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  1. Dr Lim ... Boob God!! I had my BA with him back in feb and he is amazing ?
  2. Good luck on your journey and I hope you get your dream boobies ? I'm not sure either.. The forum has changed so much I'm not sure how it works anymore lol it was about 10months after I stopped bfing that I had surgery ?
  3. I'm a mummy of two and bf both for about 6 months each and was a 10b to start with so feel free to send a FR to see pics ? I'm now a 12DD
  4. did you do any research on Brazilian implants?? They are glued to your muslce and that's why they don't move...
  5. Ice helped numb the pain for me ?
  6. I can't say I have heard of him sorry.. Maybe click the search and see if there is anything on this forum with his name?
  7. Hey Hun, I get my eyebrows and lip done and I will never wax again.. But it KILLS me when I get it done! I find it much more painful and I thought the waxing was relaxing! But beauty is pain
  8. Hi megs01, I breastfed my two babies and I have before and afters if you want to send a FR
  9. I can't see your pic it's not working?? Sounds great though!
  10. She has a Facebook page you can't follow.. I saw it once.. Interesting that for sure!
  11. Isn't it awesome! Bleach hates my hair too.. I've just been using a protein treatment like a mad women to build it up between appointments!
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