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  1. That's awesome moo! Congrats and welcome to the boobie club!
  2. no regrets, happy with size implant placement everything. i think i got whats perfect for me i wouldn't go bigger or smaller. i have 450cc over muscle (same size look as 500cc under) i feel they are natural enough looking but can make them look fake if i choose to in a certain dress and honestly unless i tell people even friends they didn't really notice i got bigger boobs, i don't walk around with them on display, i wear t shirts to school pick up etc and no one noticed. only close mates and close family will notice as believe it or not people don't go around looking at your boobs. as far as making you look slimmer, only if your wearing something skin tight like a fitted dress, regular clothes make you look bigger but not overly so. And the best reason to do it is the sex! no-one seems to mention it much but the confidence they give you definitely makes sex a whole lot more fun
  3. sex! and less paranoid about my bodies imperfections or getting the perfectly toned abdomen like i was before. i have relaxed and am enjoying life a bit more because of it.
  4. mine feel normal as far as no pain and being squishy but i can't wait to have normal sensation back, especially in my nipples!
  5. i didn't use any oil or scar treatment while over there, didn't use heat pack tiger balm or fever patches as i never get a fever, i took all that and didn't feel i needed anything else. i didn't take flow dresses but bought some clothes over there too.
  6. I had 450cc over the muscle.
  7. Yeah mine are great! Not much has changed with my progress since week 2-3 and now week 6 they settled really quickly and beautifully and I have been sized at a 10F!
  8. elle just click on my ticker and it will take you to a page to create your own
  9. I'm off to priceline tomorrow after reading this
  10. I have a 4yr old boy and he was fine because i just gave lots of cuddles and curled up with him lots and watched movies and i had him from 24hrs PO, i did have help from hubby but at 2 days post op my son got gastro so was still having to be mum and had him sitting on my lap being ill, your a mum you will be able to do what you need to do, i have a friend who did it with a 4 month old baby and 4 yr old boy she had hubby but we all know babies just want mummy. maybe get a mate or relative to take him to the park a few times so there is times you can still have a rest and some sleep.
  11. Sorry I've been flat out since getting home! had a promotion (boobs get you everywhere) so been busy with that too. I have had the best experience, fantastic results i have pictures up so feel free to FR if you want to check it out. I've had no problem with contact from cosmedtour or PIAC, had both call(while i was still in thailand but missed the call) and email from PIAC, as well as 2 emails and a phone call from cosmeditour. Other than that, I've been super lucky with my recovery, I'm just under 4 weeks post op and was out swimming today with the kids and my implants feel soft and i feel like they are apart of me now. and i love the look of them too. Still have some numbness and sensitivity but scars area healing well and nothing bad to report
  12. so day 10-26, When i got home i was sore for about 4 days and quite tired, big holiday and what not, wasn't in pain just felt bruised and mopey, The internal stick pain has stopped and i have as of today went back to exercise today in the form of light swimming and in 2 days am going to go back to pole gently. The one thing that is annoying me is the sensitivity, As i still have some numbness its seems as feeling comes back i get some uncomfortable sensitivity that started about day 16-18 and has calmed right down to just feeling strange but still have that numbish tingle. As far as how they feel, they are really soft now and feel fantastic! and got to try on bras and ranged between 12DD-10F so stoked about that and I couldn't be any happier that i did this in Thailand and that i took my hubby and kids. I had an amazing time with my beautiful family and hope my boobs stay the same because i love them! Ive been so busy i had forgotten to update anything but i have awesome results so far and am going to add some pictures to my file so if anyone is keen to check them out feel free
  13. definitely, need to get back to the gym so bad! and I'm only 3wks po
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