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  1. They always ask for photos to make sure you are suitable
  2. I heard them say they were almost fully booked for April at the bondi clinic. I'm guessing end of July you should be fine
  3. If you get the $490 insurance then you have Skype appointments with the nurses. Otherwise you just have to send them photos
  4. I am so impatient! It's only day 2 and I'm already like 'WHY ARENT YOU CHANGING YET??'
  5. I believe it's 2 weeks prior to surgery Just checked my paperwork Nd it says 1 week prior
  6. My BWD was 15 and I'm pretty sure he said the implants we went with were 13.5cm
  7. I just woke up post op day 1. Feeling a bit worse than yesterday, I'm hoping just because of not taking any pain meds for 6 hours is why. I had 3 panadeine forte yesterday. Half an endone before bed and woke up at 11.30pm to take the another half and an antibiotic. Don't feel too bloated yet but then again I am bloated a lot normally so maybe just not feeling it yet. CONGRATS ON ALL OUR BOOBS LADIES PS everyone calls me amydee at home and my friend suggested I change my named to Amy doubledee and I said, looking down my top, maybe amyeee is more appropriate at the moment. My first boobs joke
  8. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO so glad to hear it went really well and lucky you not having any pain Can't wait to see your pics
  9. Everything I have heard has been really positive. I'm having surgery with dr Nguyen tomorrow but originally looked at dr tang (couldn't get in for the dates I needed with him though)
  10. Consult done! 445mod in right and 520hp in left (now you can tell how bad my asymmetry is
  11. They have not had 'lots of problems'. There has been 2 girls that had seizures due to pre existing conditions and the girl most recently did not have an overdose. I have spoken to her and they are still doing tests to see what happened. She has praised TCI over and over again for saving her life. It was not the surgeons fault and even a qualified plastic surgeon doesnt have anything to do with anaesthetic, that would be the anaesthesiologist. TCI is not perfect but the only reason you hear about a girl being 'rushed' to hospital was because the surgery takes place at their own practice. If the same thing happened when you were in hospital you obviously would not be rushed there. And she was not rushed, she went into cardiac arrest half way through and was stabilised. They finished the surgery and then called an ambulance to transport her to hospital for monitoring. Do your research and choose whichever doctor is going to work best for your needs.
  12. I'm trying to not think about it. Keep myself distracted for the next 4 days
  13. The what ifs are driving me crazy! But mine are more like 'what if I get there and he says there's no hope for me?' 'What if I get surgery and I hate them?'
  14. High five dannip! TCI is not to blame, no one is to blame. It could happen to anyone, anywhere. The girl is not blaming TCI so why is everyone else? I definitely feel safer with them knowing how they handled this
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