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  1. Hi ladies, Sorry for being MIA - it has now been 2 weeks post op! Honestly, recovery has been a breeze! This may be due to the implants being placed subfascially, but honestly Dr. M is a genuis. They look SO natural, no-one has noticed that I have the new girls! I still have tape over the incisions, I am due to take them off and change them next Tuesday - a little nervous to see them...but hoping they will recover nicely and the incisions will be neat! Although my recovery has been amazing (also NO bruising, and a tiny haematoma where the drain was), the last few days they have felt 'burnt' and very sensitive! Especially my nipples, I have read that this is the nerves reconnecting? Has anyone else experienced this 2 weeks post op? It feels so good trying on clothes and not worrying if anyone will see my sagging breasts! Haha also - I totally understand what all the girls on the forum say about boob greed. Now that my swelling has gone and theyre settling - I kinda wish I went bigger! Although, I am pretty sure they're a D cup...
  2. Hi ladiesss.... so this is day 3 post op! Pain is on and off...definitely understand what everyone talks about re 'morning boob', a lot of pain getting up - but having regular panadol every few hours. Swelling is going down, they still feel quite big for body..especially considering he only put in a 250cc. They are starting to feel like they are more apart of body now, however still very early days. A question ladies... how much do you reckon the swelling goes down in a week or so? As some of my family members do not know I've gotten this done as they are quite conservative..and am back in Melbourne end of the week! I really didn't want to make it too obvious and an improvement for myself If you have any questions feel free to message me
  3. Hi ladies, So I had my BA and BL yesterday and feel fab! I had the procedure at 2pm yeasterday afternoon,and was a 3.5 hour surgery! I was SO nervous going in, but all the staff were wonderful at East Sydney Private Hospital and definitely made me feel at ease. Right now they feel SO big, and I only got 250cc (feeling they may be too big!) but I am hoping it is just swelling and they will go down!! Nurse checked them today and said they're going great, just very 'angry' lol so they are swollen and need rest! My pain at the moment is 3/10 and I am only on panamax and diazepam! Went for brunch today and had a little stroll around the shops. Overall, very happy Dr. Miroshnik really is the best, and his nurse Calinda has helped me SO much! What a gem!
  4. Thanks ladies for the reassurance and help! Glad Dr.M provides this, thought he might! I will definitely keep you girls posted on progress and surgery - of course feel free to fr me
  5. Thanks so much Gabby1! Goodluck with your surgery in a month as well! Which surgeon did you end up choosing in Thailand?
  6. Hi ladies! Since coming across this forum, all of your stories have helped me immensly with making my surgery decisions, and preparing me for 'what I am getting myself in for', so I thought I would post my story to return the favour. Yesterday I had my face to face consult with Dr. Miroshnik. As many of the other women have posted, he is very warm and makes you feel comfortable instantaneously. I have never taken off my bra in front anyone (I have been in numerous long-term relationships and am 25 years old), however felt at ease to do so with Michael. So before I get into my consult and what I am going to expect tomorrow for surgery, I will tell you all a little bit about myself. Since I was 14 I always noticed there was something not right about my breasts. They were always sitting low - and not very perky, which I thought was quite odd especially given my young age. I was very overweight as a child and coming into my teens, then lost around 15kgs so I am attributing my ptosis of breasts to that, and as Dr. Miroshnik confirmed my skin around my breasts is quite thin (which he said may be just genetic). So, growing up being ashamed of showing my breasts to anyone I was intimate with, I had learnt to live with it and never really considered surgery until my friend a year or so ago, got a BL and BA in Thailand and I saw her results...it made me consider surgery to help with this part of my body I am so embarassed of. So, after doing my research for a year, considering Thailand - I decided to go with Dr. Miroshnik as I have only heard good reviews about him and his work..and looking on his website, his before and after pictures were exactly what I was looking for (also, as my surgery is a little bit more complicated than a straight BA I wanted to ensure I was in safe and experienced hands). I am from Melbourne, so I had a phone consult with him initially (a few months back), and yesterday had my face to face consult as I just aforementioned. He confirmed that I did need an anchor lift - as I have grade 3 ptosis, and recommended I have 250-275cc round textured implants - as he said if I go any bigger I am at risk of them dropping again due to my poor skin quality around my breasts. He also confirmed that they will be placed subfascially (so under the fascia but over the main muslce), as I would be at risk of a double bubbleif they were placed under the muscle, or dual-plane. My cup size at the moment is a large C - so Dr M. predicted a 250cc should bring me to a nice D cup. However, looking at this forum many girls go >300cc, I am scared it may be too small? I am also worried about my scarring - but Dr. M assured me within 12 months they should fade. I was wondering if I could do anything to accelerate this process? Tomorrow is the big surgery day, and I am SO nervous, as I keep reading about all the complications potentially involved with a lift and BA (and I have never had an operation or been under general anaethetic before). I know I shouldn't, but I honestly can't help myself. I know I am in good hands - but can't help but think what is something goes wrong! WIll keep you all posted about my surgery tomorrow and how it goes! Wish me luck..
  7. Yep I will post my experience oh how exciting Bec bec. The time will fly by - I can't believe my surgery is already this week.
  8. Hi Cricket! Thankyou so much for this post..this is so reassuring for me. I am due for a lift and ba with Dr Miroshnik this friday! So nervous/excited.. I am also from interstate but will be staying at the Quest.
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