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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Harwood - September 20th 2012
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    162 cm / 58 kg / 10A
  1. Hey Kass, I'm going really well - just feeling like my normal self again. How are you doing? xx

  2. Hi Jen, Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. Hope your recovery is still going well. Kass x

  3. Thanks Oakley! I'm super happy with how they are coming along. Pre Op I was tossing up with the 315's and 360's but definitely happy about the outcome.

  4. Just saw your pictures, what a gorgeous shape and size :) they're looking great!

  5. Hey Shayna, I am almost 1 month post op and I have got the exact same implant that you are getting, 315cc anatomical high profile overs. I'll try get some after shots up in the next week so you can see. When I went in for my first consult and Kim recommended 'overs' I was a bit shocked/worried. But after researching more and eventually putting all my trust in Dr Harwood (at the end of the day he is the professional in implants) I agreed. So far so good. My recovery was amazingly easy and my healing has been super too. I can't feel the implant edge and although they are still firm they are softening up more and more each day. The best thing I have enjoyed about getting 'overs' (not that I can compare), is I have seen my end result alot quicker (and also the easier recovery). As far as CC, the brazilians implants have a lower risk of this happening. There is plenty of infomration about them on here. At the end of the day it's your body and you have to be comfortable with what you are paying to get done to it. Good luck with your decision.
  6. Hi Kass! Thanks for your lovely words, I've been trying to get toned for summer but still not quite there yet :) Yes would love to see some of your pics! Do you prefer one peices? I'm loving one peices at the moment - you can have a BBQ on the beach and hide your stomach afterwards lol! There are some really sexy ones out atm to treat yourself to :) how are your boobies going? Xo

  7. Hi B2B, I must say I LOVE, LOVE all your swimwear shots. I have tried to go bikini shopping, but haven't been able to find a pair yet as I never have been a bikini person, so still self conscious. I can't say I'm envious of your chest as I brought myself a set of those ;) but where do I get a flat stomach like yours?! Think I might have to give up the beer. :) Thanks for all your early support and words of encouragement. I'll stop being lazy and upload some photos this week. Kass

  8. You too Jen! Although I barely remember. Hope all went well for you. I ended up with 315cc high profile over the muscle, so I imagine my pain is alot less.

  9. Great seeing you Kazeld! You were so drugged up it was funny "is that you JenJen? I have boobs!" Love it. Hope you're doing ok. My pain's just kicking in so I'm busting out the icepacks :)

  10. Thanks Boobs2B, hope you feel better soon. I'll see you tomorrow Jen!
  11. Wow, you've breastfed! You have been really lucky :) I think either of those you'd be happy with as you've got some tissue to start with anyway. Dr. H told me I could go either under or over but suggested under as I still haven't had kids yet, he said this may make it easier for the future and further boob jobs I'll have to get. Do you know what size cup you want to achieve or not 100%?

  12. Thanks Oakley! Yes I'm lucky in the sense that my chest hasn't been affected by breastfeeding or I have no real aesthetic, if only they were a few sizes bigger! I'm tossing up between 315cc moderate profile over the muscle or 360cc high prfoile under the muscle. I have no doubt that I will be thrilled with what Kim gives me it just making a decision, which I have decided I will do on the day after I have talked to him again.

  13. What sizes are you tossing up between and profiles etc? You have nice boobs already so I think you'll be thrilled!

  14. FR accepted :) Not long for you now!

  15. Hi Oakley, Hope your recovery is going well. I've been quietly lurking around as I'm having my surgery in 6 days time with Kim. I'd love to see any pre and post op pictures you have as I'm still tossing up between sizes. Thanks, Kass

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