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    BL and BA needed after 2 children
    420cc and 460cc dual plane
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    Dr Richardson 15th January 2015!!!!
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    152cm, 60kg size b wanting dd

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  1. Hi ladies iv been m.i.a for a while!! I feel like I'm having one thing after another with these boobs and I'm starting to regret them! I started lactating out of my incisions where I had to wear breast pads to stop from leaking through (apparantly normal) havnt breast fed in 12 months! Still getting a little bit of leaking when I have a warm shower, iv been trying to tell myself this is the reason 1boob is bigger then the other which I noticed from day 1, he was meant to put 420 in one 460 in the other ended up with 460 in both , now iv been taking photos weekly and it seems to be getting worse! I had no pain last week now all if a sudden the last few days my right boob the smaller one is so painful like I just had them done, morning boob all over again!!! I'll post pics in my profile x hope everyone else is having a great recovery
  2. Hey girls day 9 and I managed to get out of bed myself!!! Still a bit of morning boob but no where near as bad, the inly thing that's bothering me now is the stinging sharp pains every now and then, I'm going to try go to the shops today havnt left the house since the op so I'm a bit excited! Also anyone had leaking nipples? I had a shower this morning looked down and it looked like my milk had come in? My drs isn't open so can't ring to ask
  3. Oh really! On my firms it said to get some arnica to help with bruising and get zinc too so I got the spray and had never taking it everyday, I did email my nurse about massasaging and she said no in not allowed to just yet and to try and be patient lol I have a real problem with that!
  4. I was starting to think it was only me haha all my Gfs had perfect recoveries with no pain! I had my surgery last Thursday, will massaging help ? I don't go for another check up now until 26th February, I read arnica cream can help so I got some of that too
  5. Are any of you ladies having morning boob all day? As soon as I sit up it's that horrible gross feeling also starting to get the stingers!!! Thought I'd go for a drive with hubby to get our sons school stuff and ended up sleeping in the car lol I usually have such a high pain tolerance, 2 babies all natural no drugs and at the moment I'm thinking I'd rather go through labour again then this lol I'm also pretty much out of Valium, endone and another one he gave me and the panadene forte makes me feel so sick
  6. Thanks Hun, I had mum here for the first few days and hubby arrived yesterday , I'm kind if glad my mum was gere for the worst if it I don't think hubby would of handled it lol I guess I read all the amazing stories before hand and my Gfs that have just had a BA having no pain at all I'm laying here thinking why me haha but I did have a lift as well
  7. Good too see successful ops for everyoe I'm 6 days post op now and honestly have had a pretty crappy recover! Day 3 and 4 I couldn't even sluggy lift my arms without agonising pain the heaviness and tigh toning on my chest was making it hard to breath and I was feeling so miserable! I then started getting blisters from the tape so went and had all my dressings removed but now I feel like I have nice boots but these ugly horrible blisters lol I still can't get up on my own from a reclined position and morning boob is so painful! I'm just taking Panadol now through the day and Valium at night, I'm really hopping it gets better soon as my husband is FIFO and I'm so scared about when he goes back I still won't be able to get up myself or pick our 10month old up
  8. I have put up some before and afters in my profile first night sleep was pretty crap only because I'm a tummy sleeper pain is still minimal and more like bruised feeling, it's still so surreal something iv wanted for so long is finally here!!!!
  9. Hi ladies, I had my BL and BA this morning and I'm feeling great just a bit bruised and feeling tight. Everyone at the pacific day surgery were so amazing and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, I highly re comment dr Richardson! I so wish I had if found this forum earlier it's been so good reading all the stories and all the fantastic information from girls with real experience! Good luck to the rest if u ladies x
  10. Hey I'm booked in tomorrow 15th January with dr Richardson for BL and BA
  11. Thanks girls I will post an update once it's all done! Also iv heard a few things lately about drains? I was excited that they aren't used as I have a real problem with blood but now a girlfriend had just told me u could end up with lumps elsewhere as the fluid has to go somewhere? Does anyone know much about this ?
  12. Hi ladies, I am booked in for my BA and BL on the 15th January with dr Richardson in Brisbane. I'm so nervous and scared but excited all at the same time, I think with christmas and my sons birthday I havnt had time to think about it much and now it seems so close a if a sudden! I have a few questions what did everyone take with them to the hospital or wish they had of taken with them clothing ect what's the best thing for comfort? Thank you also any advise would be great x
  13. Oh cool thanks Hayleylee yes I was referred by dr harwood, iv seen a lot of girls are getting dual plane? He suggested under the muscle for me I'm just wondering if anyone knows the benefits of either?
  14. Hi ladies I'm tentatively booked in for BA and BL on January 15th I would love to hear from any one else who has also gone through dr Richardson I Aldo found at my consult I didn't really know what to ask, any questions I should ask him before hand? Thanks
  15. Hey It's roughly about $16200 from memory I don't have the paper work in front of me, u get money back though with private health and Medicare if it's from pregnancy ect
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