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    Dr Fung. 16/02/15 390CC
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  1. Congrats to all of you who have had your boobies done this past week, it is suxh an exciting time. I have been recovering well, i was back at work 7 days post op. But im a conveyancer and work at a desk so it wasnt too bad, my assistant knows why i was away for a week and has been awesome. Although does lolaugh when she catches me trying to be sly and massaging righty when its a little tight lol. They are changing every day! My right side is still really weak though, i find it hard to lift myself up and doing basic things. I am left handed, and that side feels totally fine. That boob already feels like it is one with me. Does anyone else feel like this?
  2. Hey girls, im glad everyone is so excited and happy with their new assets! I havent had a great couple of days, my surgery was monday, in a lot of pain yesterday, and then yesterday the drugs really got to me and i couldnt hold anything down at all. Today was a good day though, baby steps in getting better. Did anyone else find it was better from here on?
  3. Hey ladies, So I am lying in bed now after my BaBA and I thought I'd give everyone a run down of my day. I had to be at the clinic at 7:30 am to see Dr Fung. Because of circumstances out of their control, the surgery was in Geelong, whuch worked for me because I live there. My partner came in with me and walked me into the place. The lady at the reception was really nice, and gave me all the forms to fill out specific to their office. For the girls going in with Dr Fung, I found the staff to be absolutely lovely in Geelong, I was so nervous and they made everything much better. The reception area is even more warm and inviting. I saw Doris, the loveliest nurse I was ever met and nearly cried I was so happy to see her. She was awesome over the weekend when I was stressing out talking to me and calming my nerves. Another nurse came in and took me into her office to finalise my paperwork, take my weight and blood pressure, and Dr Fung came and poked his head in to say hello and that he would see me soon. The nurse, Renee I think she said her name is took me into another room where I would strip off my top half, bye bye little bra and I put on one of the white things that tie up in the back. I got a blanket to keep warm and went to another room where my partner was waiting for me. Dr Fung came in not long after and took us to his office to go over some more details where he gave me some slippers, drew on me and showed me what he was doing. He was so friendly. He showed me some more pictures of the different sizes as I was still up in the air on my decision I went for 390cc, and then we paid him - it was sad handing over all thar cash lol. and then I was ready for surgery! The anethetist had also come in and introduced himself, he was very nice and walked me into the room where he introduced me to everyone. I saw Doris and she said she wished she could hug me and I nearly cried lol. The anethetist starting putting the drip in which I was sussing out because it looked cool, I remember bleeding on him and aapologising. Another nuese called Kate asked me whwhat I did on the weekend, of which I told her "looked at boobs all weekend" lol. I started gerting drowsy and told Dr Fung i didnt want to go to sleep, and he was like "well you definitely don't want to be awake" Haha. He Strapped me to the bed so that I wouldnt role over.And then I was asleep. I woke up after they had finished, when I started stirring I heard someone say that I was waking. They helped me off the bed and into a wheelchair and I was very happy, almost drunk like and said goodbye to everyone. i went into the recovery room and got a coffee and cookies while I waiting for my partner. He came in super quick and helped me eat it, and took pics of how happy I was. I even spilt crocrumb of my boobs and so he took photos of my first boob crumbs! Haha. Doris came in to give us a rundown of what to do with the medication, and another nurse stayed around until I was ready to leave. She helped me walk out while my partner got my car seat ready and then I was off. We got home at 11:30. Ive been in bed since then, my partner has helped me wander around the house to keep me moving a bit and helped me eat. I hjrts a bit to raise my arms to eat and drink, so he has been feeding me at the moment - poor poor guy! Ive been taking my meds and having sticky beaks at my new boobies, they are awesome! Ive had a sore chest a couple of times, but I used to get that anyway, and my partner kissed my cheek to wake me up which scared the living daylight out of me and that hurt a bit lol. But other that that I am doing quite well. So excited for not being so tight and being a bit more independent, Im so lucky to have my partner!!! I will put up pucs soon for you all to see, but at the moment it is sleep time. Take care everyone who had surgery today, and good luck for anyone tomorrow! Xxx
  4. I think it might only be temporary, his office is still in Altona but their anethetist recently had to leave unexpectedly, so to ensure that surgerys all go ahead they have found someone in Geelong to assist. I certainly don't know all the details but I think its just temporary until they have found someone else to be a part of their team. My partner has actually had surgery a couple of times where it is at the moment, and he found the staff awesome
  5. How long do you have to sleep upright for? Did you get the 2 for $30 bras at cotton on, I've seen a couple of people getting them?
