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    Going 390cc over the muscle on March 30th with Dr Ali Hussain
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    Dr Ali Hussain 30/03/2015
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    163cm, 58kg bra 10a pre surgery
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  1. Hi Ladies. I'm selling my small size bone coloured Veronique post op bra if anyone is interested just PM me. It's going for $20. I wore it for one week post op so it's in fantastic condition.
  2. I'm 10 days post op with Dr Ali 390cc over the muscle. It was my choice to go overs he was happy to go under as well but my preference was over the muscle. He does great work. He's also available to you 24/7 post surgery and replies quickly to text messages which can be very handy. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering BA
  3. I'm wondering the same if my overs will drop and fluff like unders do or if it's not as much or not at all. They have dropped a little since surgery but I'm hoping the drop a bit more and fluff as well
  4. Thanks ladies for replying. I saw my surgeon and he said it's simply because my right breast was originally slightly smaller and is tighter than my left and needs more time to relax and stretch some more. The pain is getting less and less each day so it's all clear and positive
  5. Len82 good luck with your surgeon tomorrow. I'm sure we will both be fine. The stabbing pain has eased off a lot on mine which is nice. And I read today that it's normal to be more tender/sore in one breast than the other. Haha the waterproof patches are probably just as bad as the itching scars. I seem to have had a reaction to the sticky stuff on the water proof dressing but only one boob haha its red and itchy. I changed it today and it seems to have gotten better. Finger crossed they come off this week
  6. Good morning ladies. I'm one week post op and for the past 3 days I've had a stabbing pain in my right breast on the inside. I know stabbing pains are normal as the nerves come back however today it's sore if I put some pressure on it. Could it be the start of CC? I see my surgeon Wednesday for my post op appointment but my mind is going crazy. Also just venting but holly crap the itching of incisions is so hectic hahaha
  7. Bras on Paradise have an amazing post op bra that reduces bounce by 83% it's called Panache. Just google it and you will find it. They are expensive but you can't really put a price on looking after yourself once you have implants
  8. I'm 163cm tall 58kg pre surgery I was a 10A I'm one week post op and got 390cc round textured high profile. I'm hoping to settle in to a 10D possibly a DD
  9. I just changed from my post op bra my surgeon gave me to my Carefix Anna and I'm in heaven!! It's so soft and comfortable. I've been feeling like my bra has been putting pressure on my incisions and causing pain and as soon as I swapped to my Anna all that has gone! Plus it makes my new girls look amazing!
  10. Imperfectly_lou I changed my mind because I work out a lot and I work I the fitness industry going under would just limit what I can do at the gym and how I can train other people as well
  11. Yesterday I had my BA with esteem cosmetic studio and I couldn't be more satisfied with the help, support and service I received. Originally I had consult with Dr Szalay in Brisbane. During my consult he did not offer a lot of information and simply told me to go away and research all these things he had mentioned. So unless you have done crazy amounts of research before you go in the consult is rather pointless. Anyway I ended up scheduling surgery with him early in January straight after the new year break. Prior to Christmas I had booked a 2nd consult with him which he was sick for and couldn't attend and then 2 days before my surgery I received an email saying he was interstate and unable to attend. So I cancelled and got my money back. I then heard about Cosmedi Tours gold coast and decided to go for a consult with them. I walked out completely shattered and under the impression I could never receive my desired results unless I wanted to look like "an 80s porn star" those were the words of the surgeon. I then saw an ad on Facebook for esteem cosmetic studio and decided to have one last consult before I gave up all together. I will admit I was skeptical and wasn't expecting a great outcome of my consult. But boy was I wrong. DR Ali Hussain is amazing. He was easy to speak to, he spent the entire hour with me and offered plenty of advice and information. He also told me he could achieve my desired result and I would have a good result. He made a few jokes during the consult and I discussed with him what the other surgeons had informed me. He was extremely perplexed with their opinions. Yesterday I arrived at the Gaythorne hospital where my surgery was due to occur. I was surgery number 9 for Dr Ali and the last one for the day. They were behind schedule by 2 hours but I did not mind as it gave time for my nerves to settle and for me to relax. When I got called in I saw the nurse. He was funny and cracked a few jokes with me. Then I got dressed into my theatre gown, he got me a blanket and I waited to see Dr Ali. He came in and drew lines on me and asked if I had any.last minute questions. I had changed my mind from going under to going over the muscle between my consult and surgery so I informed him of this. The anethetist then came in and saw me and had a chat to me. Then I was wheeled in to theatre. Once in the theatre there was 3 nurses and the anethetist who were all chatting away to me. I remember discussing my job and then they gave me some gas and I had a bit of a cough the next thing I know I was waking up in recovery. I woke up shaking and the nurse explained it was from the drugs during surgery and that it would soon pass and it did. I didn't have a bra on yet so I got a good look at my 2 new assets and couldn't be happier. DR Ali achieved exactly the result I was after. He is on call 24 hours a day for me and I have already spoken to him once today. He had no problem giving me a call. The panadine forte which was prescribed was making me extremely nauseated so I have stopped taking that and am now on Mersyndol. If anyone is considering Esteem and Dr Ali send me a FR I'm happy to offer you any help and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a BA.
  12. Good luck Sarah I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Are you having general or twilight?
  13. I'm having general and it's definitely not on my chest so that's looking good. Thanks for replying it's put my mind at ease a fair bit. Just need to take a lot of rest today and I should wake up tomorrow feeling so much better.
  14. Thanks Donatella I guess I will find out tomorrow for sure
  15. Hi girls I am booked for surgery tomorrow and on Friday night I developed a sore throat. Yesterday I had a runny nose and sore throat but today it's just my nose is a bit stuffy. I'm not coughing and have no phlegm but I'm so worried that they will postpone my surgery tomorrow. Has anyone experienced the same thing? I am taking olive leaf extract and drinking lots of greens and have used some nasal decongestant. I really hope I can still go ahead with surgery tomorrow
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