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    Breast Augumentation
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    31st October 2014
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    171cm, 56kg, 10a before surgery

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  1. I'm 8 months post op and haven't been wearing bra since about 2 months after. But am starting to think I should..
  2. I'm 8 months post and haven't been wearing a bra to bed since about 2 months after. Just wondering how many people, if any wear a bra to bed still?
  3. There is a obvious deformaty in my rib cage which pushes one breast out more. If not xray then some other way of seeing.. Was at TCI. The surgeon who did them is not there anymore.
  4. I just feel like sharing my experience. I am not 8 months post op breast augumentation. I went from having virtually filling an A cup to filling a C cup. My main reason for the surgery was of course to get bigger breasts and one of the main things I wanted to try and achieve is more symmetry as my right breast was quite smaller than my left. To create more symmetry my surgeon recommended different size implants. Now after 8 months I still feel as though the right one is smaller. I don't know if there was much improvement in symmatry made. Also the crease of the left breast was made lower than
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