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  1. Hi Bindy, are you still wearing surgical tape over your scar, or using bio oil, or anything else that you could be reacting to? Otherwise would give the surgeon a call, sometimes the secretary / nurse can help. Cheers.
  2. Oh hi Pisces, so great to hear from you 1 year on! We had our surgeries around the same time, and haven't forgotten you. Good for you for getting back into shape and losing the extra kilos. I'm envious!! Is running all the excercise you did to lose your weight? I just realised it's my new tummys birthday too & didn't even notice. I checked out your photos and all I can say is WOW. Fantastic! It's how I should look. I stopped posting & deleted my photos cos I'm too ashamed. Thanks so much for coming back to say hi! Not many people do.. (Guilty here) cheers x
  3. Hi Parky, wow you sound similar to me a few months ago. I got so annoyed that I rarely bother to post here anymore. I'm almost a year on from my TT. I don't think I swell anymore but I think I do look somewhat better & less swollen these days. I had it all investigated & my surgeon was nice enough to send me for a ct scan. You can prob read back in my previous post somewhere... i think I am looking better these days, but I'm not perfectly flat unless I stand up real straight with my shoulders back & suck in a little. I'm still glad I did the surgery & am way better than my before photos. I put my problem down to : I don't exercise. And I could do with cutting out excess sugars & junk. (i think I was still swelling at night at 6 months.) I just find it too hard!! I tried the gluten free diet for a month or so, but it barely made a difference. I never had any lipo either & the doc didn't think I needed it.
  4. Dr Hayward is in the outskirts of Sydney so his fees are not quite as high as the city surgeons & he did a great job with my TT. Cheers.
  5. Sydneymum


    Hi Tracylee, I remember you from a while back asking me about my doc. Hope you are recovering well & are happy with your results. Take care x
  6. Hi all. Nope. No luck in finding out why my lower tummy now protrudes. Gets pretty bad by night time at certain times of the month, have noticed it can start from mid cycle until just after my period, u only have short ish cycles so I have more 'bad ' days than good. I guess it's an issue I've always had pre surgery, looked great for those first few weeks but has slowly pushed itself out again, complete with fresh new stretch marks. No one has given me answers. Apparently no abnormalities on my test results. And at my last visit with my P.S he said he really didn't know why & said to try working out / stomach crunches for 12 months. Hence to say I'm not thrilled with not getting any answers. Feeling quite shitty about it all to the point that I feel almost as crappy about myself than I did pre surgery. I don't feel like posting here anymore & really can't bring myself to read everyone else's posts about their happy outcomes. That was me once, at least for a little while...
  7. Hi TT, I'm so happy for you that you have recovered well and are happy with your results. I've looked at your photos & you look great! Take care x
  8. Hello. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Pregnancy & childbirth can really stuff up our bodies huh! I had mild spd symptoms during my 3rd & heaviest pregnancy, from about halfway could feel my pubic area grinding when I'd walk & stairs were difficult. However it was after childbirth (baby was huge) that all hell broke lose. I was in severe pain straight afterwards and could not move my legs apart. The walking frame was my friend for about a week while I got by sliding my feet to walk. Physio helped me recover. However my back has been stuffed since my first baby was born because of my weak - or lack of core muscles. I had my TT last October to repair severe muscle separation & 2 small hernias. My back isn't magically fixed but I am working on it with excercise, Pilates & a monthly chiro visit. All the best & hope your surgery helps.
  9. Hi yesno, haven't heard from you for a while. Sorry to hear about your weight gain dilemma. I don't have any advice to give, I don't know anyone directly who has had this surgery done. All I can say is thoroughly research it before considering to go to that extreme. If you were fit & slim prior to your surgery then you can do it again! Take care.
  10. It's ok. Not as bad as it was in those original photos I took. But never as flat as I'd like it to be.
  11. Hi orange veggie , thanks, I haven't been able to do the ultrasound yet. Need to wait for the "right time". Should be within the next 2 weeks or so.
  12. Thanks so much for your help Louise, ive also replied to your pm. Yes I got the metallic taste and the weird hot feeling down below. Very strange. Just to update my thread: I've got my CT scan results & read them. No hernias. As for muscle repair - I think it says its all good? My ps I think will need to check the film & decide. My uterus apparently is bulky & heterogeneous and there is a clip somewhere that's from having my tubes tied? Weird because I've not had it done, don't have an iud or have had any surgeries there. Anyway will get my GP to check it next week & perhaps the ultrasound I'm waiting to have done will clarify any gyno issues I may have. Cheers.
