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    I Had a Rhinoplasty and septoplasty turbinate reduction.
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    Dr Tobias Pincock

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  1. Would you still like photos? Mine was a fat nose bulbous tip which is gone
  2. No worries. I suppose it would depend though on why you needed revision wouldn't it, Still i am curious as to why he didn't do your revision, surely you would of discussed this with him as well. Either way good luck again.
  3. To "SydGal" I Just sent you my before and after photo, with a message, let me know if you got it and what you think? If someone asks for the photo please dont give it to them. I prefer if i was asked . Cheers
  4. I can see your frustration, good luck with the consultation with Paul, regardless your in good hands. Its a shame things didnt work out like you wanted it to. I wonder if i was to bring it up to Tobias, and if it rang a bell to him. I know he fixes a lot of other surgeons stuff ups, as most surgeons would too. Wonder why he didn't do the revision for you in particular. I can see your frustration, good luck with the consultation with Paul, regardless your in good hands. Its a shame things didnt work out like you wanted it to. I wonder if i was to bring it up to Tobias, and if it rang a
  5. That's hilarious about the usernames lol haha.. I can post you a private message of my pic as soon as i get a chance. definitely do all your research, get your 1 or 2 consultations first maybe even 3 if you can afford it, geez they add up though. For me it was three different people in the 300 dollar average range per consultation. As part of the rhinoplasty Dr Pincock also used a technique which i was excited for him to perform on me which i knew would be beneficial for me with my nose which involves thinning of the skin in the tip of my fatty nose, some people call it "defatting", sound
  6. Seems to have very good google reviews. Good luck with your research.
  7. Your allowed give your opinion, but to just come out implying Doctor Pincock charges patients if he needed to reoperate is pretty vague thing to say, it would depend on a number of things and if your implying revision when comparing to Dr Gerrarchi, when you say” I’m sure Dr Paul Gerrarchi will take you back to the operating room and operate on you and not charge you anything additional. “then I can tell you the same rules apply with most and not all doctors and Dr Paul Gerrarchi mentions on his website and I quote, “The before and after photographs shown are of Dr Gerarchi’s patients and the
  8. Did you end up doing any type of surgery
  9. Regarding experience in Rib grafting, You got to have evidence to back this up and even so you got to realize too, Dr Pincock may have done more patients then Paul in terms of rib grafting or vice versa which would affect ones experience with "rib grafting" you just wont know how many patients or what procedures in total these surgeons have under taken. , if we talking experience well Dr Pincock is of the younger generation, which to be honest i preferred, as it is hard to find a balance with someone who is young and to have the experience that Dr pincock has. At the end of the day i resp
  10. ADVANTAGES OF RHINOPLASTY: 1. BalanceSometimes a nose can be a distracting feature on a person's face. A particular appearance of a nose may result in an imbalance between the face and nose. Sometimes, a person, such as a celebrity, may be known for their nose. People like Barbara Streisand, Bill Clinton, or Owen Wilson would never consider having a nose job, because their noses are features with which the public is familiar. However, for non-famous people like us, a large nose may be something that may not seem to fit on an otherwise "normal" face.2. Improved Nasal AirflowVarious structures w
  11. Yeah Paul is good too, If you guys research their qualifications and experience both doctors are very good. But yeh to each is own. Like i said i first Tobias Pincock based on my experience with him and outcome of what i wanted to achieve.
  12. See is pretty detailed for people who want to know the story in more depth. Its boring stuff but at least you can see it as it is. I also have the link as it is attached as well.y. The link is here and then you need to click on Dr Tobias Pincock or just click on the pdf attachment http://www.mcnsw.org.au/page/454/doctors--performance--conduct---health/professional-conduct-/hearings-and-decisions/decisions/psc-decisions/psc-decisions-2016/ Below is the full extract as i said boring and technical stuff if you are interested, i just thought it was fair to see the full thing becaus
  13. i had my nose done with Dr pincock and will post my experience shorty will even touch lightly of the media issue sorrounding him. I am very happy with the outcome.
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