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    Breast Augmentation - Slightly tuberous breasts - 400cc xhp dual plane with lowered creases
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    Dr Victor Lee on 17th December 2014
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  1. I am so looking forward to seeing your results from the boob god LaydeeTJ, not that I'm on here often but seeing Flapjack tag you on insta jogged my memory! Not long now! You must be so excited, and have a lot of other emotions rolling around too of course
  2. I got it, I'm pretty sure you still have to pay $2000 towards the anesthesiologist and then the surgeons fees are free. I just got it for piece of mind, though it's not that common I wanted to be covered if I was one of the unlucky ones.
  3. Only just saw this, but have accepted now :-)
  4. I'm 157cm too, but am currently 59kg and had a bwd of 13cm... I got 400cc xhp and they definitely aren't big on my frame, I have cleavage but no side boob so wish I'd gone bigger so I'd have more shape on the sides when front on (I still look pear shaped unless cleavage is showing). I was absolutely terrified of the size I chose when I tried the sizers, even though I thought they were big when I first got them I figured they'd be the perfect size once settled, then the boob greed set in! Consider the width of your implant compared to your bwd (if you know what brand/type you're getting you should be able to google it and find a sizing chart - mine have a width of 11.75cm, so that explains why I have no side boob right there but I didn't know the width until they were in unfortunately), plus also consider what kind of look you want and make sure your surgeon knows what you are after. They are the expert and the absolute best person to tell you need to achieve the look you want! The sizers are not at all an indicator of shape, only of the fullness of that size... So I say go with with 315cc!
  5. Sorry to hear you are still not happy with them Sarah! I know it's a very long journey for us (mildly) tuberous girls, I've seen girls who have had great results quite soon and others who have taken 8 months + to start liking their new assets. I found out at 4 and a half months that my nipples just sit low even though my implants are at the right height, so all this time I'd been dreaming of under boob and then told it'll never happen for me, and for some reason it took 4 and a half months for my surgeon to tell me. Mine are still a bit pointy and a bit odd shaped, some days more than others, but I can put them in a bra and like them. But I also look forward to what changes may come over the next 6 months or so. I would say to contact your surgeon and express specifically what your concerns are and take it from there. They definitely look like they are improving from your pics, but it's just happening very slowly. Maybe get a massage, and get them to focus on your pecs to help them stretch out, maybe they can even give you some gentle stretching exercises to do at home too?
  6. I feel like mine rounded out a lot after 6 weeks and got a lot more definition, though as you said my main issue was how high they were sitting. I actually like where they sit now, but my nipple isn't centre so hopefully they will drop that little bit and I'll get better nipple positioning. Have you contacted your surgeon at all, can you get answers that way? Mine just keeps reassuring me it's because I was mildly tuberous and that they will just take longer than normal.
  7. LaydeeTJ, I have pre-op pics on here, but I'm still waiting for mine to round out properly :-)
  8. Yes lilred87, after about a week it went away. I was quite active and was up and about from day 1, so apparently that can help it be absorbed into your body faster. For some people can take a couple of weeks :-)
  9. Totally normal hun... I'm pretty sure I was still considering my options while climbing on the table in Theater! I didn't love my old boobs, they were okay in the fact that I could make them look good with a padded bra, but I was never ever going to love them the way they were. At least having a BA was going to give me the opportunity to have boobs I could love! I also knew if I backed out that I would always regret it, I would always be jealous of other ladies boobs when I actually had the chance to get my own You'll feel better once you have your consult. Dr Lee will totally put you at ease!
  10. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had either treatment on this area and if you have any recommendations in Melbourne? I had a BA in December and I keep looking at this area and thinking how much better my boobs would look with it reduced. I have put on a little weight since my BA but I know it has always been there and will probably not reduce enough by loosing weight alone.
  11. I'm glad he has come around! Surely he knows you are not like "most girls". You are his wife and he should support anything that makes you happy! Also as was mentioned by the other ladies... "most girls" do it for themselves and to feel comfortable in their own skin! You are right, he probably just didn't know how to verbalize his concerns and it came out all wrong. I had been so busy trying to prepare my fiance for my surgery that I didn't notice I was scaring him until I found out he had told him mum he was concerned that I was having surgery. I had no idea, I was too obsessed with boobs to notice. He wouldn't touch them for about 5 and a half weeks cause he thought he'd break them. But we got through it and I'm pretty sure he likes them now
  12. We are friends already too Sarah so feel free to have a look through my pics, they have definitely gotten more definition as time has gone on. I really struggled to deal with the shape of them early on, it wasn't until about 10 weeks that I started to like them more. I was recommended to wear a strap at about 9 weeks so that is what has improved them for me as they needed to drop - and do still need to drop a bit more. It's hard, but just mentally give them until 6 months until you judge them
  13. Collins Street Plastic Surgery is very affordable ($9000 for day procedure - extra for hospital stay if you want to stay over night though), maybe book a consult and see how you feel with one of their surgeons? Then perhaps also have consults with the surgeons Donatella recommended. You'll know who you feel most comfortable with after that. I went through TCI but only found out I was tuberous a week before surgery, everything was booked and paid for so I figured I'd go to my consult and Dr Lee made me feel very reassured about the whole procedure. I still have a bit of dropping to do but he said it'd take about 6 months for them to take on a more normal appearance anyway and I've seen some great changes in mine the last month or so, so am pleased so far. I would have liked the opportunity to have a consult with a plastic surgeon prior though, I feel like it would have saved me a lot of stress.
  14. I had mildly tuberous breasts so had quite low nipples and very little lower pole, my nipples are not centered just yet (implants still need to drop further) but Dr Lee said it'd take around 6 months for them to have a more normal appearance (he also lowered my creases about 2cm). Feel free to send me a FR and you can see if your pre-op is similar to mine
  15. I am so so sorry to hear this Bee I don't know what to say to make it seem any better, but the two surgeons that the moderator recommended look to do amazing work and I do hope if you go ahead you get the boobies you have always wanted!
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