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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Harwood - September 20th 2012
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    162 cm / 58 kg / 10A
  1. Hey Shayna, I am almost 1 month post op and I have got the exact same implant that you are getting, 315cc anatomical high profile overs. I'll try get some after shots up in the next week so you can see. When I went in for my first consult and Kim recommended 'overs' I was a bit shocked/worried. But after researching more and eventually putting all my trust in Dr Harwood (at the end of the day he is the professional in implants) I agreed. So far so good. My recovery was amazingly easy and my healing has been super too. I can't feel the implant edge and although they are still firm they are softening up more and more each day. The best thing I have enjoyed about getting 'overs' (not that I can compare), is I have seen my end result alot quicker (and also the easier recovery). As far as CC, the brazilians implants have a lower risk of this happening. There is plenty of infomration about them on here. At the end of the day it's your body and you have to be comfortable with what you are paying to get done to it. Good luck with your decision.
  2. Thanks Boobs2B, hope you feel better soon. I'll see you tomorrow Jen!
  3. ABOOBIES - They look fantastic! There has definitely been some change in the past month. You just need to remind yourself what your chest was like BBJ (before boob job) and try not let the booby blues get you down. Thank you so much for sharing your photos - it's nice to see some of Dr Harwood's 'overs' work.
  4. Hi ABOOBIES, I think we are after similar results and Dr Harwood recommended moderate profile, 315 cc overs for me. I too am a A/B cup and asked for a full C - as natural looker as possible. Dr Harwood said the moderate profile will make them less pointy and more rounder. I'm a bit concerned that they will be larger than what I expect due to them being overs, but from what Dr Harwood tells me and other ladies tell me about boobie greed I think they will be fine. Good luck!
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