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    Lipo Nov 14
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    Dr Chen for 1st Lipo Dr McDermant for lipo/BA
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  1. Thanks Pink Butterfly. I agree and have made some great changes towards a good outcome - I'm working on food combining at the moment which is a great help. But need to take the next step and try a naturalapath. Thanks Would just love it if a firmer tummy kept the swelling down in some kinda weird way...
  2. Hi I lost 10kg 12 months ago and had lipo done In Nov 14 - tummy, thighs and flanks. It was good but not great so I'm looking at TT AND BA to achieve a better result. I'm ready to book but what's holding me back is I bloat/swell in my tummy. It's a problem I've had for years and it's not uncommon to be mistaken for being pregnant. I want to find out if a TT will help give me the feeling of a firm belly on a day where I feel bloated/swollen? (I know aTT won't stop what's causing my belly to become swollen as that's food sensitivities) I've never had a musclely or flat belly and it's always felt (sorry) like it just hangs there it's an awful feeling. I had this before and after my pregnancies. Has anyone had the same issues and then had a tummy tuck? I really want to know how you feel afterwards and what your tummy felt like on days when your tummy was swelling/bloating? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi, Our situation is very similar (weight, concern & desires). I should loose another 10kg just to get me into the 60s. I've been quoted $25-27,000 for BA and TT by one doctor and $30ish to include a lift by another doctor. The biggest expense is the hospital. I had lipo done 4 months ago. It was good but not great so I'm looking at this option. I've still got to decide but what's holding me back is I bloat/swell in my tummy, so much so I can be mistaken for being pregnant. I Want to find out if a TT will help keep my belly firm - I know it won't stop what's Causing it but to kep a flat tummy would be heaven. Do you have problems with your tummy swelling/bloating? Cheers
  4. This has been great to follow and I look forward to cosmetics reply....although why is it we are waiting. Hasn't that been one of the points her? That we are always put on hold, or a second priority? Why start but not finish? Why say a little...a tad like a tease to me. In the meantime, Don I would like to say don't give up, you sound an amazing, intelligent and a fun women who has respect for yourself and those that seem to continually hurt you. I have come across a few of your posts thought this site, and I have come to respect your views. Don't let the 'wrong' decisions/choices of others bring you down - now in saying that, I would feel like s##t if I had a date cancel or any of the things you've said. I'm 41, had hit and miss relationships until 3 years ago. Was starting to think I ran over a chinamen or pushed a bus load of them off a bridge with the amount of bad luck I'd had with men. I was ready to become celebent or change teams!!! I've done the Internet dating thing a few times and I have to say I loved it. Yeah, a few didn't work out but they were amazing guys either way. And the man of my dreams I found online. My pick would be eharmony (takes a long time to set up and you have to pay) but my matches were great. And arh, I hate to admit it, rsvp. I wish you great success but even more I wish you a greater journey in finding success. Oh I have to ask...is this you in your profile pic?
  5. Hi...just came across your post, we have a lot in common. I had lipo last year, at Ashbury, I'm 41, had 6 areas, same as you except my chin. I really wanted to do my chin but he said no as I'd have too much skin. I agree and am glad and sad at the same time. The thought of a facelift scars me! Everything you have described is how I felt. I went back to work straight away - in an office. I regret that I didn't take a week off but I was able to take lots of time out. I had my knees done and cause they were the lowest points, I leaked a lot from them for the first 2-3 days. Sooo funny, i padded myself up with maternity pads after I leaked while I was talking to someone at reception, i could feel the liquid running down my leg. So I wore big skirts and looked like the miscellin Man. The heat was just kicking in then and from standing and walking around too much that's when I noticed my ankles swelling lots. I bought some fluid retention tablets and straight away the swelling went down. I didn't take them all the time, just when they were really swollen, when I'd done too much and I had drunk heaps of water. I wore my suit for the full 6 weeks. I loved how I looked for those 6 weeks as the suit gives great shape and keeps it all in. I was still over weight when I had my lipo, around 80kg. I'm around 77kg now. The lipo didn't make me any lighter but my tummy is much smaller and I love that my thighs don't touch like they used to. I had the massages they do at Ashbury. I highly recommend them or anything that gets down deep. I was really tight and sore by the time my first one came around that I was petrified to have it. She was very gentle, it hurt at first but then there was this huge realease and I burst into tears it felt so good. It took away so much pain and tightness, I felt great. I was going twice a week plus doing massages at home. I am too lazy to do it myself so I bought a handheld one from the shaver shop. It had heat and penetrated deep. It was around $150 but I got on special for $50. Am I happy? Yes I love my thighs and tummy. Disappointments? Yes in my outer thigh/hips AND in myself for eating ridiculously afterwards (I was soooooo hungry) and I ate naughty foods. Was it worth it? Yes I think so. The girls at Ashbury were fantastic, especially Jan. They made the whole experience easy. Part of me thinks I should of had a TT but that's one of those what if questions? 3 months on I'm still happy. I was and still am about 8-10kg overweight and this has been a huge boost to my self esteem. My incisions have healed, the swealing has gone (only just), I am still numb in a lot of areas and my tummy is almost flat. I can see some distortion in my tummy but only when I lean over (remember I am still over weight) May I ask how heavy you are? Were you just tightening up or removing a lot for a kick start? I'd be interested in your progress.
  6. Hi Jenny's, Thank you for taking the time to post your experience. It's been great for me to read and decide what to do going forward. I just had liposuction on my tummy and inner thighs.. Even though it's only 3 weeks, and my tummy is smaller, I can tell there is no muscle below. I think I will have lots of loose skin and will need a TT. I'm on the Sunshine Coast and don't have private health cover. Would you mind answering some questions? How much did it coast in total (without any rebates) Did you have to wait a long time before surgery? Have you lost any sensation in your breasts or nipples? Could I please see your pics? The thought of the big scar scars me, are you bothered by the scar? Thanks for your time. I can't wait to see some pics.
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