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  1. Hi ladies i had my surgery with hamish farrow he was fantastic i had no bruising no pain and minimal scaring
  2. Im roughly the same stats as you i got 520cc hp overs feel free to check out my pics
  3. Mine are overs im super happy with my results if you want to check them out
  4. Yep i sure did i was so scared when i got there but the staff are beautiful there everyone was so nice
  5. I had hamish he brought 7 sets of implants into surgery so he could decide on the day wat size suited my body best ur in great hands
  6. megz1989

    June 2015

    Hi tegs im still on here loving my results i had a pain free easy recovery
  7. Hi ladies i had my surgery with hamish farrow my new boobies are about 10 weeks old now and i couldnt be happier hamish is great and if u need to contact him after hours u get to speak to him directly makes u feel very safe he is such a nice man and im extremely happy with my results
  8. I saw hamish harrow $12800 he is amazing
  9. Hi ladies i had overs done 3 weeks ago and i had no pain wat so ever and im really happy with the result i breastfed and lost my volume and my surgeon suggested going over as he thought it would fill out my skin nicely
  10. Hi hun i got 520cc rounds i have pics on my profile if u want to have a look
  11. Yeh i know 2 girls personally who have had theres done by him and they look great and if u look under forums there should be one that says 2015 forums or something then click on month
  12. Its a great feeling once it does happen....he sure does know his stuff and the fact his super honest about what u can achieve is even better rather than give u some bullshit response because its what you want to hear
  13. Hi Hun i saw Hamish Farrow and his fantastic $12800
  14. oh my app was 12.45, i feel great his really happy with the results :)you have picked a fantastic surgeon
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