be able to chat to people that have actually been through the process already and can give an honest opinion ?
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    Kit reacted to Nic#460cc in Breast lift & Augmentation August 2019   
    Hi there, haven't logged on to check forum for a while as I'm in Perth atm and have started a home reno. I'm really pleased to hear I'm not on my own and it sounds like you gals are all doing very well!! I'm 1 week away from my surgery and was in the "size - cc's mode" looking at women with similar body types having same size implants etc but I've given up on that as results vary so much. I'm currently a deflated size C/D and going with a 460cc round high profile implant above muscle. I have 2 young boys 5 & 8 and a hubby who will work from home as much as possible while I recover. My mum, family & Mum friends are also on board to help out. I also love my gym (weights/spin) so trying to prepare for the lack of exercise (which I need for my mental well-being as much as health)!! I would love to see your before and after pictures if you're happy to share and I'd love to hear some of your "at home" tips for bedrest/Home duties?? Wish me luck, I'm excited, nervous & terrified all at the same time so looking for distractions too! 
    Hi Kit thanks for the advice, have a cleaner booked and will take pillow with me to hospital! Great tips....just want to get back home to Melbourne so I can prepare home and self for hospital!!
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    Kit got a reaction from Nic#460cc in Breast lift & Augmentation August 2019   
    Hi @Nic#460cc Welcome back to the forum and it is great to hear that your surgery is only a week away.  You must be getting very excited!
    I am on the tail end of my recovery now at 6 weeks post op, however don’t think I will feel 100% recovered for a while yet.  I’m not experiencing anymore pain,  but still can’t raise my arms up in a perfect straight line above my head.  I had very tight chest muscles that are just starting to loosen up now.  I’ve still got quit abit of skin stretching to do as I can see it in my posture (shoulders still rounded) and my skin is itchy all the time.
    I start back at the gym on Monday after a 6 week break ??.  Scared and excited at the same time!
    The only tip I have to prepare is to work out how you are going to be sleeping upright and what pillows you require.  I used 2 normal pillows, a u-shaped pillow and a neck pillow which I found really comfortable.  In hindsight I wished I brought my neck pillow to hospital as it was so uncomfortable sleeping upright with no support.
    I also hired a cleaner for 6 weeks which was fantastic as hubby travels a lot for work.
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    Kit got a reaction from simply_me in Compression Bra Question   
    Not sure exactly what your supposed to do, however I am using the loosest clips which feels supportive and comfortable.  I have tightened the clips on occasion and found it too restrictive and it left lots of marks on my skin.
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    Kit reacted to margaretriver in Breast lift & Augmentation August 2019   
    @Glissmsounds like you are doing so well! I was sick/bloated gross for a full week. I feel good now that I’m back on treadmill walking it off and getting some increased movement each day. First day out today and nooone noticed although I think one guy was looking at them but I could be just paranoid! Supper cold her at the moment so I have heaps of layers on!!
    thanks for letting me know about your sleeping instructions @Kit- will persist on bank but longer. Read forums and lots of different advice. As I’m sub facial I wonder if I need to be more careful until scar tissue forms to hold them in....
    im back to work tmw, first client cancelled so least a slower start! Hopefully I’m not too exhausted or sore by the end of the day!!!
    sleep well! ? 
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    Kit got a reaction from simply_me in Size of compression bra after surgery   
    Hi @simply_me don’t be discouraged by the sizing of the post surgery “amoena” bra which I assume is the same brand I have.  When the bra lady came to fit she told me the sizing is completely different to normal bra size.  My post op bra is a 12B and she said in a normal bra it would be equivalent to an 8D or 10C.
    I definitely don’t have a D cup at 5 weeks post op and fit into a 10C.  Very happy with a C cup and now just crossing fingers for some cleavage in the drop and fluff ?
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    Kit reacted to simply_me in Breast lift & Augmentation August 2019   
    @Nic#460cc @Glissm @margaretriver @Kit
    Hi girls hope everyone is well, so I've just had my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good pain isn't to bad but probably cause of the meds it's uncomfortable but bearable, feeling like I got an elephant sitting on my chest lol feeling alot of pressure. Boobs are looking alot better then I expected on first day Dr Kollias is amazing. Can't wait to see results when swelling goes down and the drop and fluff takes place... Thanks to all girls on here for all the info and advice, helped make this a better experience..
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    Kit got a reaction from margaretriver in Breast lift & Augmentation August 2019   
    Thanks and I will join!
    I technically belong to a July group but never started a thread there.
    I am 5 weeks post op and had 295cc Mentor Anatomical dual plane.
    I love my size and shape but disappointed I ended up with a larger cleavage gap than expected.  My surgeon said he tried to get as close as possible, however he was worried about over dissecting the muscle as I had virtually no tissue on my breast bone/sternum area and he said I would of had a high risk of symmastia otherwise.  I will reassess around the 3month mark and perhaps look into fat grafting for this area.
    When is your surgery @Nic#460cc ?
    Hope your recovery is going well @margaretriver
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    Kit reacted to margaretriver in Post op instructions   
    @Kit thanks for checking in. I’m day 6 Po and have been tired and painful still too! Turns out dr cooter went under muscle in the end. I also saw dr Kollias. I feel like they are huge ? but hubby says you can’t tell in clothes and thinks they look great. They are sore and swollen!! I’m also still sick at times from not eating normally and zero exercise ? hoping I feel better soon!
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