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    Breast Augmentation
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    Consult with Dr Rahdon 26/10/15 - hoping to achieve symmetry and be C-D
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    165cm 57kg, righty A cup & lefty B cup
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    Weightlifting and anything in the sun! Follow my BA instagram page geekbajourney2015

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  1. Good luck today ! Can't wait to hear how you go?
  2. Good luck today ! Can't wait to hear how you go?
  3. Thank you thank you all of you beautiful breasties for the lovely words of support ! I'm post op day 3 today and for the first time am actually experiencing some real pain. I have yet to take any Endone and have been sleeping just fine ! I've found a normal pillow under a European pillow has helped me to stay upright but is also actually super comfy. This morning I actually struggled to sit myself up and had to get my boyfriend to push me up from me lower back as I have some really strong pain below my right incision - this whole area has been numb since surgery so I think maybe it's coming back to life ! I'll take a panadol now and hope that it eases - and maybe try some peas !
  4. Good luck to all of the girls coming up ! I'm 1 day post op now and feeling a bit tender and swollen but haven't needed the Endone yet! My surgeon did warn me though that I will probably need it tonight ? Loving them already !
  5. I can really relate to this before my surgery - so much so that I kept wanting to call in sick and just make the days go by faster at home hahaha. I used my time to do things like take heaps of pre-op photos which you may hate now but I feel like I'll cherish them later on and love comparing. I also set some goals to lose a bit of body fat before the big day and just go used on these things to keep my mind occupied ☺️ I had soooo many weird dreams (both good and bad) leading up to my big day hahaha I slept talked a lot too it's pretty funny
  6. They were all sooooo incredible the whole experience was just great ! I'm seriously feeling chuffed right now and I'm so glad Imade this decision and went through with it
  7. it went great thank you no more tummy troubles ! I actually did a big post about it too hehe because I've been so happy about how it all went ! ?
  8. Thank you beautiful ! That made me smile ☺️?
  9. I hey Mama_Milks, i was originally booked with Dr Lee at TCI but they actually cancelled on me as I was a 'tougher case' and weren't confident in operating on my. I had my surgery today with a lovely surgeon in Geelong (I just posted my experience) and all he had to do to correct my issue was two different size and profile implants. He chose to do over the muscle on my due to my rib shape and scoliosis and is very confident about the results. I would suggest to her to see a plastic surgeon just for peace of mind - if you get a doctor referral you can normally be reimbursed for a lot of the fee that most surgeons charge for a consult ?
  10. Hey lovely breasties! Just wanted to give you an update and run down of my day as I know there's a few girls coming up having their augmentation with Dr Rahdon in Geelong. It all went super well to start with and I will post some photos later on. Got to the hospital this morning at 7.15 and paid my fees. The lovely receptionist took my boyfriend and I to a consulting room and we relaxed and watched tv - all about the shooting my anaesthetist came in and talked me through all that would be happening then I had a nurse come in and take my pulse and blood pressure. We waited for a bit before my nurse came back and told me it was time for me to head into the admission area! My beautiful boyfriend left at this point with reassurances and kisses I was put in a bed with this cool blanket thing that fills with warm air so it's like having a warm air bubble on top of you - it was so cosy! My anaesthetist came back and popped a drip in my arm - I told him that was literally the only thing I was nervous about so he was very caring and told me to look away. He gave me some antibiotics and a 'gin and tonic' which was the first sedative - felt great and like I was tipsy hahaah. I was wheeled into the operating room where my doctor asked if I had any music preferences - I said I was down for anything so he popped on some Rhi Rhi ? The last thing I remember is my anaesthetist saying 'here comes the drugs' and I was out ! I woke up in the recovery ward with some lovely nurses. The first thing I did was feel my chest and look under my robes and felt soooo happy ! I started crying and assured the nurses they were happy tears hahaha. I kept asking how long I was under for I felt fairly disorientated. After about 15 minutes I was wheeled to a big cosy recliner - I was a bit wobbly getting into it off the bed but nothing too bad. I had a big fluffy robe on (perks of the private hospital I guess!) and was given some water to sip. My boyfriend was called and came along within about 10 minutes. I was pretty chirpy at this point and when I was brought little apple juices I was all cheeky and chucked them and the tissues at my boyfriend hahaha. It went a little downhill from there after they brought me some sandwiches and some tea - I started getting really nauseous and they moved the food away. They gave me some anti nausea stuff in my cannula and I went to sleep within a few minutes for maybe 40 minutes. I woke up to my boyfriend stealing my crackers the cheeky devil. I felt heaps better by then. The nurses said he could have my sandwiches and they brought me some new ones and some tea and biccies not long after which I demolished - the appetite was back hahaha. They monitored me for a while and my surgeon came to see me. He took off my bra and had a look for any haematomas and said that he did some changing around of implants during surgery because he wanted to get it just right! I ended up with 300cc moderate plus in my left and 375cc high profile in my right to correct the asymmetry. He went over the muscle which has always been the plan for me due to my scoliosis and therefore wonky ribs ! He said that the diameter of the implants has actually only 1mm of difference so he chose so well. I had a sneak peak and they are looking awesome and so even already! I actually went out with my boyfriend after checking in at the hotel and had a snack then did a tiny bit of shopping at Westfield for some panadol (they gave me endone but hopefully I won't need it) and a card game to entertain us as well as some decorations for our Christmas tree when we get back home tomorrow ? I'm feeling a bit achy around my ribs in the lower section and tight in my sternum but pain is literally 1/10 and tightness I would say 2/10 Sorry for the length of the post but I know other girls' recounts like mine have been so helpful to me ! Here's the girls in their bra which I am actually finding super comfy !
  11. Hahahaha thank you all for your kind words of wisdom ? Definitely feeling way better now so I'm super excited !!
  12. Thank you JesB for your encouragement you're so lovely ! Maybe subconsciously I am very nervous - I have been having a LOT of dreams about surgery for the past few weeks ? I think I need to just relax and get pre-op photo taking tonight haha. I will update tomorrow - and hopefully I can help you too if you're feeling nervous before your big day !
  13. I'm booked in with Dr Rahdon in Geelong for my surgery tomorrow and received my call today saying my admission time is 7.30am. I was at work and actually had to come home from work as a few hours after this I got intense stomach pains and (sorry for the detail) horrible diarrhoea. I haven't really been feeling all that nervous to be honest but in the past I have had similar reactions because of nerves. I'm just hoping I haven't got a bug or something now and wondered if anyone has experienced something similar?
  14. Will do ! I'll be posting left right and centre once it's over haha. How great is that feeling
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