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    BL and BA with doctor Phil Richardson to lift the girls back up and restore the volume I have lost through weight loss.
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    Dr Phil Richardson 17th December 2014
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    173cm, 73kgs and a deflated 12C
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  1. have you been doing some light stretches? or even get a massage and have your pecs released, they still might be super tight and squashing your implants, worth a try?!
  2. I bought the berlie ultimate performance and it is awesome!! I run 3x a week and also do body attack 2x a week and this bra gives me the best support, the only down side is the straps are a little bulky but at the end of the day I think its a good trade off to prevent sagging or bottoming out
  3. I cannot flaw Dr Richardsons work, I love the shape he has created, the size he recommended, my scars are very neat and the aftercare has been amazing, The Northlakes Day surgery is really modern and beautiful and the nurses there are lovely.
  4. Oh really? That's great! Thankyou
  5. Ness you can definitely still run you just need to make sure you have really good support, I've heard really good things about the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer but they only go to a DD so I found out today but there is the berlei Maximum performance bra for us larger bust ladies, they aren't moving anywhere in that bad boy haha
  6. I just did my first run 8 weeks post op and omg it felt good!! Weird but good, just looking to get a bit of feedback as to how everyone felt running for the first time? I could feel the implants moving and when I stopped it felt like they tightened right up and then let go.
  7. What a horrible outcome for you Kinekla, I'm deeply sorry to hear this has happened to you I will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you all the best for your explant and recovery.
  8. That's the best news!! I've started half training but I am so keen to get right back into it again, GAH I've gotten so flabby
  9. No more tape, no more post op bra, no more exercise restrictions!! I had my 6 week post op yesterday and PS is happy with how everything has progressed, he even mentioned my scars are healing faster then he would have expected. The scars are still a little confronting but I do love my new boobies, I have a few of the internal stitches working their way out but they should sort them selves out. I bought the complete comfort bra the other day and was sized at a 12E, the cup digs into my boobs a little but the cup width is perfect so I guess I will just have to wait and see if its still swelling or they are still getting bigger Hope everyone is well xx
  10. your pics look exactly like my pre op boobies, I had implants and a lift and I am so happy I went with the lift, I don't think I would have got the great shape i have now without it.
  11. ahh Lauren, I am so glad you went to attack!! I have been wondering how I would go getting back into it, did you take the low impact options or dive straight back into high impact?? I will defs be investing in a lulu lemon tata tamer
  12. my projection has definitely popped out more since the D&F process started and the base of my boobies are much wider and fuller now so they look bigger
  13. give them a little more time to settle, your muscles could be holding them in lock down, I was questioning the same thing around my two week mark then all of a sudden the swelling went down and they started popping out more, now I love the size
  14. thats some good odds in your favour, Defs email and ask at least you will have that piece of mind
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