  13. Louise that would be great, thanks! yes I am drinking the yellow cordial stuff right now & have told me ill be having an injection. Said they will give me results after about 2 hours. Is this your field of work may I ask?
  14. Thanks ladies, Louise I haven't been able to have the pelvic / gyno ultrasound as the gp wanted mt to have it at a specific time in my cycle which fell on a day between Anzac Day & the weekend and wasn't able to book in at last minute because I was on vacation. So I have to wait till next month... Booked into CT scan tomorrow so if they give me the results I will read them..
  15. Thanks for your replies. Will definitely lay off the excessive salty snacks & wherever else I can cut down or out.
  16. Just a quick update: I went back to see my PS today who agreed my stomach appears abnormally bloated. He didn't seem to think its surgery related but accepts I need to cover all bases so I can get to the bottom of it. He's sending me for a CT scan to check the muscle & hernia repair & this will also pick up on any unusual contents (ie : growths) in the abdominal region. So I'm happy with that.
  17. Thanks mumoffive, I just always thought it would just cause all over general fluid retention type thing, but obviously not. And I see my stomach certainly does not like it. Bad habit I must break. I'm not a big user of processed / pre packaged food - when it comes to meals - its just that I love salty food. Will try and go without where I can.
  18. Hi, I've always read to try and keep to a low salt diet, especially after having a TT, but I have noticed a ridiculous amount of swelling after I eat salty food. For example I mean salty as in a large amount of popcorn, (OK I'm a child and I love it), chips, and we do tend use salt generously in our cooking. Today I had the munchies and went through a whole pack of cheddar sakatas. Not long after my stomach felt - and looked extra swollen - like it did at the end of the day when I was recovering from surgery. Don't think I'll be doing this anymore. Is this a surgery related thing or does salt generally make anyone's stomach swell up? Do any of you recent post op ladies notice a huge difference after a generous salt intake? Thanks
  19. Hi Blondie, I am familiar with the area as I grew up close to Holsworthy. Happy to help with any questions, feel free to PM me :-) All the best with the move. (Have not lived in Brisbane so can't compare that for you sorry)
  20. Hi Bellabelly, sorry to hear your back is playing up. I've had back muscle issues for years now and I've only just accepted (stubborn me) that its all due to me not having any core strength whatsoever. I only just realised the other day that I can't even pull myself up for a sit up. My back started playing up big time (maybe almost as bad as you) a couple of months ago, and my chiro said it was surgery related. She put me on a potent magnesium powder, it's called ultra muscleze night. Magnesium helps your muscles relax & this particular one even helps you sleep! You can only buy it via a chiro or maybe even physio. My chiro isn't one of those "crack you into place" people either. They are not all like that. She also gave me a set of easy core strengthening excersise to do at home. They have definitely helped and now feel better than I have in ages. I also need to take up something like yoga or Pilates. Heard this is the best for core strengthening. Hope u feel better soon.
  21. Ho me-again thanks. Hope you are feeling well now.. I've read the link, I've read so many of those real self posts, I love them. I get what they're saying. My PS actually told me on the day of my surgery & my follow ups, "don't expect a flat surfboard stomach" he said he could only work with what was there, & fix the muscle separation & skin but it was up to me to tone up later. I get that, which is what I haven't really worked on yet. (I was waiting for the 6 month mark). I really still have no idea. I'm hoping the PS will at least confirm I am just bloated & nothing surgery related. Kirsten10 thanks also. I have been gluten free for over a week now, haven't seen a big difference. Also lactose free, but not totally dairy free. I take it easy with salty food but cannot cut it out all together. I now suspect (through my google self diagnosis) that I may have some sort of stomach ulcer. Symptoms were there pre surgery. Now I'm wondering if this is related. Will need another trip to the GP sometime soon...
  22. Congratulations Jaddled! Wishing you a wonderful recovery x
  23. Wow TT that's funny how you're draining like that! After my drains came out in hospital I never lost any fluid at all... I know I probably could have gotten in sooner but am going away for the school holidays. I would rather not know anything until I get back if that makes sense.. Thanks & take care..
  24. Thanks Lexie & TT. TT I wonder.. My hubby thinks it looks like fluid. I get up in the morning looking a little swollen or bloated already & the minute I jump in the shower & start poking around at my belly I could swear it starts to puff out, then looks 10 times worse in the evening. It's starting to really play on my mind & so will see what dr h says. I was the opposite to you post op - was a pampered princess with Hubby & other help at home for 3 weeks & did nothing much but sit in my recliner. Not very active at all. Perhaps that's my problem. Hope I get answers soon. Gluten & lactose free for a week & doesn't seem to be making any significant difference so far...
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