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    I Had a Rhinoplasty and septoplasty turbinate reduction.
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    Dr Tobias Pincock

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  1. Yeah its cool, normal to feel what you feeling. Let me know if you still want the photos cheers?
  2. Would you still like photos? Mine was a fat nose bulbous tip which is gone
  3. No worries. I suppose it would depend though on why you needed revision wouldn't it, Still i am curious as to why he didn't do your revision, surely you would of discussed this with him as well. Either way good luck again.
  4. To "SydGal" I Just sent you my before and after photo, with a message, let me know if you got it and what you think? If someone asks for the photo please dont give it to them. I prefer if i was asked . Cheers
  5. I can see your frustration, good luck with the consultation with Paul, regardless your in good hands. Its a shame things didnt work out like you wanted it to. I wonder if i was to bring it up to Tobias, and if it rang a bell to him. I know he fixes a lot of other surgeons stuff ups, as most surgeons would too. Wonder why he didn't do the revision for you in particular. I can see your frustration, good luck with the consultation with Paul, regardless your in good hands. Its a shame things didnt work out like you wanted it to. I wonder if i was to bring it up to Tobias, and if it rang a bell to him. I know he fixes a lot of other surgeons stuff ups, as most surgeons would too. Wonder why he didn't do the revision for you in particular.
  6. That's hilarious about the usernames lol haha.. I can post you a private message of my pic as soon as i get a chance. definitely do all your research, get your 1 or 2 consultations first maybe even 3 if you can afford it, geez they add up though. For me it was three different people in the 300 dollar average range per consultation. As part of the rhinoplasty Dr Pincock also used a technique which i was excited for him to perform on me which i knew would be beneficial for me with my nose which involves thinning of the skin in the tip of my fatty nose, some people call it "defatting", sounds grose which it probably is. Because if you read up on bulbous tips and rhinoplasty in general it seems to be hard one to tackle even for the best of surgeons, but Dr Pincock was so confident about the success of it and was not even concerned about its complexities despite me having read articles that said otherwise. My cousin had 2 different surgeons in which she also had a bulbous tip but wasn't happy with the outcome of her surgeon, the next revision she says will be with my doctor this time. For my nose i didn't want anything drastic i just wanted a normal frigin nose lol, which is what i got. Ill send you a pic shortly Hilarious i know! lol
  7. Seems to have very good google reviews. Good luck with your research.
  8. Your allowed give your opinion, but to just come out implying Doctor Pincock charges patients if he needed to reoperate is pretty vague thing to say, it would depend on a number of things and if your implying revision when comparing to Dr Gerrarchi, when you say” I’m sure Dr Paul Gerrarchi will take you back to the operating room and operate on you and not charge you anything additional. “then I can tell you the same rules apply with most and not all doctors and Dr Paul Gerrarchi mentions on his website and I quote, “The before and after photographs shown are of Dr Gerarchi’s patients and the surgery has been performed by Dr Gerarchi. They are for illustrative purposes only. They show the results achieved by individual patients and are no guarantee of the outcome to be expected by any particular individual considering surgery. Surgeons of good reputation do not guarantee outcomes. Unexpected events and individual healing characteristics can affect the outcome of any surgery”. With additional charges, I asked the office of Dr Paul Garrachi they mentioned that if they needed to operate again because you either wanted some other modifications then you would incur the extra charges they also mentioned that there may be additional fees if say the hospital needs to charge any extra work or for overtime performed with the doctors or anything of that nature, this may be relayed back to the patient. This would be the same with most doctors I think and Dr Pincock as well. And rest assured this never happened to me. In terms of revision charges, I never asked them what would happened if the results weren’t what you expected just didn’t feel right to say ask something like that I guess at the time because it seemed black and white to me when I read it on their website just like most doctor’s state, I don’t think many surgeons out there I reckon will do free revision just because the patients weren’t 100 percent as there’s no guarantee, this is the risk we all took is how I see it, that 10 percent chance. But I still think even then surgeons and patient can come to some sort of agreement. Each case is different. I mean I knew from the get go that it was a standard in rhinoplasty that there would be a 10 percent chance of revision even if the surgeon was my “best surgeon” in my opinion, I still I had these risks to consider. In regards to Dr Paul Garrachi I still think a good doctor just like others I know of and met up with for consultations. