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  1. Hello there Ladies (& Gents i guess!) I finally made the plunge and had a small reduction / lift (mainly removal of excess skin) in August 2015. WOOOHOO, BEST thing i have ever done!! Good-bye saggy boobs Right from the get go my recovery has been slow, bruised a lot more than 'normal' etc. I feel fine, have had no bad pain or infections etc. I have been taking it easy and doing as I am told in terms of limitations with returning to exercise etc. I have anchor + lollipop scars However! A month post op i had a small 'split' just under the nipple when i was in Bali for a wedding (worst timing) - there was no pain and I got stitched back up when I returned to Perth. At this stage i was still on weekly visits to the surgeons room since i was recovering slow, but the skin still hasnt fully headed back together even now the stitches are dissolved.... I also have a patch under one of my breasts near the junction of the scars which is almost like it is 'dead' it isnt on the actual scar that it all healed fine. After all of this going on and carefully monitoring by my surgeon he has suggested i go back into surgery to have these bits removed. He said it is likely it has occurred due to blood supply to the area (cant remember if those are his exact words) - and a number of other stressors my bodys been though in the past year. Has anyone had a similar experience with recovery? or any tips?! Feeling a little disheartened i need to go under the knife again xox
  2. Hi there, I am over in Perth and have just had a reduction (was more of a lift really though!) I am not sure how it will work in ur state but go and see your GP and get a referral and hopefully you will be able to get some medicare and private medical insurance cover (if you have it) It made my procedure a hell of a lot cheaper!!! Good luck x
  3. Hi Juliette! I had surgery with Ed in August! I am so stoked with the result and him and his team have been fantastic throughout the whole process. I seen 3 surgeons and I was most comfortable with him (it came down to him and Tony Connell) Good luck
  4. I went in looking for a lift (im a DD but with nana boobies ) I had doctor referrals for both ... I want to stay as close as I can to my size. Ed said he would just remove some tissue form one to even them up, and Tony said he would take a bit from both (taking me down to about a C)... I went to Ed first and didnt really know what to ask etc., so i think I am gonna have a follow up consult with him to run over a few things with him. His proce came in a little cheaper then Tony - but from what I understand Tony only does boobs and is the boob man here in Perth!! If i decide to get BL + BA then I will go to thailand to either Bangkok Hospital Pattaya or PIAC. Its soooo hard to make a decision and run with it hey!! Good luck with your consults xx
  5. Im in the same boa. Ive had a consult with both... Think im going to go back an have another with Ed. Tony definately seems to know his stuff, and has the technology to show you what it might look like after surgery. He can be quiet, well, in your face and a bit arrogant. Well he was to me anyway. Good luck
  6. Hi All So like a lot of others im getting confused with all the different options and places which are out there. Has anyone with already large boobs (im a DD) had a lift, but also had a small implant to keep the size they have currently once the excess skin has been removed???? I have had some consults done here in Perth and can get a lift with some medical insurance cover so its making it cheaper.. But the surgeons are saying it will take me down to a large-ish c cup. Also, would apperciate any surgeons who you have had great experiences with getting a lift done in thailand :) NERVOUS!! and indecisive xx
  7. thanks all for your feed back much appreciated
  8. Hello all! So all of this utterly confuses me! HEEELLLPP I am after some advise on others experiences with a breast lift, with and without implants. I am 27, no kids but my boobs look they belong to a granny I already have a fair amount of volume (i am about a DD, size 10/12). Obviously keen to have a lift, but i dont know if i should get small implants as well for shape/firmness and to reduce the chances of wanting surgery again when I get older and after kids etc. For those who have had just a lift and extra skin removed, were you happy or did you loose quiet a bit of volume? I did have 2 quotes/consults from surgeons in Thailand - one which said reduction, lift + implant, and one which said just lift + implant. I have had one consult so far with Dr Ed Van Beem (recommended just a lift) and also have booked with Tony Connell and Mark Hanikeri here in Perth, WA. Any feed back on the procedures and the surgeons would be greatly appreciated D xx
  9. Thanks for Ur reply jaddles. Very good point about the reduction!! Hadnt even thought of that! thanks
  10. Hi all I'm after some advise please. I have big boobies already, about 10DD but they're pretty much at my knees and Only 26. In desperate to get a lift with a small implant. I have had a few quotes though RBG in Perth and one surgeon (teerasut) has said a lift + implant will be fine. And another surgeon (jibb) say due to the amount of skin / sagging I should have a reduction + lift and implant. When in discussions with RGB they have advised with just a lift this can still reduce 30-60% of natural breast skin and tissue and would be ok for just a lift and reduction. So now I am totally confused and not too sure who to trust! Has anyone had a similar dilemma and what was your outcome? Also, is anyone able to recommend a surgeon in perth which I may be able to have a consult with? Thanks so much
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