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  1. To all people considering going though medi makeovers, I warn you all as I went and had a tummy tuck, my breast implants removed and replaced and a breast lift (which was advised I had to have by medi makeovers or I couldn't have the other surgeries) I spent $16,000 AUD and have come home with nipple necrosis and one leg feeling dead 24/7 my nipple is not even a nipple anymore its one big disgusting mess that after 3 months has not healed yet and I have to get it dressed by nurses every second day. This experience is one I do not wish on anyone so I am warning everyone you pay for what you get and I for one should have realised that as I had originally paid $7,500 for my implants 10 years ago (with no complications) to go from a qualified and recognised plastic surgeon to being a dummy or piece of meat they hacked into in Thailand I am to blame as I should have never gone to Thailand or trusted in a company whom said they would look after me and then did the complete opposite. In fact the director of medi makeovers Daniela has slandered me to everyone including my husband saying I did nothing but party and its my fault I have problems when a surgeon from the Queensland Surgery centre has told me there is nothing I have done wrong that it is not right how they have cut into my body and my nipple will never be the same as the other, regardless if he tries to reconstruct or not and thats not to mention the dead leg I have from the tummy tuck that he hasn't looked at yet. The surgeon Dr Malcom Linsell has said he will back me up in this case as the surgeon Dr Rungkit (Bangkok Thailand) has used 10 year old practices that surgeons in Australia do not even use anymore. When I went on the group tour with medi makeovers there was another lady who is 58 years of age, she has also used the same surgeon and had her breast implants replaced and a lift and has had the same result but both of her nipples have necrosis and she has been emailing medi makeovers weekly with photos of her nipples only to hear back third party that it will just take time and its normal?! It sadness me that a 58 year old woman has had to experience this when she should be enjoying her life not having this stress. I am a 30 year old mother of 4 and my body will never be the same again I wish I never went to Thailand and most of all I wish I never went through medi makeovers they have been the worst company and worst experience of my life one that I will never forget I hope justice prevails and karma comes. I have attached my recent picture 3 months almost post op so you can all see what can happen
  2. Where in Thailand did u go? Medi makeovers? I also had a botched surgery and they have all wipped there hands clean of me blaming me
  3. I can tell you it's not a good idea to go to Thailand for plastic surgery I used medi makeovers and sincerely regret it the director was very horrible to me and my surgery has left me alone and depressed as they wash their hands of you when u return to australia I'm traumatised from the experience
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