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. But Just because in your experience it happened to you, I wouldn’t say it’s fair to imply that blatantly that Dr Pincock as a standard charges additional fees to re-operate just like that especially when there is more to it than that So for anyone wanting to know some other interesting facts regarding my surgery with Dr Pincock and how I was looked after as well and where in my eyes Dr Pincock exceeded my expectations. Firstly, I have to say I have not been charged a cent for the post opp appointments which I think is normal for most doctors. Never charged me for the allergy specialist. Not a major big deal here but it impressed me when in my second consultation before surgery I was curious about Botox and told him how I never had it done and wondered about it, and he did it for me for no charge just to try it out. I thought that was nice of him. I went back every week for 4 weeks with the post opps (no charge of course) as that level of care impressed me. If we comparing here with Dr Paul, then it appears he sees them 1 week later than 6 weeks as quoted from his website “The number of follow-up appointments will depend on the patient. In most cases, follow-up appointments take place one week, six weeks, three months, six months, one year and then annually after surgery. “and again nothing wrong with this but there were small things that leaned me towards one person then the other and not talking specifically with Dr Gerrarchi just with general surgeons. Each week for 4 weeks after surgery they also tape up your nose and give the cortisone if needed (well they did for me) to help reduce the swelling and give that extra bit of support, which I have to say not all doctors adopt this method and it’s not a big deal for me and it may not even be necessary, I know my cousins’ surgeon didn’t have her nose taped down and reckons if she did maybe the swelling would have gone down sooner. I think looking into Paul he does it differently; you can check it out on his site. I even over paid them with the surgery by 1000 when I transferred the funds to them, don’t ask how the hell I did that, and they let me know that I had overpaid it which was I much appreciated of. So me personally Anyone doing Rhinoplasty it’s important that they read the documents ask all the questions you can think of to the surgeons to make your decision more solid.
  9. Did you end up doing any type of surgery
  10. Regarding experience in Rib grafting, You got to have evidence to back this up and even so you got to realize too, Dr Pincock may have done more patients then Paul in terms of rib grafting or vice versa which would affect ones experience with "rib grafting" you just wont know how many patients or what procedures in total these surgeons have under taken. , if we talking experience well Dr Pincock is of the younger generation, which to be honest i preferred, as it is hard to find a balance with someone who is young and to have the experience that Dr pincock has. At the end of the day i respect your personal choice and it is a personal preference and both are very good and have had extensive training beyond their training in ear, nose and throat surgery. And i think its great people can find information freely like this to make decisions. Rib grafting been going on for years. For those wanting to know what rib grafting is, i have an extract i found from a doctor who posted this: "There are three types of cartilage used in revision rhinoplasty. The first choice is always cartilage from the septum, as it is straight, firm cartilage which does not require harvesting from outside of the nose. In cases where septal cartilage has already been used during previous surgery, the next choices are ear and rib. Ear cartilage can be excellent for certain smaller grafts but tends to be weaker than septal cartilage and may not be strong enough for reconstructing noses which require major support. Rib cartilage can also safely and effectively be used in revision rhinoplasty. The cartilage can be autologous, which means that it comes from the patient, or irradiated, which is donated by an individual who is deceased. The harvest of rib cartilage is done through an inconspicuous 2-3 cm incision, which can be tucked under the right breast in women. The first risk related to harvesting this cartilage is injury to the underlying lung or tissue layer around the lung, called the pleura. This can result in air being introduced around the lung, what is known as a pneumothorax. This extremely uncommon complication can be managed by temporary placement of a chest tube for a few days following the procedure. Other risks related to rib cartilage include the grafts becoming visible under the skin, shifting of the grafts, and resorption, or dissolving of the grafts. This risk of resorption is thought to be greater when the cartilage is irradiated (cadaveric cartilage). In general, use of rib cartilage is extremely safe and for surgeons who specialize in revision rhinoplasty, the benefits of utilizing rib cartilage greatly outweigh these risks."
