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    Extended Tummy Tuck (with full muscle repair) and Breast Lift (without implants)
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    Dr Preeyaphas Bangkok Hospital Thailand 26th of May 2012
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    12DD height 167cm Weight 65kgs

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I have personally seen quite a few bad results from Dr Teerasit. I can almost tell it's his work when I see a picture of the scarring because his scarring is very typical of his work. What I have seen is 'train track' style scarring with the normal incision line and then the cross lines of the stitches. I also know 2 girls who not only have bad scars like I said above but have bottomed out in one or both breasts. Personally I would never go with him. I have also heard from the people I knew who used him that his wife is always in on the consultations and seems to make most of the direction to the patient with regard to size/profile etc... whilst of all accounts she is a nice lady, I do not think the plastic surgeon's wife should be making choices that he should make himself.
  2. Did you tell him 2 cup sizes!? Im very surprised he only took 150g out then! He probably thought you'd be happy when you saw they looked good lifted or something? That's the problem with surgery, lots of people end up with a style that the Dr likes, rather than what they really want.
  3. 150g is a tiny amount to remove. I read that 200g is aprox one cup size, so it's less than a cup size and therefore not that surprising you fit your old bras. With my lift ( no reduction but no implants either) my boobs actually often fit bras a bit bigger than before ( and my boobs certainly LOOK bigger, even though I didn't get implants) just because of the lift and how they sit now. My friend had a reduction and they took 350g from one boob and 375g from the other and she only went down from a DD to a D.... So basically what I'm saying is I think that is your breast size, what you have now, 150g is such a small amount, and unlikely to make much size difference, especially as a lift tends to make them a bit larger looking because of how they sit.
  4. Dr P is in his 70's. I believe I was his last long complicated case. My surgery took 11 hours. Someone like Dr P who can pick and choose what he does because he is so in demand... Well why would he slog for 11 hours without a break ( you can't really stop with a patient knocked out on the table), especially since he's over 70 years old (most Drs would have retired completely by that age!) He can do simple BA (which is probably far more pleasant for him than what he had to go through with me!) for the rest of his days... After I had my surgery Rachel told me it was very long, and that Dr P wasn't going to be doing that kind of work anymore, younger surgeons have quicker techniques, and although Dr P is technically amazing, he takes longer to get it perfect. I'm so glad I had him, but totally understand that my surgery was hard and am not surprised it helped him along with his choices not to take long complicated surgeries!
  5. I've never heard anything good about this doctor, only bad things. Apparently his bedside manner is very disagreeable also. Even if there are some good stories, are you willing to risk that? I certainly wouldn't.
  6. You do know that you don't have to 100% decide right now don't you? You can book in and think about it and get Dr Ps advice on the day, he won't do a reduction if you change your mind and just want an uplift in the day. Thai surgeons are very flexible, and the surgery time is just as long for a major lift as a small reduction, so you won't be inconveniencing him. I was booked for a lollipop lift with NO implants, but on the day he asked me if I wanted small implants anyway ( I said no of course) I also asked him to to the more complicated lift of an anchor lift rather than lollipop lift, and he was totally ok with those changes even made on the day.
  7. Thank you Mullum So glad I could help someone, it's a scary thing to do, and I think the people who've been before should pass on their knowledge. So glad you're happy
  8. I believe dual plane is another term for 'unders' I've read that unless you have less than 200cc you can never have true 'unders' as for true unders they stitch the pocket under an implant so that the implant is fully 'under' most people who state they have 'unders' actually have dual plane. So dual plane settle like people talk about 'unders' settling, as most of these people don't actually have full unders. The implant sits under the muscle, yes, but unless it is a very small implant it will always poke out at the bottom.. Hence dual plane
  9. That lasted for me for about 3 months. I hated it and each time I was scared it wouldn't go away! So I didn't wear jeans lol. Your compression garment should help, but yeah it lasts a while.
  10. Hi Mullum, I couldn't send you a private message as your inbox is full! So I've replied to your email here I don't know what the difference is between the CICI gel tape you got and the one I used, I used a brand called Scar Fx and my packet said to wear it every moment of the day that you weren't in the shower. I wore mine from about 3 weeks and I wore them about 23 hours a day, the Scar Fx ones, I think I sent you a link to them in an email. I used lukostrips ( what Dr P used) until 3 weeks when I put the silicone tape on. I didn't use any oils at all until I stopped using the silicone sheets ( I used them for about 6 weeks) then I used coconut oil, and I still put the coconut oil on everyday after my shower now. After using the silicone strips for about 3 weeks my skin got also dry, so I had a few days away from them and used lots of coconut oil everywhere and no strips ( for about 3 days) then I went back to the strips and no oil. I just felt all my skin needed a good moisturizing! Yes my nipples were very high, I didn't care because I thought, well gravity made them sag before, so I have plenty of time for gravity to do its job! But they have really settled now and my boobs have a more natural look. When I first got them done I couldn't hold a pencil under my boob without using my hand ( pencil test) they were so high and perky, now I can so there is more natural fold as they have dropped down a little. Id say that took about 3 months? Did not happen when the stitches came out, they have changed so much since then and look more of the natural breast shape. Even though I was happy with the in natural high nipples, they have settled down now and aren't so high but I'm still happy!
  11. 26th of December Imkaren!? You're certainly getting a big Xmas present this year!
  12. *Blush* thankyou Mullum for your lovely comments about me I really really was glad I could help, and your results are EXACTLY like I pictured they would be! Just perfect. Dr Preeyaphas is my hero for giving me my confidence back, and I'm just so so pleased he did it for you too!! I think people don't really understand that with enough tissue you can really get a wonderful result WITHOUT implants. Implants are great for people that want them, but I think it's great that you and me can share pictures to show that a great result is also possible ( if you have the right proportions to start with) without implants too. Thankyou everyone for your nice comments about my boobies I was having a bad day and you all made me smile xxMousey
  13. Totally agree with Lisa, and was going to say the same thing about Dr Teerasit's incisions ( scars I've seen have the 'train track' effect) Dr Preeyaphas I'd reccomend 100% ( I had him myself for a very complicated 11 hour operation) . Ice also seen good work from Dr Poomee.
  14. So sorry to hear about your niece eventhough I dont personally know you or your sister, let me tell you it breaks my heart to hear that someone has lost their children the pain of that would be unbearable. Take time to grieve and be there for her. I know it must be hard after your operation too, it's not like you can just forget about yourself to be there for her either, take care of you too. I lost my mother 3 weeks after my surgery, so I know how hard recovery is when you are also grieving . It sucks. Love to your family .
  15. Just remember your husband doesn't have to carry them around for the rest of his life! Of course without any of the ramifications he would want bigger! Lol. MEN. When I decided that I wanted my boobs fixed ( after being destroyed by children) he said whatever makes me happy. He did tell me that he doesn't much like the idea or look of fake boobs ( kinda like I wouldn't like him to get Ab or pectoral implants!) so I just stuck with a lift only ( no implants) and I'm very happy with that. Hubby always says sweet things and absolutely loves them even tho they aren't massive ( I was a DD before and still am now) .... My advice is go with what you are comfortable with, you have to carry them around, you bare the risks associated with them ( sagging, replacements etc) you should be the one that decides. Advice and support is great, but ultimately it's your body
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