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  1. Congrats to bootifulboobies on the baby news! That's so exciting You'll have bootiful boobies anyway, thanks to your little bub! Congrats to all the girls who got their surgery the last day or so, and glad to hear everyone seems to be doing well I'm now three days post op and I'm feeling and looking so much better than I expected. I had otoplasy (ears pinned back) at the same time as my BA and my ears are actually causing me much more pain and discomfort. I have to have this bandage around my head until next Tuesday, and for a girl who usually washes her hair daily - it's horrible. I'm noticing my boobs are looking better every morning I wake up, which is so exciting! They are still tight and sitting high, but already looking way better than my old boobs. I had prepared myself for the worst but they actually look so good, barely any swelling either and no bruising. I should upload pics once I work out how. It's so crazy how much I stressed and debated about the size. I was so close to going smaller and I NEVER thought I'd say this but I feel somehow like I could have gone bigger. Once they are on your body they just don't seem that massive any more! Probably because I've forgotten how small my old boobs were already! I've looked this up and its pretty normal thank goodness, but has anyone else heard their boobs... squelch? Many times a day when I move my arm at a certain angle I'ok hear and feel a squelch from the implant. It's so weird! Apparently it's not a problem, but still so weird hahah Does anyone know if you're able to and it doesn't hurt whether it's okay if you use your arms a lot? Because I no longer have pain or stiffness lifting my arms, and I'm a clean freak so I did a bit of cleaning today. And after I wondered whether I should have or not. Does it cause damage to your new implants or is it just not advised because of the pain?
  2. It's done! I'm the happiest girl in the world! I'm currently sitting propped up in bed and I feel pretty damn good considering. My surgery went perfectly and my surgeon said the implant size I chose looked perfect. I'll recap my day (the parts I remember): I woke up at around 5am feeling excited (which was good because I was so nervous I felt faint yesterday) We arrived at Pacific Day surgery (Brisbane) about 6:15am well before anyone had arrived there for work haha Had my very last consultation with Dr Belt and he went over everything. He's so professional and I felt very comforted by this I took my little A cup bra off for the last time woooooo And Dr Belt put my recovery bra around my waist so it would be easy to pull up after surgery He drew all over my chest, I don't really know what any of it meant haha I then went and saw the nurse who checked over all my paperwork Then she gave me a hospital robe and tights to put on. (I have to keep these tights on for the next for days actually, to prevent blood clotting) After I was ready to roll I was put in the bed, and the anesthesist came and had a chat. He was really lovely and made me feel less nervous. Another nurse had a chat Dr Belt put these massaging leg things on my legs to further help prevent blood clots and he told me to pretend I was in a day spa haha! Then I was wheeled into the surgery room, there was maybe 5 people in purple robes in there (this sounds like Hogwarts hahahha) Annnnnd then I woke up! Same bed, different room My surgery was at 8am and the clock in front of me said 10:25am. I also had otoplasy at the same time by the way hence the 2+ hour surgery, but my boobs were my biggest concern. Once they saw I was awake I was wheeled to another part of the surgery and given painkillers. I was told to get some rest and try and sleep which was pretty much impossible as the surgery was so loud. I really wanted to jump up and look at myself and go home to be honest, but I had to wait. Must have been a little but dopey though cause I kept forgetting the massage things were on my legs and I'd be like; what the hell my legs are moving! I kept being checked up on but no one would let me get up Finally a nurse came and got me up and help me dress, it was probably close to 1:30 at that point They gave me sandwiches and sprite in the recovery room and Dr Belt came a saw me again. Then I was good to go! I have to be back in 24 hours to get my bandages taken off though. I can best describe the feeling (because I'm so sick of hearing it's like an elephant sitting on your chest, cause let's be honest that'd be a heck load worse) as someone very strong pressing on your chest trying to prevent you from getting up. And when you do it feels like a back spasm... but on your chest instead. Hope that makes sense. Apart from the strong pain killers they gave me when I woke up I haven't taken anything else but panadol, not even panadeine. And I don't feel too bad when I'm sitting still. I'm saving the strong pain killers I've been prescribed for when I'm in agony, I'd rather not take them if I don't have to. I actually have lots of energy and a full apetite! But I can make myself nap at the drop of a hat too. So all things considered I'm feeling very good! It may be different tomorrow though. Also my boobs don't look very big because the bandages have strapped them to my body quite tight. But I can tell there's a lot of mass there, if that makes sense? I'm gonna list top advice for you guys, things that didn't even cross my mind pre-surgery: > If you haven't before, learn abdominal breathing. The only pain I feel when I'm sitting still is when I try breathing in the upper part of my chest as I usually do. I can breathe perfectly when I breathe abdominally (so my tummy rises with each breath) and it's painless. > Have a few water bottles of fresh water prepared. So you don't have to reach for a glass of water on a table or your bedside table. I have one right next to me laying on my bed. It's a pop-top too which is so convenient >Buy a shaped pillow, or support pillow or whatever they are called, can't think right now. They're $12 at kmart, $20 from target. Target one is so much more comfy. This pillow is making sitting up so easy >Don't underestimate how much support and help you'll need from family and friends when you get home. I hate having people do things for me, but I'm having to get help with everything. Even getting help lifting my legs into bed so minimal strain is on my chest. My family have been amazing That's all I can think of right now. Sorry for any typos or bad grammar, I'm typing on my phone. Hope the other girls who had their surgery today went well, sending love!