  11. ADVANTAGES OF RHINOPLASTY: 1. BalanceSometimes a nose can be a distracting feature on a person's face. A particular appearance of a nose may result in an imbalance between the face and nose. Sometimes, a person, such as a celebrity, may be known for their nose. People like Barbara Streisand, Bill Clinton, or Owen Wilson would never consider having a nose job, because their noses are features with which the public is familiar. However, for non-famous people like us, a large nose may be something that may not seem to fit on an otherwise "normal" face.2. Improved Nasal AirflowVarious structures within the nose can contribute to issue with breathing and airflow through the nose. Trauma from accidents, sports, or altercations can result is deviation of the nasal septum. This structure is a wall that separates the right and left side of the nose. If the septum is crooked, then one of both sides of the nasal airway may be blocked to airflow. A septoplasty is often performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty to straighten a crooked nose and septum, improving both the appearance of the nose and the flow of air.The inferior turbinates are another set of structures inside the nose that can cause nasal airway obstruction if large. Nasal surgery can be performed to shrink the size of the turbinates to improve airflow. A turbinoplasty is often done at the same time as the rhinoplasty. Turbinates do not affect the appearance of the nose.3. Self-image and ConfidenceIn cases where people suffer from self-esteem and self-image issues because of constant bullying, positive changes to the appearance of the nose can provide a person with a huge boost in confidence after rhinoplasty.DISADVANTAGES OF RHINOPLASTY: 1. Thick SkinThick nasal skin makes it more difficult for rhinoplasty results to be visible. This is especially true in patients who desire a more defined or refined nasal tip. TIp-plasty or Finesse Rhinoplasty can sculpt the nasal tip cartilage. But, if the overlying skin is thick, it will be more difficult to see the results of nose surgery.2. Limitations:There is only so much that can be achieved with nose surgery. The shape of the nose can be manipulated to varying degrees by reshaping bone and cartilage. But, there are limitations based on the patient's overall anatomy.3. Don't bring in photos of your favorite celebrity nose:Unless you happen to be an identical twin of your favorite celebrity, it is unrealistic to think that you will be able to have their nose after rhinoplasty. So, focus on the particular aspects of your nose that concerns you, and be very specific about your goals and expectations when consulting with your plastic surgeon. "I Definitely agree about photos of favorite celebrities would not be realistic, i remember in past consultations i had a couple of the previous plastic surgeons tell me how common it was and unrealistic. I have thick skin and thought it was interesting. Amazing how the human body works and what these surgeons can do nowadays."
  12. Yeah Paul is good too, If you guys research their qualifications and experience both doctors are very good. But yeh to each is own. Like i said i first Tobias Pincock based on my experience with him and outcome of what i wanted to achieve.
  13. See is pretty detailed for people who want to know the story in more depth. Its boring stuff but at least you can see it as it is. I also have the link as it is attached as well.y. The link is here and then you need to click on Dr Tobias Pincock or just click on the pdf attachment http://www.mcnsw.org.au/page/454/doctors--performance--conduct---health/professional-conduct-/hearings-and-decisions/decisions/psc-decisions/psc-decisions-2016/ Below is the full extract as i said boring and technical stuff if you are interested, i just thought it was fair to see the full thing because in the news articles most of the time they always out there to make things sound even worse then what it is i mean it, like i said i am not saying the situation was a good situation. But i like to know the proper story not half of it, of course the outcome is the same. But still.... I also have my recent experience with him in another post which was all positive. PSC Decision - Dr Kirsten Morgan and Dr Tobias Pincock - 11 Feb 2016 (3).pdf
  14. i had my nose done with Dr pincock and will post my experience shorty will even touch lightly of the media issue sorrounding him. I am very happy with the outcome.
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