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  1. Wow, they look so good already! You must be stoked to see how they d&F
  2. I'm looking for inspiration for under 300ccs as well, hope you ladies don't mind I added you too!
  3. That's the question I ask myself all the time. Some days I am 100% convinced I am getting them and just waiting for the day. Some days I swear I won't. I'm worried about medical issues as well, I'm only 20 and I don't want my health ruined if there are complications. I don't want to regret getting a BA after something goes terribly wrong and I waste all of my money and health and future prospects. I also worry if I will just be happy with myself, little boobies and all, if I can wait it out, if I am able to let it go. But at the end of the day - I really wants boobs. I just wish there was less risk involved.
  4. Can I ask when you're booked in? Just trying to get a feel for how long the wait is for Dr Kwok
  5. My friend went to get it done in Thailand and her mum ended up having to carry all the baggage and she was like I'M NOT A BRAT I SWEAR I JUST CAN'T LIFT ANYTHING SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP MY MOTHER
  6. I know what you mean! I was trying on sizers and when I put on a shirt that wasn't tight I looked so much bigger and stuffy than usual. I didn't like that. It looked nice when I wore a tighter shirt but with baggier clothes and jumpers I felt gross. It depends on what you like to wear I guess but I loooove baggy sweaters and button ups and shirts that hang off my frame so I was disappointed
  7. me too!!! i am so glad it all turned out good in the end :')
  8. I emailed them yesterday about Dr Kwok and whether he could operate from Parramatta as well and they said yes. So idk, maybe you can ask if the surgeon you chose could do it at a certain location?
  9. I'm the same height as you, I weigh around 43kgs. I'm deciding whether to go with TCI or with a plastic surgeon and see if he recommends me teardrops or rounds. I have not much pre existing breast tissue, I think that might affect whether rounds would look natural. More breast tissue = more natural looking? I have seen some GREAT results from TCI's rounds with girls though but it's a shame they don't really show you the befores on insta/fb etc
  10. This is exactly how I feel! All I want is SOMETHING there lmao. I don't feel like I'd get boob greed, my end game is not to have big tits, it's just to fill what seems to be a missing part of me. I heard height swallows up some ccs so maybe it'll look more natural on you serena.
  11. Are you sure? It says he's a "highly skilled cosmetics surgeon" on their website.
  12. I'm worrying about the same thing, whether to go with TCI or a plastic surgeon. I was thinking if I want to go with teardrop implants I'd save for a bit more and go to a PS but if I'm recommended rounds I'd go with TCI. That seems logical to me but maybe I'm wrong - I'm assuming rounds require less skill than teardrops and that a CS would be a good enough choice. Sorry, I'm not much help, I'm in the same boat.
  13. FR's sent ladies! Thanks for being so much help
  14. Are there any ladies on the forum who've gone through a BA and achieved a small-full C? I guess I've just been seeing a lot of glorious DD+ but wanted to see more results of girls who went slightly smaller. I'm quite scared of going over 300cc just because I'm so small and I want the most natural looking set of fake boobs to ever fake. But man I'd love to rock DDs for a day, that would truly be an experience :')
  15. How exciting, good luck!! I think Dr Kwok does amazing work based on fb/instagram pictures, they're always the perfect shape and width apart
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