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  1. Hi there thanks for your message. I still check in every now & then just rarely post much anymore these days. All the best with your upcoming procedures, and like you said you might be happy just improving your top half.. Cheers & take care x

  2. Oh thanks cha cha, I really appreciate you trying to help. Ill take any information on board right now. I'm on my way out to afternoon activities with the kids but will be sure to read it when I am sitting down relaxing (somewhat) tonight :-) No you are not bombarding me at all. In fact I'm going mad myself googling everything possible. Ill let you know what I think. Cheers x

  3. Hi me_again. Just looked at all your post op photos. WOW! You must be on cloud 9! Life changing huh! Your results are fantastic. Really!!! So happy for you x Bet you are revamping your wardrobe already so you can throw out your 'hide the tummy' wear. Congrats!

  4. Hi Emsie, just wondering if you had your surgery?

  5. Hi me_again, I noticed your due for surgery real soon and just wanted to wish you all the very best with your trip and surgeries. It's finally your turn for your well deserved makeover. Ill be thinking of you! Keep in touch while your over there x

  6. Hi Pisces, your 3 month photo's are great. Your tummy is so flat and looks toned. Have you done any ab exercises yet, if yes, what to you do? Although happy with my TT results I really feel like I need to tone up, I don't look as good as you! I really never exercised my ab muscles before or after pregnancy and I was in pretty bad shape with the muscle separation. My PS said it was up to me to tone up to get a super flat tummy. Also your belly button has healed up well, can't see any scars. Well done, cheers.

  7. FR accepted. Cheers.

  8. Hi CP, how are you going? Do you still have any swelling? I'm up & down like a yo yo, tummy doesn't like me over exerting myself, ie too much housework, and I swell up like a balloon. Then other times I'm ok. Probably the heat too. Stinking hot in sydney today. My scar is looking good, i think no better than what you can see in my photos. I went through a stage of being very itchy and stopped both my scar fx and bio oil. But I re started the bio oil a couple of weeks ago and I'm fine. Still get a little itchy sometimes on my ends. I'll try the scar fx again soon. I have some house guests at the moment so when they leave ill post some 3 month pics. Happy 12 weeks!

  9. No prob, admin just posted a message saying it should be fixed by tonight. Yay!

  10. Hi Buby3, just wanted to let you know the photo uploader is not working at the moment, so there's nothing wrong with your computer. Hope they fix it soon!!

  11. Hi CP, yes the swelling has settled down to its usual state, thank goodness. I've been using my original hospital binder at bed time & around the house & that has helped a lot. Will stay off the exercise for now & give my body more time. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you too. Cheers x

  12. Hi Marisi! I just wanted to say OMG! You are bouncing back quite well!! Driving & vertical tango @ 7 days post op! You go girl!

  13. Hi Angela, thanks for sharing your photos. You are looking great. Your before photos look similar to mine. Don't plan on having a BA at this stage but lately have been thinking about it a lot (after I had my TT ) . Been hanging around this forum too long, lol. Cheers!

  14. Hi Marisi, all the best with your surgery today. Wishing you a smooth recovery x

  15. Hi Emsie, Just a quick note to let you know I finally got a bill for the anaesthetic services ( took 2 months was hoping they forgot) the bill is for $1260. Now my surgery was about 2 and a half hours long and had a TT only. So you may have been quoted more. Dr Hayward had quoted me around $1200 so no surprises there. The bill says I should get around $265.10 from Medicare and another $88.30 from my private health fund. Anyway just thought I'd let you know in case you weren't sure what u were up for. Cheers. Ps. The anethesist he used was a dr luis gallur at westmead private.

  16. Lol CP, we sound similar. I have a treadmill too, and have been willing myself to use it lately. I'm not big on sport or exercise either. But then I whinge & complain that I want to tone up & lose some more kilos! Just too much to do this time of year... Take care & look forward to seeing more pics x

  17. Thanks for the exercise tips Flyazzz. Will have to try those leg lifts :-)

  18. Hey Flyazzz your results are looking great. Glad you have got your confidence back x I just wanted to ask what sort of ab work you are doing?'

  19. Just returned all the photos I had posted prior to deleting them all.

  20. Hi CP, glad all is good. Has the swelling that you had under your breasts gone away? Can't believe tomorrow it will be 8 weeks post op for me, wow! I'm still wearing my support underwear, I just feel too strange without them, and they do help keep the swelling down. At least now I'm not afraid to wear light summer dresses to ease the discomfort of wearing these things during the heat. How about you, still wearing them? I'm feeling pretty good. The weeping of the scars has stopped. Still feel a tiny bit sore sometimes, sneezing still hurts a little. Other than that I feel quite normal, and my energy levels have returned. Cheers.

  21. Yeah feeling great thanks. Back to my normal self. Will post my pics back on in the next few days, all that spam freaked me out a bit, but it seems all good now.

  22. Hi CP, how are you feeling & how did you go with your 6 week checkup with Dr McDreamy?

  23. Hi. To all the people in my "friends" list. I am really disappointed at what this forum has become in the last week or so. It seems the administrator could not care less.. I just don't feel comfortable posting on here let alone sharing my personal photos so I have deleted them for now. I will consider re posting if the problems with spamming are fixed. What a shame there aren't any other Aussie forums like this we can turn to :-(

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