  3. My surgery is in two days! OH MY GOODNESS! I think a lot of girls on here are on the same day I felt a bit run down this week and was paranoid I was getting sick, and it was frustrating because all the usual herbal supplements I would take are on my pre-surgery restriction list. I'm feeling really good now thankfully! I'm constantly checking a list of everything I need to prepare for my post op. I'm also have a bit of trouble finding button up shirts! Kmart have some, but they don't look very comfy. I keep having doubts and fears I'm going too big, or even worse that I'm not going to wake up from GA. Everyone around me has been so supportive though which has helped a lot. If people are judgmental about what I'm doing they have been good at hiding it haha Tonight I read a news article on Skye from last year's Big Brother getting her boobs done in Thailand a couple of days ago. And she described the pain as "the worst pain she's ever felt" and I was like I DONT BEED TO HEAR THAT RIGHT NOW ARGH! Hahaha
  4. The first surgeon I had a consultantation with was Dr. Harwood and I really liked him. I might have gone with him except that I wanted my ears pinned back at the same time, so I needed a plastic surgeon to do both procedures at once. My surgery is in two days and I'm so excited! I'm 172cm, roughly 70kgs and am an A cup. Dr. Harwood recommended 275cc teardrop moderate profile implants. Which I thought was very conservative even despite the fact I said I didn't want big boobs. The plastic surgeon I'm going with recommended 305cc or 350cc teardrop moderates. I felt like there was a big jump between the two sizes, but I ended up selecting the larger size because everyone said I could easily pull it off with my height and I may as well go a little bigger! I trusted Dr. Hardwood's judgement, but I do feel like his recommendedations are conservative. My recommendation even more so than other A cup girls on this forum who have seen him who are shorter than me! The plastic surgeon I am going with was confident that the 350cc will look best and I will love them! My operation is first thing Monday morning, and I've been waiting so long! Very excited!
  5. My PS was very strict and insistant about going off the contraceptive pill two weeks before surgery. It's first the list of food and medication restrictions in my paperwork too. I think he said it was because it increases the risk of blood clots whilst under general anesthetic or post surgery. (But I'm not 100% sure that was the exact reason he gave, as the consultation was months ago and he discussed with me a whole lot of other risks.) I'd discuss with your surgeon about any and every medication you're on, though I doubt there would be much reason to cease taking most of them pre-surgery. It could be that my PS is overly cautious if other surgeons haven't mentioned the pill. I didn't know any different and assumed it was the norm. It's going to ruin my cycle dammit, but yeah there is risk of the pill not working anyway while on antibiotics post-surgery. Definitely check with your surgeons, but I'd say mine is just being overly cautious regardless of the fact I'm young and in perfect health
  6. bootiful boobies - I didn't know about the pressure test at all, that's really good to know! Even though I wouldn't have worn nail polish anyway now I know why they disallow it! Thank you for your thoughts on the size. I think deep down I know I'll be able to pull off the larger size with no problem, it's just that it's such a jump from what I have now that it feels so scary. It's so nice to have the reassurance that they'll look fine when I stress and over think the cc's Tal - So so so exciting! Your countdown widget says 22 days and it took me a second to realise HEY 22 DAYS FOR ME TOO eeeeee That's a good idea about the steak and vitamin C, I really want to prep my body and be as healthy as I can before surgery
  7. Hi guys! My BA is with Dr Paul Belt on the 2nd of Feb. It was originally going to be in mid Jan but I had to push it back because of work. I'm getting so excited, but the reality is also setting in. The implant size is still driving me crazy! My options are 305cc moderate anatomical Mentor or 350cc moderate anatomical Mentor implants. I'm 172cm and 70kg and currently an A cup and everyone including my surgeon and my mother are telling me to go for the 350cc implants, but I'm still terrified they will be massive. And I really don't want to look top heavy. I never wanted big boobs, just wanted to be in proportion. BUT I also don't want to regret anything and everyone online says you get boob greed. I'll probably end up a D to DD cup with the 350cc implants, which sounds insane considering I'm an A cup right now. My last consultation is this