  6. Haha yes it is sooo exciting. I think I will be living on this forum all weekend reading peoples experiences and living through them lol. It's good to know that everyone is recovering so well after it too, I'd be stressing so much otherwise!
  7. Thank you so much! Will do How exciting for you! How do you feel tonight?
  8. Totally understand what you mean, you will be in greats hands I'm sure though
  9. 1st✔️ 2nd- Tal- Dr Boochai✔️ 2nd- bb33- Dr Tang TCI✔️ 2nd- pollypocket -Dr Belt✔️ 2nd- sp1989- Dr Harwood✔️ 2nd-Deedee84- Dr Ashton✔️ 3rd✔️ 4th- Pipper33- Dr Fung✔️ 4th- lovelylilly - Dr Mark Lee✔️ 4th- boobs4kel- Dr Dash TCI✔️ 5th- bootifulboobies- Dr Tang TCI✔️ 5th- Dr.Preeyaphas-mel014979✔️ 6th- stace418- Dr Harwood✔️ 7th- tigerpolowifey TCI Dr Kwok✔️ 8th✔️ 9th- chopperchicko-Dr Ces✔️ 9th- keish21- Dr Fung(postponed)✔️ 10th- ✔️ 11th-serena90- Dr Layt✔️ 11th- atlast- Dr Dash TCI✔️ 12th-✔️ 13th- nzgirl24- Dr Perron✔️ 13th- mandyblue- Dr Perron✔️ 14th- 15th- 16th- newboobsplz - Dr Tash TCI Bondi 16th- rtaylor47- Dr unknown 16th- wantboobies- Dr Fung 16th- Keish21 - Dr Fung 16th- BTM- Dr Connell 17th- AmbiBear- Dr Duong TCI Parramatta 17th-Gissellle - Dr Layt 18th- alidh87 - Dr Rubinstein 18th- bexstasboobs- Dr Lee TCI 18th- ajay- Dr Kwok TCI 19th- amydee- Dr Ngyuen TCI 20th 21st- teybaby22 - Dr Duong TCI 22nd 23rd 24th- Kritta - Dr Layt 25th- candiceneedsboobs - Dr Chatpong 25th- gem88- Dr Lee TCI 25th- lMissy Moo - Dr Duong TCI 25th- Teppy - Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi 25th- feebz- dr Rubinstein 26th- shardy- Dr Lee TCI 27th- sar- Dr Lee TCI 28th- tiarne - Dr Duong TCI 28th- Sarah(o)(o)-Dr Piyapas BIHP
  10. Ohhhh how exciting!!! Rest up now and enjoy your new boobies I will FR you.
  11. I was terrified of telling my mum, I was sure that she was going to crack it with me about it. But I told her last minute, only last weekend and my surgery is this coming Monday, I was super nervous and started off with "So, you have to be supportive and understanding otherwise I am not continuing this conversation". Admittedly I waffled on about how happy I was and nothing she could say would change it - to which she thought I was pregnant lol. I felt like I definitely had to tell her though, I'm an only child and all I could think was "If I had a daughter I'd be devastated if my daughter couldn't tell me that". I definitely think though, if I tried to talk about it and she flipped out, that I would have got it done, and say that I tried to tell her. Whenever she finds out, she might be angry with you for a couple of days - but she loves you, it will pass I'm sure. The fact that she lives interstate is a bonus, she wont notice straight away. My mum lives an hour away, if I didn't tell her she would have probably rocked up at home the day after the surgery lol. Good luck with whatever you decide, and if you want to talk about it that is what us girlies are here for xx
  12. Good luck!!! So excited for you! Xx
  13. Monday the 16th is coming sooooo fast :)

  14. Hey girls, Reading everyones stories is getting me sooo excited! So I just found out today that my surgery has now been rescheduled to the 16th! I'm so excited, I was getting worried that if it was postponed it would be over a month before I could get into surgery. So I'm definitely a February girl. It is great to see that everyone has been having successful surgeries also, good luck Serena90 and At Last for tomorrow!!!!! Keish xx
  15. Awww thank you Missy Moo and MandyBlue! It was a bit upsetting, but hopefully i hear some good news soon and I will let you all know! Im loving everyones recaps though, everyone is having such amazing experiences - its so good!
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