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  1. Hi there! When I had mine done I initially went through a company that was reffered by a friend (cant remember the name now it was that long ago) they then reffered me to the hospital and travel agent etc but after doing it all i definitely should have just done it directly through the hospital. After about 6 months after making my initial enquiry all of a sudden they didnt reply to my emails or anything so lucky everything had already been booked and i just then started contacting the hospital directly. however I understand it can be for piece of mind and some ladies feel more comfortable
  2. Hi there! I had BA with Dr V just over a year ago now and i cannot reccomend him enough!!! my whole experience was fantastic and to this day am still vey happy with my results! please have a look at my recent posts to read my experience with him. I also have some pics. Thanks Mel
  3. I stayed for 10 days post op. I too had dr v! he is fantastic, check out my albums for results
  4. have a look at my pics, unsure if you consider them to look 'natural' but if so i had Dr Veerawat. i honestly dont think you will ever get a pair of fake boobs that are 100% natural looking.....i also think it depends on how big you go in comparison to your body size and shape, what bra you wear and what clothes you wear. I have E sized boobs now post op but most of the time you wouldnt know theyre fake becuase i rarely wear things that push them up and out if you know what im saying....but on the odd occasion I have wanted to accentuate them more and would wear a more padded bra and something
  5. I had dr v, AMAZING!! check out my pics mel
  6. He will tell you tower that and nothing else as he believes crop tops or anything with straps will hold them too high, however the boob tubes can get awfully uncomfortable so a times I went braless or wore an ahh bra instead
  7. Hmmm I was sunbathing every chance I got! I wasn't told not to....interesting! Well I went in October too and the weather was amazing and had a few storms but other than that it was incredible so don't count your chickens, it will probably be lovely weather! And I swam when I got my stitches out
  8. Hi Elle I stayed at Burasari a lovely boutique hotel, it wasnt right in the middle but still close to everything and right near the beach too, it was lovely especially if you stay in a pool access room like i did! regarding activites theres heaps of stuff, i didnt do much but lay on the beach and work on my tan, but i was also going out some nights after my BA! naughty naught, probably shouldnt have but I was fine! there is heaps of those 'tourist' stands about where they will plan day trips for you heaps of different stuff... thanks mel x p.s i have pics on my profile if you would
  9. well it depends with post op bras, because I had Dr V at PIAC and he gave me boob tubes to wear post op and told me to NOT wear any of the crop tops as because they had strps it would hold my boobies 'too high' and they needed to drop. so it really is up to the surgeon, but i wouldnt go spending lots on a post op bra, i got mine from target
  10. Hi Laynee, have a look at my threads for my Dr V feedback and experience, I also have pics for you to look at
  11. I had mentor textured....but i didnt really get given the choice, he just told me what was best and I said 'ok' haha
  12. 475cc, round, HP, dual plane, crease incision
  13. I know alot of you have asked what size I was before my op so I have just uploaded a photo for you all to see!!! X
  14. Hi Amie I was a B cup and am now an E, I had 475cc put in!!
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