Tuesday and I have to decide on the size by that day. I know I will choose the bigger size because of the unanimous opinion of everyone I've asked that they'll look better. STILL TERRIFIED THOUGH! Haha I know we can't wear nail polish or makeup on the day obviously, but I wear eyelash extensions... will I have to have them removed? I can't imagine them getting in the way! Also as my BA is exactly 3 weeks away (arrrrgh) does anyone have any tips for the next few weeks? I've read a bit about rubbing oil onto my chest, and things like that. Anything else? I'm going off the pill tomorrow and stopping drinking green tea from next week, as well as all of the other no-nos... but does anyone know of anything I should be eating to prepare my body? I've read that vitamin C is a good idea, but my surgeon didn't say anything about that and I know you have to be careful with herbal and vitamin supplements pre-surgery. All so exciting but nerve wracking! I'm really glad to join this thread
  8. Oops I forgot to mention that I'm getting them under the muscle with an incision under the breast. So I know I'll lose a bit of the size because of the placement. I dunno, it's just every time I look at the image of the 350cc it just doesn't look like "me". Which I know sounds ridiculous because it isn't me... yet. But I don't want to spend this enormous amount of money and have a regret. This sounds silly but I want to look like Jennifer Lawrence (who wouldn't!). My body is similiar in proportion to hers and her boobs are the perfect size for her body (in my opinion) because they are in balance but not a focal point, and I think they are C cups. It's really interesting to hear that fake boobs measure differently to real boobs. I didn't know that but it makes perfect sense! Thank you so much for your thoughts ladies
  9. Oh that's awesome! It's so exciting I chose the date because it's the day after my 23rd birthday, which seemed fitting somehow Everyone seems to say choose the bigger size, thank you for your thoughts Yeah I guess I'll just wait and see what happens after I have kids one day, who knows These 7 weeks cannot hurry soon enough! I just want to make my size decision though and stick with it haha
  10. Hi, I'm new to this forum and signed up because I need some opinions on sizing My breast augmentation is booked in for January the 19th 2015, so it's a 7 week countdown now woooo! I'm very excited, but my indecision on the size is stressing me a little. My surgeon was kind enough to order both sizes while I decide. I should preface this with some stats... I'm currently an A cup 172cm tall and my weight is roughly 70kgs I am not seeking big boobs really, I just want them to be in proportion with my body. I also want them to look as natural as possible, so I am going with anatomical implants (Mentor, moderate plus) The first surgeon I had a consultation with recommended 275cc and I was pretty comfortable with this recommendation. However the surgeon I ended up going with (for a number of reasons) recommends AT LEAST 305cc but thinks 350cc will look much better. He estimates the 305cc will give me a C cup and the 350cc will probably give me a D cup. I never imagined I'd go bigger than a C cup. The reason I'm confused is that when I decided to get breast implants the image I had in my head looks like the 305cc implants (my surgeon has this super high tech photo imaging program which pretty much shows you the photoshopped image of your own chest with new boobs when you put the implant specifications in, which is awesome!) The reason I am so confused is because I trust the judgment of my surgeon - who is adament that the 350cc implants will look better - but on this site girls who have much smaller frames than me seem to be getting much bigger implants. I've read numerous times that the only regret girls seem to have is not going bigger, which is what my surgeon says too. I realise that the difference between 305cc and 350cc isn't tooooo much, but I will be aware of it. I feel like I'll look so top heavy with the 350cc, though it may be that I'm just not used to it. Also, I forgot to ask my surgeon this but if anyone knows that'd be awesome. When I have children in the future (probably a fair few years away) I'd like to breastfeed. It is likely that my boobs would sag a little after the breastfeeding, even with implants in? So when I eventually get new ones in I'd have to go bigger because of the excess skin? So pretty much this is a dilemma over what I think I want to achieve, and the advice of someone who knows better than me as to what will look really good. Any opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated, it's playing on my mind constantly!
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