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  1. Hey, I was a 12a to start with now I'm a 12DD my surgeon told me I would be a 12d so I'm pretty happy with that. Sometimes I think I wish I had gone bigger but I think that's normal I have quite a wide chest too so I think that makes a difference so glad I got the nuance style teardrop I also went as big as I could go so couldn't have gone bigger any way. So in the end you have to be happy as it's more than what you started with. Even though I have the odd day when I wonder But in saying all of that I am so happy with my result I love them I love the way my clothes fit now, very happy with my surgeon if you have any questions feel free to ask x good luck with your journey
  2. He is great so lovely too, as soon as I met him I knew he was the surgeon for me. Recovering good everything pretty much back to normal, hardly ever get pains now too. Im just over a month out now, and they have more jiggle than I thought they would too lol. I'm really happy with them. How your recovering well stace418
  3. Hi lovely, There are a few girls on here that have seen Dr Harwood. He is a cosmetic surgeon.
  4. Love this little group glad I'm not the only one haha. I might try myer too, I didn't realise they did fittings. I kept some of my bras my pretty ones with little padding that I thought I might still fit into... I've never worn then cause they had little padding and they looked terrible with my flat chest. I'm pretty upset to throw them out but awell here's to all new lovely bras
  5. So I went to Bras n things today, I know I'm only 4wks but I couldn't help myself haha. I tried on the comfort bra... Not the most attractive but it really is super comfy. My surgeon told me the bottom should end up a D and the top.should be a C. So I tried on the 12D I used to be a 12a, and the lady came and checked and gave me a 12DD.. Pretty crazy never thought i would be a DD! So I'm hoping I havn't jumped the ship too soon in buying my first bra! Has any one else brought a bra yet or been sized?
  6. Hi Fairylight, I'm glad that he can help you Your the first person I've heard of getting the conical implants, I have nuance style teardrop drops. You can FR me if you want though. Maybe try searching conical?
  7. Hey, I posted the same question about numbness as I have the same thing I'm 4wks post op. The girls all said it was normal and it can last anywhere from a couple of months to a year +
  8. I was concerned about the difficulty removing them before I got them so I asked my surgeon and this is the response I got, "This concern about them being difficult to remove is another urban myth... I have probably taken out at least 15 –20 sets now. If you remove them within the first 2-3 weeks, it is easy as they haven’t properly stuck down yet. After that, up to about the 6-8 month out, it is more difficult, generally taking between 20-30 mins per side. This is because things are quite sticky inside and you need to slowly and carefully remove all the little scar tissue adhesions inside (NOT you own breast tissue ever!!) After about 8-9 months they essentially fall out. I took out a set last week that had been in for 18 months and it was probably 12-15 seconds per side... So, the implants are easy. If you have to remove the surrounding capsule it can be more difficult, (as with any capsule) but you still do not need to remove native breast tissue. Maybe if you were super clumsy and in a hurry, but really, if you get in the right tissue plane like any good surgeon, it is quite like peeling an orange." But every surgeon is different hope this helps.
  9. Hi, Thank you so much for your answer and the picture it's really helpful! I agree I wish I had known as I would have gone completely under the muscle too. Awell it's all part of it and at the end of the day I am super happy with my result and I love my new boobs I'm sure I'll get used to it.
  10. Hi ladies, I'm almost 4wks post op and I have a numbness from below my nipple to my insisions on both boobs. I had dual implants so I was wondering if it's the implant that I'm feeling in that space? It's also softer like not firm like the top half I'm guessing that's because the muscle is over the top half and it's still tight. I never read anything about this when I was researching. Does anyone have the same or have had? If so when does the feeling come back? It's the first time I have felt like they are foreign in my body. I'm feeling about down about it, I wish I had read about it so I could prepare myself. going to make another appointment to see my surgeon to discuss with him.
  11. Oh and with the implant size maybe ask the surgeon what the biggest you can go is? After deciding on sizes with my surgeon at first consult we made a decision 305c xhp and I found out at my second consult that that was the biggest I could go due to my BWD. Also I told him I wanted to feel in proportion with my body, which helped him know what size etc. Good luck
  12. Hey, Pain depends some girls are fine. I was doped up for the first few days and had sleeping pills all provided by my surgeon so I didn't feel to much. After that I was in a bit of pain think it eased off about week one but I still got bouts of it I went dual plane, so it ment worse pain compared to if I had gone over the muscle so that's another factor in how much it will hurt (which I was unable to do). I'm week three now and I'm back to normal activities pretty much. My breasts are still very tender and sensitive they still get painful but nothing that is not bearable. I think it's all the nerves and muscles healing least that's my theory it's all part of it.
  13. Hey, I'm another dual plane girl 305cc Brazilians. I would say awell go above her she may think she knows but she is not the surgeon at the end of the day. Good luck
  14. I've just had a BA and I'm happy with them but I'm also planning on having kids in the next couple of years. I understand that they may change after the baby but I'm okay with that as I'll still have more boobs than before. In my opinion is would enjoy the new boobs and then once you have a baby get the lift and get the perfect boobs you wanted
  15. Excited much I know what you mean. Each day they feel like they are part of me, more natural. And my partner is sick of them, like not in that way but he just wants to play and he's sick of having to watch out of them, they are still mega sensitive and it hurts if they get bumped. And the sex part I know that's driving him nuts too haha he keeps saying he can't wait till he can grab them. Does anyone know how long it roughly takes for them to stop being so sensitive, like not sure if it's the same for you girls but it doesn't feel nice when he touches them, like plays with them I end up telling him not to move his hands if he wants to touch them. Is any of this the same for any one else? Sorry if that's too much info ladies.
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