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  1. Thanks Hun. Feels so gross and strange but I guess it's minor compared to some complications. x
  2. Hi Nadine Thanks for this post. I only just started to feel the same on both of mine at the base and sides especially when I lean foward. Feels like little bubbles or Runnjng my finger along the bottom of the breast it feels lumpy. I have a small upper body and very minimal body fat in the torso area aswell. What is rippling? And do you need to do anything about it or it is something that you have to put up with?
  3. Hi Hun I can't speak any more highly for Dr Ali and the team at Parramatta TCI. The girls from the admin to the nurses make you feel so comfortable and at ease from start to finish. My consultation with Dr Ali wasn't rushed, she have me as much time as I needed trying on different sizes (I struggled to choose a size) and with her advice she recommended the perfect size that I am very pleased with. Let me know if you have any questions Hun, so exciting for you. When are you booked infor? Are you interstate?
  4. So worrying glad your all better now. What was the process you went through to have the sutures removed?
  5. Pink butterfly yes, I have contacted the surgeon each time. They are great at helping me with advice. I send them photos of the incision and keep them updated. I had swabs taken yesterday and get those results Friday. It's just so frustrating as it's week 8 now and I want to get on with exercise and normal bra wearing. donatella it's only a little part of the incision not the whole incision so I'm hoping it is that. Do you know what the process is to get it fixed? As in, another surgery ?
  6. Hi I'm 8 weeks post op. At week 6 post op my right under Brest incision opened a little and began bleeding. So I went to the GP as I'm interstate patient, he put me on antibiotics and cleaned and steri story applied with water proof dressing. It appeared to be healing, now 8 week post op, my left breast incision I noticed had a small scab with puss coming out. So ok back at the doctor again as the nurse from the surgery said to have the incisions swabbed. I'm hoping it's an infection that can be fixed with antibitocs but it's worrying as the incisions don't seem to be healing. Has this happened to anyone?? I'm extremely stressed over it and worried.
  7. Hey... I'm 11 days post op and my lefty has the cold sensation. It only started tonight, and I've prob been doing a bit to much arm movement with house stuff/ groceries etc so it has worried me a little. Thought it may have popped ... But think it may just be nerves repairing, does have a slight pain to it aswell but I think that's muscular. I'm going to see how if is in the morning. How'd is yours going?
  8. Hi I'm 11 days post op with my BA and I started doing house work, shopping and washing hair etc around day 9. I don't feel sore the next day but I do worry I'm over doing it and something might go wrong cause I'm using my arms a fair bit. Does anyone else worry about doing too much ..? Or causing harm?
  9. Hey ladies Just wanted to say how much of an amazing experience I had with The Cosmetic Institute in Parramatta. I selected Dr Ali and I can't praise her enough. Not only is she kind and extremely caring, she takes time during your consultation with her to listen to everything you say and take it all on board. I'm from Adelaide so an interstate patient, flew in yesterday and had my Consultation. Where you speak one on one with the surgeon and try on sizes (very hard to choose, but the surgeon lets you take your time) Surgery was today, second on the list to be operated on so my admission time was 8am. Taken through straight away, where I got changed, spoke with the anaesthetist, head nurse and the surgeon again. Photos were taken and lines drawn on, then taken into the theatre. Put to sleep, and woke up in recovery with the most caring nurses. At the moment I have no pain, my chest just feels heavy as if I have a 5kg weight resting on my boobs. I'm up and able to walk around but today I'm resting with my career doing most things for me, including pulling pants up/down for toilet times. Boobs are hard to touch and swollen, still have nipple sensation and just small surgical tape over the incisions. Obviously on the medication they prescribe and have had no neasua from them as I'm taking them with food. I can give more updates and answer any question about my surgery if anyone wants. I know I loves reading about people's experiences when I was close to the date hope this helped some x
  10. Hi Binky I've booked in with Dr Ali for March 2015... I loved the look of her work from the photos in Inst and Facebook. All the surgeons seem great though so I'm sure you'll be fine. Let me know how you go
  11. Hi Everyone Only just found this forum site and already loving hearing your stories. I've booked in with the TCI Parramatta Clinic for March 2015. I've booked in with DrAli Fahreen as I saw lots of before and after pics on their Facebook site and loved the look of her work. I can't seem to find any feedback in Dr Ali on here though.... Any feedback would be great because now I'm thinking of changing surgeons to Dr Lee at the Bondi clinic. I'm for Adelaide so will be a interstate patient for it... Can't wait but still nervous. Also, does anyone know how many or heard of any implant rejections post op? Thanks
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